Keeping Fog Lights On With High Beams by Sheriff420

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DIY- Keeping Fog Lights On With High Beams

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This has been covered before but has been lost in the thousands of posts that followed it so here is a new diy.

to keep your fog lights on with your high beams you will need a 1.5" piece of wire (14ga should be fine) and 2 crimp on spade ends.

strip and crimp the wire like this:

now you see the two prongs on the fog light relay that are bigger? #3 and #5. 

that's where you will put your wire, like this:

now the fog lights stay on with the high beams and you have a spare relay.

*apparently this only works for 98-01 rams with only one fog light relay.

i put my factory fog lights and the bumper lights on a relay so they all work with the factory fog light switch. 

here's my diagram

and here is some useful wiring info --

well, i got a little insight into the dual fog lamp relays. read on...