The "Get Me By" MJ Truggy by cgmrdc

By diyauto
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The whole point of this build is that I don't have the time and space to set up a whole tube chassis. I've got a Cj tub already for that build. This is supposed to be a quick build so I can get back out wheelin till I'm better set up to build the buggy I want. Obviously there are a lot of faster cheaper easier ways I could have built it, and at times I've told myself this is real close to getting out of hand. Buuuuuut if I'm gonna spend the time and money building something besides the buggy I've wanted for over a year now, it's gonna be a little over the top and exactly how I want it.


real quick before my flight leaves


Great journey! Looks like fun getaway. Nice build.

Posted by Diggymart on 1/28/19 @ 1:42:50 PM