The "Get Me By" MJ Truggy by cgmrdc

By diyauto
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finally feel like im making steps forward instead of just taking things apart

folded all the pinch seams and rewelded them

Cut off the "gussets"

started on the templates for the frame plates, doing 3/16 on bottom and inside, 12 ga on the outside

got one section cut out and tacked up

Cut the rear frame off yesterday

And before anyone throws a fit about this next picture, its only temporary, i can lift the jeep myself, the 4x4 is just a secondary support, its also safety chained to the ceiling rafters...

i got the rest of the bottom plates cut out and the middle pieces tacked up


Great journey! Looks like fun getaway. Nice build.

Posted by Diggymart on 1/28/19 @ 1:42:50 PM