308 blower switch position by Trahanm

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308 blower switch position 

Compliments of Trahanm @ ferrarichat.com


Hello folks,

I have a question regarding the proper function or position of the fresh air blower switch position on my 308 GT4.

When the switch is in the straight ahead position, the fan motors are operational and the indicator light is on. When the switch is in the lowered position,the fans are off and the light is off.

This seems backwards to me. Is the incorrect switch installed, or is the function correct.

Any feedback will be appreciated.

I attached pictures to clarify.


The manual only says to turn it on.

Checked the switch, it only has two wires. Reversing the wires has no effect.

Before I order a new switch, I wanted to hear from someone who has a 308.


Rotatingthe switch won't solve the problem. It just reverses it.

Can someone who has a 308 tell me how thiers works.


Thanks folks,

It looks like the switch is incorrect.

This car sat in a restoration shop for a few years, and when I first saw the car the switch was missing, most likely used to repair another car.

It is obvious now based on all the info received in this post that the wrong switch was installed as a replacement.

Will order a new one.