My ongoing Honda project by Mafdark

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My ongoing Honda project

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Just started frequenting this forum a little bit more and I thought I would share a handful of pictures of my project car, I think these will be pretty self explanatory:

It's been evolving since I bought it in '03/'04. The current setup that I'm working on and posted pictures of here was work that began during the spring of 2010

Correct, although its a K24 bottom end so its a slightly taller K20.

This is actually my mockup motor. Completely empty casings so I can maneuver it for mockup.

I'm a little modest, always keep some things up my sleeve, and love technical discussion. I'd rather you ask what you want to know rather than me making a list. 

-by no means take this as me not wanting to talk about it. I'm always happy to get into details with people.

I wanted it to be the fastest track car possible while meeting these requirements.

Must be capable of:

-Grocery runs

-road trips

-sunday drives with the wife.

now to cheat a little bit, I do have plans for a "road" setup and a "track" setup so I built in a few features/components that can easily be switched out trackside with basic hand tools.


Keep posting, great build!

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