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Shift boot store


1. Remove stock knob from shifter

2. Pull out center section. you can use a screwdriver around the edge OR put the car in 1,3, or 5th gear, reach into the shift frame and lift up from the center. it will pop out.

3. This is what you will see when you turn the center piece over. there are 4 screws holding the shifter boot frame to the center section. remove this and the boot and frame will come out.

4. Your stock boot will have metal staples holding it to th frame. pry these out and remove all staples. there will also be a metal band holding the boot to the ring in the top of the boot. you can try to take it of carefully and reuse it, or use a zip-tie to attach the new boot

5. Put the new ring in the boot while it is inside out. the larger side of the ring goes up in accordance to the shift boot

6. Zip tie ring into boot around center of ring. this will hold it in place

7. Turn shift boot inside out and attach back onto frame. 2 options here. you can staple shift boot back onto frame (best option) or, if you do not have access to a staple gun use leather thread and a needle, and basically sew the boot back onto the frame using the holes that were left from the old staples. Put frame back in center section, relpace 4 screws, put center section back into place and press it in until it clips into the main section.

8. To remove center arm rest lid: 

a. Raise top of console arm rest 

b. Unscrew the two hinge screws in the back hinge and lift off lid

9. To install newly covered console arm rest lid, center the hinge and align over existing holes and screw tight. (Due to the hinge design, the bottom hinge plate is not perfectly flat. Therefore, it may help with re-install to align hinge and close lid then re-open. This may help position holes for the hinge and make it easier to screw into place.)