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Replacing knock sensor.

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I believe P0325 is the code you'd get if your knock sensor is bad or circuit is bad. This topic only describes how to replace it. why and how knock sensor goes bad? I do not know. there were several thread regarding this but I could not find any solid information on how to replace it and which tools you'd need. so I'm putting one up.

buying a new knock sensor..

- this sucker is expensive for a piece of metal - at least that's what it looks like. $149.57 from honda.

- part number is, 30530-PCX-003 for MY2000. to find it in web sites, look for it in Cylinder Block - Oil Pan Section.

required tool.

- 24mm Deep socket - I bought it from sears and it only fits 1/2" socket wrench.

- adaptor for 1/2" wrench to 3/8" socket wrench.

- 3/8" socket wrench.

- usual working under the car tools - jack, jack stand, mat (card board), & etc. 

locating it.

- probably the hardest part is locating it because you cannot see it. you have to feel for it.

- from under the car (driver side), in between transmission and subframe right after the alternator, there's a void leading to driver side of the engine. from the bottom of the car, it's located about 1 ~ 1.5 foot up toward front of the car.

replacing it.

- you might feel the electrical wiring first. depress the socket to unplug it and inspect the connector. it should have only 1 connection lead in it. - if it's not, oops, wrong plug. put it back and look for another one.

- with new knock sensor, make sure 24mm socket does fit. then put the socket (only socket, maybe adaptor too but without wrench) on to the old knock sensor. you cannot really see the knock sensor so you are doing this all by feel.

- put socket wrench on to the socket and turn to unscrew the knock sensor. probably easier with hand after it's loose.

- put the new knock sensor on to the hole - again, you'll have to feel for the hole that old knock sensor was on. also, make sure your hand is clean before feeling for that hole.

- tighten it as much as possible with your hand first then use 24mm socket wrench to tighten it more. - if you have torque wrench, that's fine but I do not know what it should be torque to. I just gave enough.

- plug the wire back on to knock sensor.

- reset ECU to clear the code.

I hope this is helpful and if I could take picture, I'll post it later. also let me know if you have other suggestion.

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