Alfa Romeo busso 12v 2.5 v6 swapped ranger

By Snowfoxmedia
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This started out as a weird hair brained idea. The chassis is a 1993 Ford Ranger sport 2.3 with a 98 front conversion. I had recently lent to my pickup to my brother while he was on military leave and it overheated and cooked the 2.3. I was browsing Facebook marketplace and found this alfa Romeo engine for sale,  And it just spiralled from there. I own the world's only  Fly wheel to adapt Ford Ranger clutches to it.  It will stay 5 speed maybe eventually a sequential the end goal is to build a drift truck.


Going to be the best sounding Ranger in existence lol. Nice work

Posted by turboski on 4/3/21 @ 1:40:48 PM

Wow! Any more updates on this???

Posted by bdub on 3/25/21 @ 8:41:41 PM

Holy cow! This is super cool swap, looking forward to updates on this.

Posted by diyauto on 1/21/21 @ 1:54:26 PM