Tools Needed:
  • Small flathead screwdriver
  • Regular-sized Phillips head screwdriver (or a drill with the proper bit)
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1. Remove the small cover behind the interior door handle with the small flathead screwdriver. There is a Phillips head screw and a plastic screw behind the cover that need to be removed.

2. Use the flat screwdriver to pry the instrument panel up. Lift from the back as shown. Then pull toward the back of the car to release the last tab.

3. Unplug the connections and place the panel to the side.

4. Remove this screw that was behind the instrument panel. Pry the door panels off.

5. Disconnect the door pull. Pull the upper cable towards you (it's held in a black bracket), then swing it up and disconnect from door pull. Open the white clip holding the lower cable, swing it forward and release from the pull. The armrest is held by 4 bolts and 4 clips. Remove the bolts and unclip to remove it from the car.

6. Clean the armrest with a little soap and water to ensure that nothing interferes with the adhesive. 


PRACTICE lining the leather up on the armrest. Decide where you are going to lay the leather on the armrest after the adhesive has been applied. Once you have sprayed this stuff and put the parts together, it's very tough to pull apart. The leather pattern is cut precisely. I felt the best place to begin is at the area in the middle - think about where your elbow rests. I have clothespins in this picture because I thought I would need them to hold the leather while the adhesive dries. They are not neded - this stuff is very tacky.


7. Spray the adhesive on the armrest and the back of the leather. Follow the directions on the can. Be careful that you don't get any on the front of the leather. Don't worry if it looks like the adhesive seeps through to the finished side of the leather. It does leave some marks on the good side while it's wet, but that goes completely away when this dries in about an hour.

8. Begin smoothing the leather from the edge and working your way toward the back of the armrest.

9. Smooth back and forth with one hand while holding the leather in the other. You don't want to drop the whole leather cover on the armrest because the alignment won't work. You'll have to press and smooth - but occasionally peel it back to keep it lined up. Use the red stitching as a guide - it should run along the edges of the armrest.


10. Once the top is done begin smoothing the sides. If the holes in the leather for the two screws don't quite line up - it's no big deal. Pay more attention to the red stitching lining up on the edges. You can punch a new hole for the screw if needed and you'll never see that area because the seat covers it.


Finally - work your way around the edge of the armrest and just fold the leather. The adhesive is tacky enough that it will hold just fine.

Alternative door removal procedure, please follow this one if the one above doesnt' work for you!

Remove the plastic triangle shaped cover on the inside of the door, on the opposite side of the mirror; it comes off by gently pulling upward and out at the same time (you may need to use a small flat head screwdriver with a thin towel over the tip, or a plastic pry tool).

Using either a small flat head screwdriver with a thin towel over the tip of it, or a plastic pry tool, pry the silvery plastic cover facing the seat off of the long handle that attaches to the cushion.

There should be a blue strap holding the part you just removed to the door; follow it to the hole it comes out of and unscrew the metal brace holding it using a Phillips head screwdriver. Locate the two screw holes on the underside of the armrest (they are quite deep) and remove the two screws, again using the Phillips head screwdriver. Locate the triangle shaped plastic insert inside the door handle used to open the door. There should be a clip on the side nearest the lock, push the clip in with the flat head screwdriver, and pry out the cover (without breaking it!).

Inside the well the insert covered, there should be a screw and a clip. Press the middle of the clip until the plastic inner circle of it goes in, then fit the small flat head in or around it, and gently pull it out. Unscrew the screw.

Take the flat head screwdriver with a thin towel, or your pry tool, and place it in between the metal and the plastic of the door, near the lower corner opposite the speaker, and slowly pry the plastic out. You will hear the plastic clips coming undone; this is normal. Work your hand around the bottom and sides of the door, un-clipping all the plastic, then slowly pull the plastic up and out, and lay it down; CAUTION, THERE WILL BE TWO THINGS STILL CONNECTED, DO NOT MOVE IT FAR!

look on the backside of the plastic, finding the connector for the window / lock control, and push the clip holding the connections together, releasing the cable.

Pull the door handle used to open the door through the plastic, then remove the plastic from the car completely, and take it to where you would like to work on it (be careful, it will get scratched!)

Inspect the metal part of the door, making sure none of the clips stayed on it; if they did, remove them and put them in the corresponding location on the plastic.

For removing and replacing the arm rests:
a. Remove the six screws on the backside of the plastic that are directly opposite of the armrest
b. Remove the single screw on the front side of the plastic that holds the armrest in, then gently pull the armrest out
c. Follow the rest of the instructions used for the other models


Flip door panel over. Remove the screws circled in red with a Phillips head screw driver.

12. Gently break the plastic welds circled in red.

13. Door insert is now ready to be removed from the door panel. Flip the door insert back over and gently remove the stock fabric.

14. Spray 2 even coats of 3M Super 80 over the entire door insert.

15. Allow the adhesive to set for 5 minutes.

16. Place the Redline Goods supplied fabric over the door insert and align the tabs cut out in the fabric to the holes in the door insert.

17. Gently smooth out the fabric from the center towards the outside edges. The door insert is now ready to be re-installed to the door panel.

18. Reinstall the screws.

19. Use Loctite Plastic Epoxy to hold the plastic welds broken before. Allow epoxy to set for 20 minutes.

20. Reverse steps 1-4 to reinstall the door trim. The toughest clip during reinstallation was the front clip, it requires you to push down on the armrest, while using your fingers or flathead to push up on the inside of the door panel. This helps the clip to go through and click in place.


Useful tip

You have installed a product made out of genuine leather. As you know, to maintain a leather product in good condition, you should take care of it. We suggest occasionally (every 4-6 week for example) applying some leather conditioner/UV protector to keep your leather from drying up in the sun and cracking.

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