1942 Ford Fordor Revival by edhd58

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1942 Ford Fordor Revival

Compliments of edhd58 @ aaca.org


I'll call this a revival beacuse it's not going to be a restored to original car. I'm taking liberties, somewhat. I'm trying to go pretty much OEM parts, trying to buy NOS parts when I can. I just found the engine is going to have to be completely overhauled, so that's gonna put a little bump in the road to running/driving. The whole car had a medium coat of surface rust, making me slowly sand the entire car down to metal, the epoxy primer with 2K primer on top of that. This past weekend I had it outside and pressure washed the underhood area, and scraped what the pressure washer wouldn't take off. That took about 4 hours, but it will be worth it in the end. Heres some of the pics I have accumulated so far, and i'll take more and post as I get things done.

The picture in the front yard is when I first got it home. The pic with the dog house off is the way it is at the moment. Waiting to take the engine to the machine shop next week (its supposed to rain here the next three days).


Great job!

Posted by Diggymart on 1/30/20 @ 10:58:16 PM