308 GT4 resurrection by Trahanm

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308 GT4 resurrection 

Compliments of Trahanm @ ferrarichat.com



I am resurrecting a 79 Euro spec GT4 that has been sitting since 1988. The drivetrain has just been completely rebuilt by RPM VT, but the rest of car needs some attention, although the body and frame are solid with no rust

I am replacing all the rubber elements, and will have it repainted in the Spring. Todays challenge has to do with the coolant line for the two front heat exchangers. The hose seems to run the length of the car inside the left door sill together with the vacuum line for the brake booster. I have the access panel off in the front wheel well.

My question is; are there any tips on replacing these, and any good sources for the replacement hoses.

Thanks in advance for any advice.



I have finally started on the 308. I have a lot taken apart, and the good thing is there is no real rust anywhere. Front end is all apart and have repaired the fiberglass to the lower valance, radiator will go our for cleaning. The fuel tanks are perfect inside and the remaining fuel in the pump showed no signs of varnish, but was dark. Amazing, the car has been sitting since 1988.

I did want to share a picture and what I learned about replacing the vacuum and coolant lines that go from front to rear on the left side. I ended up moving the fuel tank back as far as I could (about 12 inches) to get access to the panel that is secured to the rear bulk head with three rivets. With the panel removed It exposed the two securing tabs that holds the respective lines to the rear bulkhead. Attached is a picture.

Should be relatively easy now to run the new lines after the tabs are unfastened. Don't know how you could ever replace these hoses without doing this step.

Also, if any of you are interested, I attached the link to one of the Utube videos (there are 4) of my engine being started the first time after it was rebuilt by RPM this summer.

I really appreciate the info on this forum.

Regards, and more to come.


As promised, here is the latest on the hoses. I just replaced both the vacuum and coolant lines. I ended up removing both fuel tanks as I needed to remove the right side to remove the front header. I have them out to be ceramic coated.

Removing the tanks was not difficult, I had to roll them and tip them to get them to fit through the fender opening. Once out I had a straight shot to route the new lines. Did not even have use lubricant.

So far this car has proven to be fun and gratifying to work on. A little different that those 12 cylinder Lambos I have. Next, the brakes.

Stand by.


Labor of love !

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Beautiful, love the color combo you went with.

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