Installation Instructions: 2005 – 2009 Mustang HVAC/Radio Side Trim Covers:

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Installation Instructions: 2005 – 2009 Mustang HVAC/Radio Side Trim Covers:

You will need a good quality glue that is suitable for both leather and plastic. A glue that dries clear is recommended (e.g. Elmer’s Glue All). Follow label directions. A small foam paint brush works well for application.

Block the wheels of the car so that it does not roll when you move the shifter or release the e-brake.

Ensure that all surfaces to be covered are clean and dry.

You must remove the two trim pieces to be covered with leather from the vehicle. First, remove the trim around the shifter by pulling gently upward (for automatic remove the trim completely, for manual leave it on the stick shift). Open the lid of the center console and remove the two screws near the hinge. Carefully pull only the top portion of the center console upward and to the rear. You can either just move the console a few inches toward the rear of the car (without fully removing it), or you can fully remove it by sliding it over the e- brake handle (but removing it fully is not necessary).






Grasp the trim piece (to be covered) on one side of the HVAC/Radio unit from behind and pull toward the rear of the vehicle to remove. Repeat on the other side. They will just pop off.

Place the trim pieces on a suitable clean work surface to install the leather covers. Check for proper fit before applying glue. Apply a thin coat of glue to one section of the trim at a time (it is preferable to apply the glue to the trim, not to the leather). Put the leather in place and carefully align the edges as you go. It is not necessary to glue every portion at one time. It may be necessary to allow some sections to dry before gluing other sections. Some creative clamping may also be necessary. Smooth out the cover as you go, and ensure the glue extends all the way to the edges. Immediately wipe away any excess glue. You may need to make small cuts / trim the leather in some spots. Be careful!





If a section does not come out quite right, carefully peal the leather away from the plastic, apply more glue if necessary and try again.

Once all sections are glued and the glue has fully dried, test fit in the vehicle. When you are satisfied with all aspects of the covers, reinstall the trim pieces. Tuck any loose edges under the surrounding trim (use plastic trim tools, not metal). Then reinstall the center console and the shifter trim.

Now get in and drive it like you stole it