DIY-Radiator Replacement and mounting of E-Fans by Pacmanloads

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DIY-Radiator Replacement and mounting of E-Fans

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Well I had to replace my radiator as it was beginning to leak so I thought I would post up some pics on how my fans are mounted and maybe help someone out with a small DIY.

First things First drain your coolant with the petcock on the bottom of the drivers side of the rad . Remove Cap to help vent drainage .

While this is draining remove coolant overflow and windshield washer bottles.

Next Remove shroud ( 4 bolts one in each corner )

Next Remove top radiator hose followed by the bottom. If you still have the factory Transmission cooler lines hooked to your Radiator you will need a disconnect tool for the lines.

Remove 2 bolts at the top of the radiator and lift it out .

Place new rad inside facing up on a flat working surface .

Line up the E-Fans so that the top mounting hole lines up with the small lip at the top of the radiator. 

Drill a 3/16" hole on each side and thread a bolt through the fan and rad . This will take the weight of the fans .

Next use zip tie kit for mounting on four points on each fan and push them between the fins of the rad , flip over and use rubber washers and plastic zip tie ends to pull and hold the fans tightly against the radiator. Cut of the remaining tie.

Next just install your new Radiator following the steps in reverse . Hope this helps someone out . Cheers !

Here are the wiring instructions as well.


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