Modification: Magnaflow Cat (catalytic converter) Back Exhaust System by 03neonRT

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Modification: Magnaflow Cat (catalytic converter) Back Exhaust System  

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Manufacturers: Magnaflow Performance Exhausts 

Price Range: $350.00-620.00 

Where to Buy: Magnaflow.com

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(*suggest try there, got my exhaust system for $350 shipped, made a best offer bid, look for a whole seller who has a lot of kits for sell) 

Difficulty of Installation: (1 as easiest 10 as most difficult): 2.5  

Time For Installation: 1-2 hours, more like 2 for 1st time  

Expected hp Gains: 5-10 hp, about 3-5 fwhp (front wheel horse power) 

Explanation of Mod: This modification is designed to help with the flow of air through the exhaust system. Lingo for this would be breathe better but removing the baffles in a stock muffler to create better air direction is what is really happening. With this cat back system that is what you're accomplishing.  

Rating: (1-10, 10 being the best) 7.25 out of 10 


All stainless steel 

Resonator to enhance the sound  

Polished tips and main body of muffler 

Is three individual pieces for easy install 

Mandrel bent, w/ guaranteed fit 

Limited lifetime warranty 

Deeper more aggressive sound 

No baffles so it will never blow out so to speak like my stock exhaust system did. 


Bolts that come with kit are of low quality and strip easily. Highly recommended that you buy better bolt before install. (All mine striped) 

Piping is same stock 2.25inches in diameter, which will limit power gains with heavily built motors 

Takes time to find a well priced system off 

Review: The kit overall is of very high quality. The piping is not as thick as stock piping but still of very high strength. Fit and finish is what really set this kit apart from just buying a muffler or bolt on exhaust. More pieces allow for an easier install and the look is what really gets your blood going when you first mock it up and see the nice polished dual exhaust outlets. This kit, if gotten around the 400 hundred dollar mark, is well worth it because it is right up there in quality with the Borla (as seen as the best) cat back exhaust system. Sound wise is really a HUGE change from stock and takes a little while to get use to. The sound of the system with the stock catalytic converter on is very refined and deep. The main difference between this set up and Borla is the resonator, which sits almost right under the front middle arm rest. The resonator actually brings more sound in to the interior, which some people might not like (This is the really the only warning I have, if you dont like any interior sound dont get this setup, not to loud by any means but it depends on what you like). The resonator which brings in sound actually to me is very appealing and I really like the kit for including it. Also the resonator REALLY cleans up the sound and makes it a higher quality sound. The muffler looks awesome and sits about an inch wider than the stock R/T style exhaust that come factory equipped. Not too wide but not too close together for the tips, its just right. The last thing to mention with the muffler also has to do with sound, if you plan on running a test pipe or flex pipe for turbo or more hp gains out of your exhaust the sound gets pretty raspy in high RPMs so be warned, still not as bad as so called fart cans or straight throw single can mufflers but not timid either. Overall this is a really good kit and if your looking for a replacement for an old exhaust system or just as an upgrade. Either way this kit IS well worth the money. 

Review done by: 04 mo neon

Sound clip

Idle and reves to 4500 rpm Coming shortly

*My apologies for not getting a clip when I had a flex pipe on the exhaust. 

**Installation Instructions** 

From Magnaflow's site:


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