Civic RWD

By Pseudo_Mechanic
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Watch as I install an Acura J32a1 into the back of a 1983 Civic. Things will get cut, welded, broken, fixed, and a turbo or two will get installed.(or maybe a big supercharger? Who knows!)


Honda Civic Rear Wheel Drive Group B Rally inspired build part 2. Watch as I destroy an Acura Tl to build a Honda Civic. In this video I continue the disassembly and cleaning of the Acura Tl body shell and subframe. I begin the process of cutting the shell down to a manageable size. Oh yeah, and rally cars!


Part 3 in the Quest to build a rear engine 1983 Honda Civic in the style of Group B Rally.


In this installment of the Pseudo_Mechanic odyssey we grind. Then we grind, and then we grind some more. All this destruction will lead to creation. I promise.


Prepare for more use of the grinder and the TL chassis section does find its way into the rear of the Civic. A lot of tedious time consuming activities are involved in a project of this scale so there are some epic time lapse segment with some dank beats.


This is going to be sick! There was a widebody Civic on BAT a few weeks ago that looked awesome. really looking forward to seeing how this comes out.

Posted by stevegolf on 10/29/20 @ 1:26:10 PM