348 throttle body and throttle position sensors removal by ernie

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348 throttle body and throttle position sensors removal

Compliments of ernie @ ferrarichat.com


Hey fellas,

Today your friendly Brotherhood Stooge is gonna show you how to remove the throttle body from a 348. Then I'm gonna show you how to remove the throttle position sensor.

There may be better ways of doing this, but this is my way, Stooge style.

First disconnect the clip from the throttle position sensor (tps). All you need to do is press and hold down the wire on the top, then side it off the tps.

Next loosen the clamp holding the idle air control valve (iacv) hose to the throttle body (tb) tube, then remove the iacv hose.

Now loosen the clamp holding the tube to the throttle body. But don't remove it just yet.

Loosen the clamp holding the tube to the Mass Air Flow Sensor (mafs). Then remove the tube from the mafs.

Now you can go back and remove the intake tube from the throttle body. You don't need to disconnect any thing else. I just left mine sitting there with the rest of the stuff sill connected. I just need the tube out of the way to take the throttle body off.

With the intake tube out of the way you can now remove the four 10mm nuts holding the TB to the intake plenum. Then remove the TB. And yes leave the throttle linkage connected to the TB.

I leave the linkage in place because for me it's much easier to get the the cotter pin and retaining dowel with the throttle body off the plenum. To get access to the linkage all you have to do is turn the TB over.

Pinch together the open ends of the cotter pin and pull it out of the dowel. I used a needle nose pliers for this task.

Insert the head of a standard screw driver into one of the slots in the dowel, and loosen the dowel. You do not need to completely remove the retaining dowel. You only need it loosened enough to get the little ball out of the hole in the linkage cup. I unscrewed mine about three complete turns. Once the dowel is loosened enough, take the throttle arm out of the cup.

A word of caution.

DO NOT mess with the adjustment nut on the bottom of the linkage. I'm pointing to it with the tip of the screw driver. If it gets messed up your throttle bodies will not be in synch and then my not open congruently with one another. So again DO NOT fool with the adjustment nut. Matter of fact you should probably make sure it's nice and snug before you remove the TB arm from the linkage.

And that is how you remove the throttle body from a 348, Stooge Style.

Here are a few shots of the front and back of the TB, and the TB with the throttle plate opened.

That's it for now.

I'll be back a little later to post up how to remove the Throttle Position Sensor.

Okay I'm back.

Here is how you remove the Throttle Position Sensor (tps).

Remove the 2 standard screws holing the tps to the throttle body.

Now lift the tps up and off of the throttle body. I wiggled it a little bit to get it to come off. The little green o-ring is the resistance you feel when you first start to remove it. Other than that and the two screws nothing else holding it down.

Here is the top and bottom of the throttle position sensor. As you can see the Bosch part number is 0 280 122 044. You can also see the notch where is fits over the top of the throttle shaft.

And the throttle body with the sensor removed showing the slot on the shaft the tps sensor fits over.

The other thing I did was VERY slowly and gently removed the gasket from the back of the throttle body. I also removed the throttle bodies after I had driven the car. I wanted the engine warm so that the gaskets were a bit soft. I didn't want them hard and sticking to the plenum.

Anyway I gently pealed them up with my nail, little bit by little bit, all the way around, until I got it all the way off in one piece.

And here is the throttle body with the throttle position sensor removed.

That's it kids.

Happy wrenching.