Cabin Filter Replacement on a 2010 Insight

By diyauto
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Cabin Filter Replacement on a 2010 Insight

Tools needed: Phillips screwdriver
Time needed: 15 minutes

This is a fairly easy task. I've read certain year Insights require you to cut a plastic crossbeam that is blocking the filter door but that wasn't the case with this one. You can buy the filter at any auto parts store.

1. Empty your glovebox as you will be removing it.

2. Pop the lower trim panel off from under the glovebox. It should pop out with a little fenaggling.

3. There are two phillips screws holding the bottom of the glovebox to the dash. Unscrew these. If you didn't empty your glovebox it will empty itself now.

4. There is a little hinge arm that clips to the side of the glovebox. Pop this off so you can totally remove the glovebox.

5. Now you see the HVAC unit. There is a panel that pops off when pressing in two tabs on each end. Pop it off.

6. Remove the filter and compare to your nice clean filter. Marvel at how dirty the air can be.

7. Install the new filter and reassemble by following the previous steps in reverse.

Now you can breathe easy.