Modification: Ignition Coil by 03neonRT

By diyauto
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Modification: Ignition Coil

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Manufacturers: MSD, Screamin Demon.  

Price Range: $74.95-$80  

Where to Buy:, HowellAutomotive.Com,  

Difficulty of Installation (1 as easiest 10 as most difficult): 1  

Time For Installation: 10 minutes - 20 minutes 

Expected Gains (in WHP): N/A 

Explanation of Mod: The Stock OEM ignition coil is sufficient for almost any level of Neon modding up until you get into needing better fuel and ignition delivery. By getting a better ingition coil, you will give your spark plugs a hotter spark, however, an upgraded ignition coil will only give an aesthetic value to your engine bay unless your 2.0 is heavily modded. The MSD coil should be consdiered an OEM replacement and the Screamin Demon gives a slightly higher output but cannot be utilized unless highly modified.