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Shift boot store


1. The center console consists of two parts. The front one has the shift boot trim piece and the rear one has the armrest (if you have one).

Remove the screws that hold the center console into place. There are 3 on each side, one by the end of the rear console console, one in the middle where the two consoles come together and one to the front of the shift boot (one of these can be seen on the picture).

2. Unscrew the shift knob. It may be very tight, if you cannot do it by hand, use vise-grips for extra leverage. Make sure to wrap the shift knob with a cloth or a towel to prevent from scratching it.

At this point, the consoles can be just pulled off - first the rear one, then the front one.

3. This is what you will see underneath the front console. Undo the two screws visible at the bottom of the picture to the right to disattach the shift boot, along with the metal frame, from the center console.


Unwrap the metal frame from the shift boot, turn it inside out and remove the top piece (the metal plug-like ring).

4. Turn the new boot inside - out and slide the plug-like piece THIN END FIRST into the boot starting from the wider part. After it's been worked in all the way (and this will require some effort) use a ZIP-tie to fasten it to the boot. Then turn the boot back to the right side.


Wrap the boot around the metal frame just like the factory boot was and mount the frame back to the console piece with the two screws you undid before.

5. This is what your e-brake looks like at this point.

Turn the e-brake boot inside-out and pull it on the e-brake handle, TIGHT END FIRST. Use a ZIP-tie to secure the tight end of the boot on the handle. Put the ZIP-tie on about 1/4 of an inch from the top edge of the e-brake boot right where the plastic grip of the handle ends.

6. Turn the e-brake boot back to the right side and pull it until it's tightly wrapped around the plastic 'boot' your car had from the factory (visible on the picture to the right).

7. Reinstall front console, reinstall rear console, reinstall shift-knob and... ENJOY!!

8. Remove the e-brake handgrip. You simply pull it off the e-brake lever. Twisting might help break it loose, but do not twist it much because there is a ridge and groove that keep it straight. You may find it easier if you remove the button at the end of the handle first. To remove the button, simply unscrew it. In my installation, I did not need to remove the button.

9. Note ridge on bottom of handle:

10. Note groove in bottom of hole:

11. Stretch the leather cover over the handbrake grip. This can be difficult, as the fit will be tight over the contours of the grip. Be patient and persistent - the leather will stretch. Putting some lubricant on the grip will help the cover slide on more easily. I like to use 303 Aerospace Protectant, which will help protect the leather. Dish soap will also work.

12. Glue down the loose areas at the ends of the handle. Pliobond works well, and is easily removed if you get some on the leather (use a mild solvent like Goo Gone). Epoxy works well for edges and tricky areas. A hot glue gun and upholstery glue are some other options. Here are the loose ends:

13. The ends glued down. I used Pliobond. Trim around the hole for the button at the end of the grip using a very sharp knife or razor blade. Make sure there is enough clearance for the button to go through the hole. After trimming around hole for button:

14. Reinstall the handgrip onto the e-brake handle. This is the reverse of the removal - simply work the handgrip onto the handle, making sure to align the tongue on the handle with the groove on the grip. Starting the process:

15. If you removed the button on the end of the handbrake lever, reinstall it by screwing it back on.

Useful tip

You have installed a product made out of genuine leather. As you know, to maintain a leather product in good condition, you should take care of it. We suggest occasionally (every 4-6 week for example) applying some leather conditioner/UV protector to keep your leather from drying up in the sun and cracking.

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