Modification: Short Throw Shifter Assembly by 03neonRT

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Modification: Short Throw Shifter Assembly

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Manufacturers: Mopar, Mopure, Maddog.

Price Range: $100.00-$150.00

Where to Buy: DodgeParts.Com, Ebay.Com,

Difficulty of Installation (1 as easiest 10 as most difficult): 1

Time For Installation: 30 minutes  1 hour

Expected Gains (in WHP): N/A

Explanation of Mod: This modification will reduce the overall throw of each shift but up to 80% over stock giving much quicker shifts. (Mopar = 30% reduction, Mopure = 50% reduction, Maddog = 50%-80% reduction)  

(NOTE - Any "rod style" short throw shifter, such as the B&M, only shortens the shifter throw right to left, not front to back. The shifter assemblies described above reduce the throw in every direction anywhere from 30%-80%.)

**Installation Instructions Below**


Modification: Shifter/Transmission Bushings (Booger Bushings).

Manufacturers: N/A

Price Range: $25.00

Where to Buy: ModernPerformance.Com, HowellAutomotive.Com.

Difficulty of Installation (1 as easiest 10 as most difficult): 1

Time For Installation: 30 minutes  1 hour

Expected Gains (in WHP): N/A 

Explanation of Mod: These solid bushings will reduce the endplay in the shifter linkage giving crisper, more solid shifting over the stock rubber bushings.

**Installation Instructions**

Short Throw Shifter Assembly and Shifter Bushings:

1. Park car in fourth gear and pull e-brake up as far as possible remove shifter **** as well.

2. Remove center console (4 bolts in compartment, 2 in lower cup holders). Pull up from back and work it off. 

3. Pop off stock shift bushings (2) on either side of the assembly (they are small, round, and black.) They are stuck on the linkage pins and might be tough to get off remove them off as safely as possible. 

4. Remove shift linkage clips. NOTE: This process can be VERY difficult. Use vice-grips or something with a ton of grip. The clips are located between the linkage and the assembly toward the front of the car. Grab a hold of them and pull away from assembly, dont be afraid to use a lot of force because they are on there very tight!. 

5 a. Pop off linkage (use some force and be careful not to break anything). I.E. Pull from strong points of the linkage. 

5 b. The assembly should now be free from the linkage. Move it to the side and unbolt and remove the stock assembly (4 corners, 4 nuts). Be sure to keep track of the nuts (and save the old bushings unless theyre totally worn out or youre installing new bushings). 

6. Drop the new assembly into place and lightly tighten the nuts to hold it in while you wrestle with it. 

7. Pop the linkage back in (this will be much easier than getting them out), and get those linkage clips back in nice and tight! 

8. Get those fresh boogers (or stockers if you didnt buy new Booger Bushings), and get a finger of grease from the joint of the shaft/assembly and apply it to the linkage pin. Slide the bushings in and make sure theyre in GOOD. 

9. Bolt the assembly down nice and tight. Check to make sure the shifts are clean and correct. They should be VERY tight and have almost zero play (if the bushings cause it to be sticky, just let it wear in for a week or two and things will feel much less sticky).


1. Take out stock air box (if you have a CAI installed you don't need to touch it) 

2. Disconnect battery (if you havent already). 3. Remove battery by loosening the release clamp behind and in front of the battery/tray. 

4. Remove battery and tray (lots of small bolts/nuts) 

5. Access the bushings (2 ) and remove them just like the shifter bushings, except one is bigger than the other three. 

---Be sure to use grease if possible to get the pins in there smooth. 


7. Reassemble.