Modification: Comp 400 Camshaft by 03neonRT

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Modification: Comp 400 Camshaft

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Manufacturers: Comp Cams 

Price Range: $180.00-$260.00  

Where to Buy: SummitRacing.Com, CompCams.Com, Ebay.Com

Difficulty of Installation (1 as easiest 10 as most difficult): 8 

Time For Installation: 2-6 hours 

Expected Gains (in WHP): 9-12whp  

Explanation of Mod: The Comp 400 camshaft is designed specifically for the Magnum 2.0 "High Output" engine with much increased lift and duration. While most aftermarket camshafts will exceed the computer controlled 6750 rev limiter, the Comp 400 has been designed to create its increased power throughout the entire RPM band but more specifically from 5,000-6750rpm's. Stock Magnum valve springs are sufficient, however, a limited amount of valve float could be present and upgrading to titanium valve springs is recommended but not necessary.