Detailing my ride

Vehicle: 2013 Focus ST
Time/Difficulty: 2 hrs
Tools Needed:
  • Bucket
  • Cloths
  • Sponge
  • Detail items
  • Vacuum
By diyauto
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This may be overkill but wanted to share my detailing process. I consider myself fairly OCD and believe I keep my ride in fairly neat condition.

Start by hosing down the ride, get all loose debris off then fill your soapy bucket with water.

Start scrubbing! I start from the top and work my way down, if it takes too long or it’s a hot day, I break the steps in half and rinse in between.

Since this is the first main clean on spring, I decided to wash the car twice to remove all debris. I plan on waxing it after so it is a good idea to be extra clean.

Start drying off with a shammy, usually takes me 2 rounds to get the vehicle bout 95% dry.

Car looks pretty slick!

Next I start wiping all the door jams dry, usually a lot of dirt gets in here.

The floor jams are usually the dirtiest, I save these for last.

The truck holds a ton of water, always wipe this area.

After all the jams are wiped clean, and the exterior is completely dry, time to roll it into the garage to be waxed.

I usually do a “real” wax 1-2 times a year. In between I use this stuff which has been pretty good.

Then I use Armorall interior retailer to clean all the interior plastics.

Then move onto the leather cleaner.

Finally it’s time to remove the floor mats, vacuum and scrub!

Last step if needed is cleaning the windows. I had only two that needed a little attention.

Done! Your ride is squeaky clean, thanks for reading!