2013 Focus ST user experience

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Hello all,

I bought this car 7/14 and I thought I would share my experience with you.

Bought the car with ~3,800 miles, for just over 24k. Full ST3 package, heated seats, moonroof, etc..

First day with her :)

Photos from my work at the time.

On the streets of Milwaukee, WI (Capital St.)

......Oh hey look! A Fiesta ST!

Notes of the first summer of ownership: My battery died, turned out I had a bad cell (will touch upon this later), needed the engine wiring harness recall (had a few instances of irregular boost)

Besides that, car feels like a go kart. :)

First winter with the car, didn't get snow tires, as you can guess it sucked.

After the turn of 2015, life was pretty interesting. I just graduated college, looking for a job, and decided to take a trip. Drove her from Milwaukee, WI to Naples, FL and she was perfect.

Steve and I took this photo on my way back up from Naples, FL. (1/15)

Around 8/15

Steve got us a day a local track here in Pontiac Michigan, here is one of my laps.

Getting more familiar with the GoPro I did a little vid of here, around Woodward Ave and 696.

For the winter of 1/17 I got winter rims and tires. Here is the thread:


Looks pretty sharp.

Its 3/17 and I was interested in ordering my Focus certificate, so I did and here it is. Turns out its a fairly low number, kinda cool.

There is a lot of filling I need to do, I will touch back upon this thread in time. Thanks for checkin it out.


Car has been used and is still running good. Ran into one issue where it threw a code


Was just a minor issue (hopefully) and since its been running smooth