$5000 budget Mustang by Ron S

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$5000 budget Mustang

Compliments of Ron S @ pro-touring.com


Been posting this car over at Musclerides,thought I would try over here.I bought a 66 Mustang fastback out of a junk yard for $400.Thought I would challenge myself to building as exotic a g machine as possible for $5000.So far Car $400,Dana 60 truck rear with 410's and powerlock $75,Housing ends and axles $375,c5 susp. and truck arms Ebay $600,frame $400.Wheels 18x12 and 18x10 Ebay $900,traded some stuff for some tires.thats $2750.for the car and rolling chassis.I'm recycling everthing,flaring the old fenders and quarters for the additional width.My delema:I got a 4.6 2cam and 5 speed with wiring ass. etc off Racingjunk for $750.I don't think it will meet my power wants at 280hp.It seems like you have to supercharge these things to get any real power out of them,and that would kill the budget.I think I could sell it and make some money and put it towards maybe an ls1 and easily hit the 400hp mark,much cheaper.Should I keep it all Ford? its already got a c5 suspension in it.What to do???Ron

lenty,thats why the chassis was built floors where nonexistent,but I always loved that body style


Very awesome build , but $5,000 is an unrealistic amount . But maybe you know something I don’t lol. Going to be nice when done either way!

Posted by Manny6572 on 10/10/22 @ 6:56:42 PM

Amazing job. Especially considering it started with a $400 car!

Posted by CCmyVW on 1/26/20 @ 4:36:17 PM

Great build thanks for sharing!

Posted by Diggymart on 10/16/18 @ 12:37:15 PM