The "Get Me By" MJ Truggy by cgmrdc

By diyauto
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Drivetrain is finally all in place. I don't have much room between the belly and tcase so I had to get creative. Trying to keep the drive train as low as possible so I can have a flat floor.

Gonna start on the engine skid and hopefully front suspension tomorrow.


Engine skid tonight. 


So safe to say the MJ is not going to KOH this year and neither am I. Work was slow this year so it's just not worth stretching the budget to either finish the MJ in time or go, bc there def wasn't room for both... Been fixing up an Xj to sell and fund some more of the MJ but I have been making some progress none the less.

Got all the temp front brackets in place and links made so I could check clearances.

Drive shaft at full droop.

Most of the rear structure is done, just gotta do the bed floor and tie the roof into the harness bar.

A couple tubes left to add to the roof and front of the chassis, door bars, bed floor and then the chassis will finally be done!


Got a bunch more done today. Getting down to a couple tubes left.


Great journey! Looks like fun getaway. Nice build.

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