The "Get Me By" MJ Truggy by cgmrdc

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The "Get Me By" MJ Truggy 

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So, a small introduction here, I started off in an XJ and then built a very capable, DD TJ while in school, click the link below for the build thread. Traded it with plans of building a buggy, but a year later and a big career move i still hadnt started the buggy build and was tired of not wheeling so i picked this up for 500 bucks.

Sample of previous work


Friends TJ

Two other friend's XJs

And another XJ

TJ Build

88 MJ
4Cyl, 5 speed, 2 wd

Basically everything I have collected for the buggy will be going into this build.
350 on propane, sm465, dana 300.
Currie Rock Jock 60, 5.38s, 35s spline inner and outer alloys, drive flanges, detroit. Full hydro
Shaved 14 bolt, 5.38s, detroit, disc brakes.
Currie antirock Rear Sway Bar
16 inch FOA coilovers
4 in FOA air bumps
39.5 TSLs
105-107 in WB
Dual Wilwood master cylinders and cutting brake.
Mastercraft seats
Warn HS9500 winch
4 links front and rear

The plan for the MJ is do 2x6 rocker/boat sides, internal cage, Rear in going to be cut off behind the cab and tubed out, Front grill is going to be narrowed, tube fenders and engine cage with the winch behind the grill and the radiator in the back. Interior is going to be stripped and have custom dash... Hopefully done by March.

makin some progress

strippin stuff

shed cleaned up again

jeep rolled in with all major components removed

literally zero droop...

no longer an issue...

sage is ready to go wheelin...

and just cant stop cutting!

frame prep

a sharp wood chisel works really well to scrape the majority of the undercoating off, for future reference. then i used aircraft stripper to remove the rest of the paint and such

when i cut the inner  fenders out i left the finch seem where it was spot welded to the frame, but im wanting to box the whole front frame section in sooo...

then folder it over with a hammer and welded it back together

the last 12in or so were left unstripped and welded because one the motor goes in ill be cutting it off and tubing the rest to clear the 60

Currie 60

14 Bolt


FOA air bumps


Great journey! Looks like fun getaway. Nice build.

Posted by Diggymart on 1/28/19 @ 1:42:50 PM