Modification: Motor Mount Inserts (MM Insers) by 03neonRT

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Modification: Motor Mount  Inserts (MM Insers)

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Manufacturers: Prothane

Price Range: 25.00

Where to Buy: ModernPerformance.Com, HowellAutomotive.Com.

Difficulty of Installation (1 as easiest 10 as most difficult): 1

Time For Installation: 30 minutes- 1 hour

Expected Gains (in WHP): N/A Explanation of Mod: This modification is designed to help reduce or eliminate wheel hop. Wheel hop is a common cause for loss of traction during launch and harder motor mounts reduces wheel hop and its affects on traction.  

**Installation Instructions**

Ok, simply follows these instructions and you will have a new set of motor mounts in a jiff!!  

1.) Grab a jack and using a piece of wood (or anything to disperse weight I used like 5 magazines ), put the jack below the oil pan. Jack it up to where it will support the weight of the engine. BE CAREFUL NOT TO JACK IT UP TOO FAR!! The goal is to allow for easy installation, and it gets a bit tedious when your having to match the wholes for the bolts… After Jacking and securing your engine, you are free to start anywhere you wish.  

2.) I started up top with the upper engine mount. Simply unbolt the bolt holding the engine mount in place. It is firmly in there so a bit of muscle is needed. 

3.) You need to cut away some of the old rubber to make it fit. For this, you simply need to place the insert in and see where it is being stopped and cut it away. 

4.)After you have the insert in, and using some loctite, place the engine bolt back in and tighten it back in.  

5.) The Lower mount is a bit of a PAIN! The only thing thats different, and a PAIN is the plastic fender wells. You need to take it off, bolts being up underneath the vehicle with some plastic tabs every here and there. Do not try the installation without trying to take the plastic fender wells off, you will fail miserably. Thats IT!! Good Luck!

(Installation instructions by Freerider)