Check engine light: code P0302

Vehicle: 2013 Focus ST
Time/Difficulty: 5 minutes
Tools Needed:
  • OBD II reader
By diyauto
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3 minute read

Hello all!

I just got a check engine light the other day and thought I would share the process.

Knew right away I needed a OBD II reader, or you may be able to visit the local car parts store and get a reading there. This reader was cheap, cost $15, syncs to my phone, was delivered in 2 days.

Read the instructions, and head out to your vehicle. Look for your OBD II port and access it.

Plug it in, connect to it via wi-if, then open your app.

I did some research, and found the following article relating to the overall process:

Here is the process in order to solve the problem if it persists:

Overall, I am not too worried. My car has only 34k, it is fully maintained, and it runs just fine. If the issues persists I will start to troubleshoot. 


So after driving my car, the check engine light turned itself off. Things are looking good!!