$5000 budget Mustang by Ron S

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I decided to do the Cars and Cones thing on May 2nd, the only problem was I had gutted all wiring out of the Mustang. and the AMC is still too far out. In my haste to make my first event in Georgia 13 years ago, the Mustang got wired in a Tractor Supply parking lot in the middle of Georgia. Engine management I did do properly, but lighting and accessories were nonexistent, didn't even have gauges. I figured the poor thing was due a proper wiring job, so as always, in a mad dash to build some control panels and spruce the poor girl up right


Just wanted to take a minute to thank Gabi Baer for the charity tee shirt promotion she put together at Baer Brakes, on behalf of my granddaughter Audri, and her family. Ed Cano did some crazy cool artwork on that one. Received a check in the mail yesterday along with these really cool decals. Just the sweetest gesture ever. Thanks, Gabi

I also wanted to take another minute to thank Jimi Day, Carrie Strange, and everyone at FM3 for the generous gift they gave to Aeron, Rob, Lanny, and Mason. I know I thanked them in other places, but don't believe I did here, it was for over $31,000 if I remember correctly. Also wanted to thank all those at Cars and cones who contributed and placed bids at the auction. I will be attending C&C this year, and can't wait to get out and do some car stuff again.

I have been very humbled by all those that reached out, and for all the thoughts and prayers. It was very healing during the terrible storm, I feel like I personally learned a lot, and hopefully will make me a better person for it. I know I have said this a thousand times, but car people are the best.

Thanks again, Ron


Did Cars and Cones last week with Jimi Day, Aaron Oberle, and Ken Edwards. We had the best time, I put 3.00 gears and a new set of 10 year old BFG KDW's on the car so I could handle the 1500 mile cruise. We did two days autocrossing which I knew I was fubared for, so I did a bunch of playing. The bean bag toss was a hoot for the kids on the tour



Amazing job. Especially considering it started with a $400 car!

Posted by CCmyVW on 1/26/20 @ 4:36:17 PM

Great build thanks for sharing!

Posted by Diggymart on 10/16/18 @ 12:37:15 PM