Side Mirror Removal for S2000 by seung

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Side Mirror Removal for S2000 

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so you've been waiting for this gt mirror kits for 4 mo.,
finally recieved it, open the box with excitement and joy...
then you see the installation manual, and WTF, it's the worst diy nightmare...

both cs and "hyper rev vtec tune vol.2" suggest that you remove
not only the door panels, but also the metal panel under the door panels, windows, and all the
electric/ mechanical parts to remove and install side mirrors.

but you don't have to,
as i figured it out last week when i was installing my own set...

so here we go...

first remove the door panels...
arrows indicate the tap/ bolts you have to remove.
one behind door latch, two on door handles, and a tap right below the front of the window.

gently pull the door panel off, and remove two wire sockets,
one for window control, and the other for mirror controls. (pass. side door panel has only one socket.)
- before you remove the sockets, MAKE SURE YOU LOWER THE WINDOW ABOUT 1/3 THE LENGTH,
but not all the way down. it will make your life easier when you put on the cs mirrors.

now pull the clear vinylly-plasticky thing off the door from front toward the back, about 15 inch or so.
it's stuck with gooey glue shiet,
it's nasty stuff so avoid getting it on your hand.

once you peel the plastic you'll see a wire socket for mirrors.
remove it.

now remove the speaker.

this is the key tool. (notice the #, it's 10mm.)
make sure you have one, one that is as flat and short as possible.

you'll reach the nuts holdng side mirrors through the hole for speakers.

make sure you put your hand in there first to study and familiarize what is
under you door.
there are some sharp shee metal part underneath, it can cut you pretty badly,
as shown on the pic of my hand.
also, good idea to figure out where the 3 nuts for the mirrors are.

it's bitchy to do, but once you figure out what you are doing
it's gonna save you a lot of hassle and time by not removing metal panels, plastic covers, and windows.

stock mirrors removed.
at this point, you will find out that stock mirrors made orval shaped scratch on your door.
(even the car shown on "hyper rev vtec tune vol.2" has scratches on it.)
the chances are, the newer your car is, the less severe scratch you gonna have.
you can just wax it and make it less visible,
or wet sand it like i did to compeletly clean it off.
you can bring it to the shop to get it wet sanded professionally, then again it beats the whole purpose of diy.
it's your choice...

to install cs mirror, it the same thing with removing the stock mirrors...
reach in through the speaker hole,
hold the nuts with the tool and screw the bolts in.

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