Differential Fluid Change for S2000 by SIIK2NR

By diyauto
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Differential Fluid Change for S2000

Compliments of SIIK2NR @ www.s2ki.com

Time: 45 minutes

Difficulty level 1-10: 2

Tools required:
1/2 inch drive
Metric sockets
Replacement washers 90402-PCZ-003, 90401-PCZ-003
Fluid pump
Differential fluid 1 quart

1. Remove differential fill bolt first, remove washer and replace with



2. Remove differential drain bolt second, remove washer and replace with



Inspect drain bolt for shavings and wear on the magnet

Wipe drain bolt and clean magnet

3. Drain old fluid into container

4. Replace drain bolt using 24mm socket and 1/2 inch drive. Torque to 33 lbf-ft

5. Use fluid pump to pump diff fluid of your choice into the pumpkin. The bottom line goes to the fill hole and the top line goes into the bottle of diff fluid


6. Fluid will leak out of fill hole when diff is full

7. Replace fill bolt, torque to 33 lbf-ft

8. Wipe area clean

9. Your done!

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