$5000 budget Mustang by Ron S

By diyauto
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Found a 5.4 4 cam this weekend out of a 2003 Navigator with 50,000 miles for $1600,I can put it right to the 5 speed.I think I could get to the 400Hp mark with it,and sell the 4.6.The 400HP mark will still be easier to obtain with the LS1,and I think still cheaper.I'll give myself one more week to roll it around in my head then I'm just going to have to do something,because the chassis is just about done,and I need to fab some mounts.Ron


Tires came in today,couldn't wait to get them mounted and balanced.Front of chassis finally done,all I have to do is make the rear up rights.Finally desided on an engine,scored a LS1 from my buddy Troy for $300,it will take a couple hundred to replace the peices that are missing but is a low milage engine.Should cheese off all the die hard Ford guys,maybe I'll paint the LS1 Ford blue and nobody will know the difference.Ron


Thats really good to know,thanks.Just ordered the rear springs and weight jacks from race proven parts,the springs were $6.50 ea. and the weight jacks were $18.00,right in my budget,you just can't beat Ebay.Ron


Now that I have the tires and wheels mounted I can measure and narrow the rear.Using a Dana 60 out of an old bread truck,because of its 4.10's and power lock{and I got it for $75}.The rear ended up being so wide because of the C5 front suspension,that my narrowing jig would barely reach.The cuts off the rear were right at the original welds on the truck housing.The rear ended up at 63" face to face,about the same width as a full size pickup rear {big}.Ron


Amazing job. Especially considering it started with a $400 car!

Posted by CCmyVW on 1/26/20 @ 4:36:17 PM

Great build thanks for sharing!

Posted by Diggymart on 10/16/18 @ 12:37:15 PM