97 TJ Heep to Zombie Killing Jeep Build by north50

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97 TJ Heep to Zombie Killing Jeep Build 

Compliments of north50 @ jeepforum.com


So I always wanted a Jeep Wrangler and recently had an opportunity to pickup a 1997 TJ for cheap. Being that it is an SE with 4cyl and auto trans dana 30 and 35 cheap is really all it was worth anyway But now i had a platform to start with and with our first child just being born I will be selling my motorcycle which will help fund the build. Along with what I had sold of a collection of 1/5 scale RC cars, one of which paid for the Jeep. But still looking to do this build on a budget and so I won't be buying $900 bumpers. The Jeep is taking place of the motorcycle as a toy and I still have my F-150 daily driver so can afford to have it down(torn apart for days or weeks at a time).

What I purchased in October of 2010

What I sold to buy the Jeep

First thing I did was gut the carpet, it was trashed. Also took out trunk thing to remove rust and repaint.

Parked next to the daily driver.

Took off the fenders to repaint and removing the stock steps. Also cut off front bumper jugs

With the carpet torn out the floors revealed some rust but not as bad as I would have thought with the condition of the top which would be my next purchase.

Brought it by a friends house to put some H2 tow hooks on the rear bumper

Home in the garage for the first time. Took off mirrors and wiper blade arms and sanded and repainted. Let the money spending start. Did alot of tune up things like plugs, cap and rotor, new battery, O2 sensor, TPS, valve cover gasket etc...............

Put new black top on with tinted windows and removed rusted spare tire and spare tire holder. Added NRA sticker.

So after putting a black top on I decide I wanted the interior to be black (slate) so I purchased a dash out of a wrecked 06 TJ to install.

Painted the headlight bezels black with Krylon Fusion. And took off the front bumper to expose the rust under it. Ground it down and repainted, then installed smitty bilt stinger.

A couple posse shots while I use the jeep around town, still need to get it off road

notice the Zombie permit on the windshield, it was around this time I read the Thread on this site about having a Jeep ready for a Zombie Apocalypse and had to have one. It also gave me a direction for my build and at this time I ordered all the free catalogs I could to start looking at what parts I could buy and possibly some I could fab. 

Washed up

Flexing, weak I know

Installed Smittybilt XRC rock sliders, really needs a lift next. 

Floor was more of an issue than first anticipated.

Installed the 06' Slate dash. Only real issue was that the piece below the steering wheel wouldn't work. In 03' I believe that part went to smooth surface and my 97' needs the bump and cutout for the headlight switch. so I bought an agate colored piece and it fits great, and the color difference is very very hard to notice. Also put down some Monstaliner rust preventative and plan on bed lining the inside of the tub. Painted the doors until i can find some for a reasonable amount. Also have my eye on a set of Corbeau Moab seats in black.

Got a heads up on this forum about a deal on the rear smittybilt bumper and tire swing I couldn't pass up so bought one and installed then decided to go the LED tail light route. Cut holes with jig saw and after referencing some threads on here install was a piece of cake.

Thank you all for the words of encouragement I have big plans for this jeep so hopefully someday it will be worthy of the Zombie apocalypse thread and trail running.

With the stinger and rock sliders the jeep looks alittle funny on 31's and so I wanted to go 33's. But wanted to get different wheels while in the process so after hunting TJ moabs with no luck(wanted them cheap) I ended up with a set of JK 17" moabs. But still haven't decided between Cooper SST and KM2's

Thought I would go little at a time and ordered a JKS 1.25 BL and MML

But then came across the Zone 4" and thought for the money it would be a good starting point.

So anyway this brings us to how it sits in the garage at this moment.

Thank You, I'm in the Fort Myers area. Got the wheels for nothing but had to buy $200 worth of spidertrax adapters. Again something I saw on this site and for the money figured it looked pretty good.

so here is the rear of the lift going in. wish I had purchased adjustable uper control arms but ended up drilling out the mounts on the axle and using the cam washers to move the the stock upper CA's forward a hair.

Rear done, looks beast and ever closer to a Zombie slaying MF'er

Front on jack stands gives a good indication of how bad it is going to look with 31's Time to decide on tires.

Started on the front and got smart and ordered front disco's sway bar links and an adjustable trackbar. So the front is on hold until the rest of the parts come in. 

I think I have read that if I install the BL/MML I don't have to do the transfer case drop, might have to try this. With having to buy tires a SYE is on hold for the moment. Also will be getting 4.88's so the little 4cyl can sort of handle the 33's. Really looking to do an LS1 motor conversion but haven't found what I'm looking for yet, that will be when this build gets real. but for now just having alot of fun working on the jeep and transforming what was a turd of a jeep into something to be proud of.

This is correct, The other thing worth noting is that the center radio bezel mounts differently so I couldn't use the one off the 97 dash and have to do some modifications. Also When I switched the dash it changed the vin number because it is attached to the dash so have to re-rivet the original one back in. Also I used the sub frame from the 06' dash because it had no rust and the 97' looked pretty bad. This wasn't a big issue but I had to make a braket to hang the headlight knob from because the 06' frame didn't have the mount.


So while I wait on the adj. track bar to come in I found a can of Rust-oleum truck bed liner laying around and figured what the hell. When I bought the jeep both front fenders had been hit some how and were dented and scratched pretty good, also some rust. Some day I'll do flat fenders but for now I painted the stock fender fronts to clean them up. Will be painting the grill with this stuff also because it is just so easy and looks great. 

This stuff rocks.

Had painted the passenger side first and then remasked it and went higher up the fender to match the driver side. Had to go up past the rust spot, but like I said I sort of jumped into it so a little extra work. Will post some pictures tomm. of the finished product


Funny you mention that, I have a gallon of Monstaliner I plan on rolling in the interior of the tub. just never any time. And I say go for it as far as painting your grill. I just sand lightly to prep the surface then prime and then shoot with the bed liner. With the textured finish it helps hide any bug knicks or small imperfections also.

Not much to report on getting done to the jeep today. Just to busy with work and the new baby. Did have to swing in Wal-Mart to pickup somethings for work and while there grabed another can of the bed liner spray so i can do my grill soon. Also couldn't pass up black seat covers for $5 to hold me over until I purchase black seats. They're cheap and have a superman logo (ghey I know) but really was just tired of looking at the spice color seat backs.

I did get out somethings that will help the Jeep be more Zombie attack vehicle. Mag-Light mounts to put next to the driver seat and this.

Just need to figure out where to mount it


^true, really after putting the seat covers on I'm more in a hurry to get some actual black seats.

Got the grill primed tonight and will be painting it with the bedliner spray tomm. Did it the lazy way and left it on the jeep to paint but masked it off really well. Just not enough time in the day to get done everything I want. Think I'm going to try and remove my roll bar pad covers and soak them in black Dye to make them look new again. I'll let you know how that turns out.


So here was the grill primed (sorry for crap iphone pics)

After first coat of Rust-oleum bed liner spray

Finished product, extremely happy with the out come and have already started on prepping the tailgate and rear corners to be painted with this stuff also.

Next I'll be putting my skills to the test as I plan on painting the rest of the Jeep body silver. As you can see the hood looks terrible and really there are issues all over the body. So a cheap paint job will help clean it up for sure. Also have just purchased all parts needed to redo brake system pads/rotors/calipers/drums etc.... I decided to hold off on the disco's and may opt for the Currie Anti-rock setup instead. 


So I've been slacking on the heep, but for good reason with a newborn baby girl it is hard to find the time. Today was a good day though after getting an opportunity to drive this at work.

I found a like new hard top with tint,wiper and defrost on CL for $400and love the new look. Just have to keep an eye out for some full doors now. I have so much I want to do and still a pile of parts that need put on the jeep but have to live with only being able to do a little at a time for now.

Don't worry the lame $5 superman stuff is very temporary


Thank you all for the kind words.

Started sanding the rear tailgate to paint with bedliner, will also be doing the same around the corners.

Also cleaned up the undercarriage of the jeep while I have it apart. Went ahead and put on the new brakes but still have to attach the line and bleed the system. So much work to do. 

Then out with the old in with the new.

more to come tomm. hopefully. I broke my 50mm torque so I can't remove the trackbar so until I buy another one the heep sits in pieces. Also plan on ordering tires in the morning 

Will be ordering Cooper Discover STT 33x12.5r17 to wrap these JK moab's. Still haven't decided if I'm going to paint the wheels black or charcoal or leave them.


So I changed gears on the tires and cancelled my order on the Discover SST tires and opted for a temporary fix. Picked up some Firestone Destination used tires on CL's for $40 that will work for now. Just more pressing issues to take care of first. With them mounted on the JK Moabs the jeep looks better, still alittle on the small side but that maybe because there bald

So as you can see in that last picture I have started to paint the heep. I decided to go with Rustoleum bed linerfor the exterior. It has done a great job thus far and hid all the issues on the hood no problem.

More to come soon. Still looking for seats, have to roll monstaliner on the interior of the tub, wire up the defrost and rear wiper, put in new radiator, finish painting the exterior and installing lift (working on drilling out bolt holding on the front trackbar) wire in 03'-06' OEM radio, buy winch plate and XR8 winch etc etc........


Slow going but got some more paint on the jeep.

removed the cowl prepped it, primed it and coated it with bed liner

Then masked off the side cowling sections and painted them

Also added some tinted turn signals and it makes it look pretty mean from the front.

plenty more to do, just got in my radio bezel so I can install the 03'-06' radio and get the interior looking better. Still need the switch panel and defrost trim piece in slate. Also have a center console coming (no sub) to install. And will be driving it by next weekend if only for a few days before tearing the interior out to monster line the tub.


Fit the 03'-06' radio and bezel and it looks great, just need a switch panel for the bottom. 

Almost finished with the jeep, had to pickup a 9/16 drill bit today to install the JKS trackbar then I'm done. Backed it out of the garage so I could straighten up the garage and put my wife's mustang back in.


So I finally got the 9/16 hole drilled for the new bolt included in the JKS front track bar. have it mounted and according to my measurements the axle is centered. Also bolted up the new steering stabilizer and took it for a spin around the block. Alot of vibration even at very low speeds so back into the garage to put the transfer case drop kit on and the JKS 1.25" BL and 1" MML. I did finish the front brakes and put helper bleeders in the new calipers, made it a breeze to bleed the air out and a firm pedal. New problems are engine light came on (will take it to be scanned as soon as I finish the transfer case drop) and the A/C won't kick on. Compressor doesn't do anything but spins by hand. So now that it is 90 degrees and I put a hardtop on the A/C is acting up

Looking into building some sort of hoist/lift to store the hardtop and still haven't had any luck finding full doorsfor reasonable. I did order this today.


Plenty to do tomorrow, just hope I have time to do it.


I got the steering stabilizer and JKS trackbar in along with the lift parts and now the front looks pretty good. Looking at adding the currie HD steering setup and rokmen adj. uppers front and rear now.  

It's now Scooter approved

So after wrenching on the heep for the past few weeks it was time to use it. 

So I drove it to work last week.

Then I took a trip out to the Redneck Yacht Club just to check it out. Holy **** there were some serious rigs out there.

Alot of Jeeps at the RNYC and some crazy trucks. It was fun to watch but not really my thing, wish they had a crawling area.


So anyway back on the jeep. I'm working on finishing painting the body and working on the tailgate and hinges at the moment. The tailgate had alittle rust at the bottom, which sanded right off. But the hinges, what a pita. They have oxidized and have to be taken down to the bare metal. will be worth it when done though as they had all sorts of bubbles in them before.


Ok, so I've been driving the jeep and the steering is fubar, it feels very sloppy. so I ordered some dana spicer adjustable ball joints and will be pulling the trigger on a currie HD tie rod system in the next day or so. Also have decided to go with 35's when I order tires next month and have started looking into a ford 8.8 for the rear. Just not sure about gearing because I really need 4.88's with the current engine but not sure I would want this gear ratio when I drop a 4.0 in. Oh and really want to do a SYE/driveshaft so i can TT the transfer case skid. Need to order a rokmen gas tank skid (stock tank skid is rusted and banged up) and a new fuel sending unit to replace mine while the tank is dropped (fuel rail leaks back into the tank so I have to turn the key 2-3 times then try and start). After typing out this list it looks like it is time to sell the bike and get serious with the heep.

Was fun, but time to turn it into a SYE, Winch, tank skid, tires, engine etc........ besides with a new born the wife wants it gone.

Here is what the rear looks like with the hinges and tailgate done. Really pleased with the finished look. Still plan on doing the rest of the jeep but have turned to more pressing issues to spend my time on(see below, f'ing A/C). Also added the warrior wrap around tag holder, which needs a bit of tweeking because it doesn't hug the fender as close as I'd like.

Brought the jeep to the shop the other day and used the freon machine to drain, check pressure and refill the A/C system. But the compressor still doesn't kick on, and it seems as though it isn't getting power. So will try and make time to trouble shoot what the issue is. If nothing else I'll figure out where to put the hard top so I can get some air, the hard top and no A/C is killing my wanting to use the jeep.


So ordered a new A/C compressor w/clutch, drier and some other thing suggested while doing this repair. Will still have to figure out my wiring issue once I get the new compressor in. I'm able to send power to it but have to bypass the relay and it seems as though the feed from the ecm isn't grounded properly. Hoping it is a loose wire plugged into the back of the A/C unit in the dash. Also found Stu Olsen's site (what a fantastic site for tips on installs and mods) and did the mod to my flasher so the LED tail lights flash at normal speed now.

Only thing is now the list has gotten alot longer after reading through his site. I received the Dana Spicer ball joints today so will be tackling that soon I hope. Also I'm on the hunt for a 4.0L to replace my 2.5. It will just be an easier swap and I'll use alot of the same parts. The 35's will be as big as I'll go so a 4.0 will do fine.


Thanks, I only used the bed liner on the metal fender not the flares. I plan on leaving the flares stock looking so the whole jeep isn't one color. I would think the rustoleum bed liner would work well for the flares though. 

I've been busy as of late but did manage to get in alittle jeep work. Sanded the door and painted it, replaced inside door handle and resprayed the door interior with Duplicolor. Had painted the door interiors previously with Fusion and it looked to black and glossy. The dupli-color looks much better. Still waiting to have enough time to install ball joints, new radiator, Savy/currie steering setup etc.... 

Also had my hoist from Harbor Freight show up so I can make a lift for the hardtop.


So it's been slow going with work to the Jeep. But I did install the electric hoist so I can run the Jeep without any top for the first time. A few things to do yet but very happy with the hoist.


Thanks, The hoist is the best thing I've done for the jeep yet. Because it allowed me to drive around today with no top


Thank You, I'm back and forth with leaving some of the green or not.

So I had alittle time tonight and started in on installing the new HD Currie/Savvy steering system

Piece by piece the heep is turning into a zombie slaying jeep.


Oh I see, well in staying with the budget build theme I picked up some new 33x12.5r17 ProComp xtreme MT's (well one new, the other 4 are just new to me) But considering I got all 5 for what the the one new one would cost it was a good deal. really just needed something to hold me over until I get axles and a few other things worked out.

out with the bald firstones and onto some ProComp's with alittle life left.

Oh and I finished installing the Currie/Savvy HD steering linkage and wow, what a difference. I knew it was going to be a noticable difference when I pulled out of the driveway and the heep was quit. No squeaking or clunking noises and it just feels solid now. Also centered my steering wheel while I was at it. Will be putting on the other tires and getting an alignment in the next few days. Almost feel like it's ready to do some trail riding


Both great guns, there are so many choices these days and all are fun to unload the fast way.

So things have been slow with the jeep, other than driving it as much as possible. Now that I have the top off I can't get enough of it, even with the crazy hot temps we've had. I did just order a bikini top while the head bar is free with purchase. Looking into upper adj CA's and doing the SYE and driveshaft. Also working out a clunking noise I'm getting from the front end. 

Another reason the jeep has been slowed to a snails pace is I'm getting the wife's mustang ready for sale. Time for a family vehicle (other than my 11mpg f-150) so we are selling the stang and looking at a small Lexus suv. Here is the Mustang at the paint shop, will be a great car for who ever buys it.


looked the swaybar and links over nothing jumps out at me, I'm thinking it is the upper CA's. Plus I really want adj CA's so I'm sure that is my problem.

So I've been driving the jeep alot and had been pressing my luck with the afternoon thunderstorms. Having decided I like driving it without the top so much it was only a matter of time before I got caught, so.

Heard a rumble while at my desk today only to look outside and find out it was way to late to bring it in the shop.

a bit soggy for the commute home, but so worth it.


Don't think I could put up with it all the time, but a 15 minute ride home (some in the rain) wasn't bad at all. Funny you mention the windshield, first thing I did was turn on the wipers and laugh out loud once I realized how much of the water was on the inside of the windshield. I did how ever order an extended bikini top once I got home to help prevent it from happening again

Was going through photos of the jeep and thought these were a nice indicator of how the build has been going.

Alot more to come


This is exactly what I have in mind although I will be looking for an automatic (what I have currently in the jeep). I've started my search just not really ready to pull the trigger unless something perfect pops up. 

So I got the Warn M8000 winch in and then thought "oh yeah I need a winch plate" Just have been so busy lately it didn't occur to me before, but no big deal still waiting on other parts and time to work on the jeep. So ordered a smittybilt winch plate and Finally found a decent priced stock 4 switch bezel to put in my 05' dash. So with a switch bezel coming I ordered some Contura switches from OTRATTW so I have in cab winch controls. An idea I liked after seeing this thread 


Also ordered a Contura switch for fog lights (another thing I'm working on) and one for a front locker (wishful thinking I guess). Should be able to make some progress this week or atleast next weekend. Still thinking about if I want the control box for the winch mounted under the hood or up front on the winch.

So even though I haven't had a spare minute to work on the jeep due to work, it has been worth it. because I now have the best DD ever.

Not because it gets good MPG's or fits the baby nicely in the back seat, but because it cost me nothing. It's a company car, and saves me an easy $80 a week in gas. Now I just have to figure out how to work on the jeep while commuting


So it hasn't been a huge success so far this weekend trying to find time to work on the jeep. But did manage to get the new switches set into the stock bezel.

Turned out really nice, now to get them wired up along with the winch.


So got alittle done tonight. Fitted the winch plate and managed to keep the sway bar cover in place, just had to make a some modifications to it. My sway bar is rusted and looks like a$$ so I wanted to keep the cover on. Long term goal is to replace with antirock. 

Then removed the plate and mounted the winch on it, then reinstalled onto the bumper. It makes the jeep look official

Also had developed a very slight ticking coming from the engine bay and decided an oil change was in order. So dropped 4 quarts of this stuff in and it purrs again. As much as I want to replace the little 4cyl I can't help but be impressed by how well it runs with 166,000 miles on it. 

Also gathered up a bunch more crap laying around in the garage to sell and turn into more Jeep parts. Have the JKS adj. rear track bar to go in tomm. Then I think I'm going to do the Monstaliner kit and get the interior in shape.


So had a chance to meet up with a few local Jeep club guys on Sunday in east Bonita and had an absolute blast.

Ended up having to go through a pretty deep hole, and almost made it. Probably could have gave it hell and came out but got tired of eating mud pretty quick. Will have doors on next time

My new favorite picture of the heep.

Ended up with mud everywhere, but worth it. 


The mud coating was almost white when dried and was a real PITA to get clean. I saw your Monstaliner job and was very impressed, will be following your process to a tee looking for the same results. By the way enjoyed all the pictures from your recent wheelin trip.


Well I had alittle time yesterday to mess with Jeep. Received the Terraflex spare tire adapter which is mainly designed to lift the stock location on the tailgate to fit larger tires. I had bought it because it has both TJ and JK bolt pattern, The problem is I think it sits to high now. It is nice to have the spare on the jeep rather than taking up space in the garage though.

Also started on the install of a Cobra 29 WXNWST. The radio was free and I have about $70 in wiring, antenna etc. so I'm staying with the keep it cheap theme for this build.


pictures of the doors.

My little helper working out were we should put the CB radio.

and just because I like this picture, makes the spare not look so bad

Will be busy this weekend selling off a ton of crap on ebay. It's things that just lay around and never get used so they will help fund some more jeep parts


I've been slowly turning my garage into an area that is easy to work on the Jeep and store extra Jeep related parts (hardtop, doors etc..) So I cleared off the work bench and set to listing somethings on ebay and related forums to the items I'm selling. Worked out great have the bench cleared off to work on Jeep things now and made $600 that I put toward some front seats. I really wanted the Mastercraft's but couldn't handle $1000, so went smittybilt XRC for $425 and they will be here tomm. Got to love Amazon cheap prices and fast shipping. I have so much I want to do in preparation for the seats. I will be removing the interior pieces currently in the jeep to do the monstaliner in the tub. Also want to repaint the roll cage and padding, may just leave the padding out but not sure yet. Will try and get more done tonight and this weekend to post pictures of the progress. Need to clean out more parts of the house to generate jeep funds for axles and SYE next.


Seats came in today and I'm really happy with the look and feel. Just have to figure out how I want to mount them. Have heard nothing good about the smittybilt mounts so looking at Corbeau. Now to start stripping out the jeep interior in preparation for Monstaliner. Also ordered an Aussie locker for the Dana 30 and a Riddler diff cover since I'll already have it apart.


Well not a huge success of a weekend working on the jeep, but managed to get a few small things done. Radio installed, sounds great and more important I can plug the iphone into it.

So I got my new door pins and put the full doors on and have some issues. They have these gaps so ordered the delrin plastic inserts. Hoping that is going to straighten them up because at the moment I have to pickup on one door and push down on the other.

Also finalized my CB antenna mount and hope it works out ok because it looks great. Still working out how to mount the Radio overhead, thinking smittybilt gear overhead console.

Also figured out I could flip the spare tire mount and drill out the threaded holes so the mount isn't so high. Looks much better and allows me to see what's behind me in the rearview some what.

Also added some red accents as I plan on the jeep being completely painted with the bed liner and having a few red pieces here and there. Maybe some new wheels

Also ordered Smittybilt seat adapters, crossing my fingers they have worked out the issues with them. Have rear smittybilt 3" fenders coming, and plan on ordering the front flats with 3" flare.

To-Do List

Install JKS Adj. rear trackbar (yeah still not done)

Install Currie Anti-rock

Install Aussie locker and Riddler diff cover

Install XRC seats

Finish CB Radio install



That would suck, I'm very lucky the jeep stays in the garage and very seldom is even left in a parking lot. I had my truck broken into one night, but in the end it was my fault for leaving nice things visible to passer buyers. Although I did want to use the AR on some piece of **** for smashing my back window

Back on course, so I had a package at the door today and it was filled with some goodies for the front diff.

Not sure How I want to paint this yet.

seats I have waiting on adapters coming.

Sad really how many parts I have around the house to go on the jeep, but alittle here alittle there. I did figure out the hard doors and now they close and open nicely no binding or rubbing.


The parts keep piling up in the garage, one of these days the heep is going to be sweet.

Working on getting the interior prepped for Monstaliner. Kicking around the idea of buying a cheap welder so I can fix my floor before rolling on the bed liner. Looking forward to when the cooler weather comes so I feel more motivated to work in the garage.

More updates to come.


Well had alittle time to work on the Jeep this weekend and made some progress worth noting. I had a spend $100 get $50 off at Advance Auto so I bought some Sylvania Silver Star headlights basically for free. I heard alot of good and bad reviews but figuring the next time I drive the Jeep at night will be the second time ever I couldn't justify spending to much on lights. Which is why I went with the cheap Northern Tool SPS fog lightsas well, more for just in case than anything I will use often.(have to install them as well)

Then I started on the install of the smittybilt rear fenders. Was going well until I noticed they don't come all the way down in the front and leave some of the hole and the bottom bolt hole exposed. So looks like I will end up getting the corners to cover this up at some point.

now off to install the Currie Anti-Rock Maybe it will cool down some in the garage for this evening, I've had all I can stand of this heat.


Here is a better picture of what I mean. seems like any rocker I would need to cut to fit, but it still may be a better option than hanging the heavy corners. The Smittybilt corners though mate right up with their rockers I have on.

Since purchasing the full doors from craigslist I've been meaning to get the locks rekeyed so I can just have one key for the jeep. So I removed the panels using the tips in this thread.


Worked like a champ. Then you just reach in and slide the clip towards the door hinge that holds the lock in. Very easy to remove and I'll have the locksmith at work rework the tumblers so my key locks and unlocks them. Nice cheap and convenient modification. Also had to snap pictures of the headlight plug on the wiring harness so I can replace it. The hi-beam wire snapped right at the plug while replacing the headlights. Also looking to find the cigarette lighter plug on the harness for an 03+ since I put an 05 dash in my 97' the plug doesn't work. The plugs on the back of the 97-02 3 switch panel is different from the 03-06 4 switch bezel.


Well got the locks rekeyed and back in the doors, really easy and love being able to just have one key.

Painted my riddler cover for the 35 with my favorite paint (Rustoleum bedliner) thinking about making the logo red.

Got both the Smitty Bilt XRC seats in. Not a perfect fit but they work, just rub on the roll cage some.

Garage is filling up with spare Jeep parts, time for some Craigslist selling

So drove the Jeep to work today to have my door windows tinted. Upon arriving at work and parking the Jeep immediately noticed a problem. Fluid dripping from the front diff, but turned out to be tranny fluid. Lines going from tranny up to radiator had rubbed a hole in one line and it was everywhere. So a quick fix of cutting out the hard line where the hole was and replacing with some tranny hose fixed it. Would have replaced with a new line but with thoughts of a 4BT going in the Jeep not real interested in spending money on things I will be doing away with. Then got the front windows tinted, love it.

So much more to do, but little by little it keeps getting better.


Well got the A/C working today for alittle while anyway. Replaced the pressure switch had it charged and blowing ice cold then sat for the day only to have lost the freon and blow hot again. So doing a leak test tomm. and hopeful to have a resolve to my A/C problems. Still on the endless hunt for a donor vehicle and it has everything on hold. I want to do a SYE but will be doing axles but not sure what gears to put in until I know what sort of motor I'll be running. Can't wait until the heep is capable of 80mph long distance interstate driving. Then I can join in on some trips to Ocala and other long distance wheeling trips. Looking to get more painting done in the mean time and repairing my floor. Which leads me to my other issue of late, which welder to get. I should just buy one and move on but keep getting information that steers me toward a different welder (more expensive one's).


Alright found the leak in the A/C, small o-ring replaced. I now have ice cold air, 53 degrees at the vent to be exact. I did have to pinch off a heater core line because for some reason a blend door isn't operating properly. But I'll worry more about that when I drop in the new motor what ever that is going to be. So of course now that the A/C is functioning I have another issue. I backed up the jeep and then when I shifted into drive the torque converter locked up and stalled out the jeep. So now I need a donor even more than before. I put some additive in the transmission and the fluid looks good but it is just buying me time. But it did help and now it shifts and moves forward without incident. Will be driving it some back and forth to work now that the air works. If the tranny lets loose it will just push me even harder into buying a donor of some sort. I feel like this build is on the verge of getting interesting


It has been alittle quit as far as working on the Jeep lately, but for good reason. I've been hunting a donor vehicle hard with the torque converter in the 4cyl tranny on its way out now is the time to do a swap. Wouldn't you know it a year tothe day from buying the Jeep I found this beauty. (both were bought on my birthday)

2002 Dodge Ram B1500 5.2L auto of course 44RE runs and shifts like new.

The Barney mobile runs so great I almost don't want to gut it. But it is it's destiny, and so a 5.2L is what I'll be putting in the Jeep. picked up an engine stand today and plan on getting the motor, trans, PCM, harness etc. out tomm. and then scrapping what is left of this beast to get my money back out of it. Stay tuned as I will try and do a write up on the swap and when done I'll put together a thread of this swap alone. 

Oh, also bought a smittybilt G.E.A.R. overhead deal to mount the Cobra 29 from but the engine has taken priority of course. By my next birthday this thing should be fairly bad a$$.


Not much done today, had a dinner meeting at Rum Runners so only had a chance to put together the engine stand and strip some of the front off before leaving work.

The plan is to have it all out and going to the scrap yard on Friday, we'll see how that plays out.


Well like the rest of this build the motor is coming out of the van slowly. After dismanteling the front some I raised it up in the air (benifit of working some where with lifts) and disconnected the trans, exhaust, starter, motor mounts, drained the radiator and removed hoses, steering pump lines etc. so it should be ready to come out on Monday.


Once again spent alittle time after work removing parts from the donor. It is ready at this point to come out. will drop the trans then pull the motor and send it on its way to the crusher by Friday.

Items to find and/or buy:

Durango/Dakota air inlet

Dakota Radiator Hoses

Motor Mounts

98' Jeep GC 5.9L fan & 4.0L fan shroud


Throttle cable

summit racing Headers SUM-G9064

etc. etc. etc..........


Well it is out of the van and after alittle cleaning and typical tuneup items being done will be ready for it's new home. I plan on getting it in the jeep and running well then after awhile doing some modifications to add power if needed. Plan on new valve cover gaskets,plugs,wires,cap,rotor,water jacket kit, rear main seal etc.... just easy things to knock out while it is out on the stand. Also looking at headers from Summit Racing or painting these stockers up. Would also like to find Jeep valve covers for cheap just to keep it looking as stock as possible.

Also have the 44RE out and setting up someone to switch out the cone so it mates with the transfer case in the Jeep. would have been nice to find a 4x4 donor but they want to much for them. Also have looked into doing a 46RE that's 4x4 ready in it's place, just a more heavy-duty trans.

That's what I'm talking about

I have to say this would have not been a problem in my garage at home (other than the van wouldn't fit) but was very nice to have access to a lift. But nothing at this point you couldn't tackle on your own (I did have them evacuate the AC system for me) in the driveway. 

So tomorrow it's off to the scrap yard for the shagin wagon to recoup my initial investment of $300 and hopefully $100-$200 more. Have a few parts I took off as well I'll try and craigslist for a few bucks and add to the funds needed for conversion parts. Then Saturday or Monday should be starting on the disassembly of the Jeep. Plan on painting the engine bay while the motor is out of the Jeep and cleaning up the frame and such.


A day full of last as I drove the jeep with a 4cyl engine for the last time. Good riddance at this point because it has become problematic and the AC blows hot AGAIN. Good thing winter is here, so put the soft top on.

Today was also the last time I'll ever have to lay my eyes on the beast, "off with it's head".

As ugly as the van was it turned out to be a perfect fit. I mean I paid $300 and took all the parts out I could possibly need and some I'm just going to try and sell and still got $496 from the scrap yard, WIN.

I did manage to get the G.E.A.R. overhead thing installed last night before the jeep goes in to get dismantled. I have to say this is the perfect setup for mounting a CB overhead and also has some very cool storage options that come with it. I'll be doing something with the mic when the jeep is back in running order. I think I'll be adding the rear seat or tailgate GEAR thing at some point also, very impressed with them. I like the idea of them on the front seats but the fit looks less than stellar so a no go for me.

And lastly I picked up some ammo for the toy, not the most practical but a ton of fun to shoot.

I've decided as well that the next free weekend I have I'm on a mission to straighten out my garage and get all the spare jeep crap sold.


So here is what I'm thinking for axles. I don't see ever going over 37" tires and so these would work for future mods with the shafts in them. They are still light (opposed to 9" and D60's) but stout enough for the motor and tires. Pretty good chunk of my build budget so really going back and forth on this and suggestions welcomed.

Dana 30 High Pinion XJ,TJ, ZJ
New U-Bolt Yoke 1310 (+$42.00)
FINISH: Flat Black
Superior EVO- 30 Spline kit (+$830.00)
Gear Ratio-D30HP-488R (+$500.00)
New Unit Bearings (+$195.00)

Ford 8.8" Rear Axle Bolt In TJ Assembly
LOCKER: ARB- RD81 (+$850.00)
New Ebrake Shoes (+$45.00)
New Gears: F8.8- 4.88 (+$500.00)
Both E-Brake Cables (+$50.00)
FINISH: Flat Black
Shaft Options: Yukon C-clip Elim Kit (+$500.00)

Would add this - http://artecindustries.3dcartstores....uss_p_233.html

Plus $400 s&h

I really need to get selling all the stuff laying around the garage, this jeep is going to get expensive.


So work has been crazy and thus haven't had much time to mess with Jeep until this afternoon. Was a greatweek at work with some very nice cars coming through. some of the perks of the week.

so any hoo I started on the Jeep about a week ago and here is my progress up to today.

slow start, got the hood raised :lol:

removed winch/front bumper and got a game plan together.

Today i finally made some real strides, will have the motor out very soon and start cleaning the engine bay and frame rails up.

Still need to tear down the donor motor and reseal check for issues and put back together. Have all the parts (gasket set, water pump, oil pump etc...) waiting to go on. also plan on painting up the block while its out, should look like new when i start putting it back together.


well made some progress on the Jeep and have it headed in a new direction now. First removed the transfer case, need to order the SYE as this is the time to do it.

Then yanked this little bastard out, after cutting the exhaust off.

So I can finally see a big hole where the 5.2L will sit.

Removed the whole wiring harness and a guy at work who use to build circuit boards and does all of our electrical diag said he would blend my two harnesses into one

Some of the parts I have coming for the V8 started to show up.

Will be working on modifying the TB tonight and tomm. Then Monday start the tear down of the V8 as most parts should be here Monday ie:headers, valve covers etc.

Also have decided to remove the entire body from the frame and clean up the rolling chassis like new place the drivetrain in and lower the body on. This way the whole Jeep will be done right the first time and I won't have to endure this again. i just wish I had more time to work on the Jeep because once I get going I don't want to stop but life calls and it's off to something else for a bit. 

My daughter is ready to ride with the roof off.

So still a very long list of things to do and buy but feel like I'm on the downhill stretch now for the motor swap. Still have a lot of cleaning and painting to do to the frame, Transfer case, engine etc... and then axles and a long arm kit, tires/wheels man I have a lot to do. Should be done by December...............2012


So mostly small progress being made recently. I figured out that because my 4cyl had an automatic trans the TC has 23 spline in it already but I'm being told it is the wrong length to mate up to a 46re. So still working that out I suppose, can I turn it down with a lathe, have someone turn it down or buy the proper piece.

Also have had a steady flow of parts coming in and have a little pile building to rebuild the motor. Not all needed but figured while it is out I'll make it right.

This valve cover has a slight imperfection so getting with Summit to exchange it.

Motor mounts are here so time to get cracking.


So I've been back and forth on exchanging the Hobart 140 for a Hobart 210MVP and then found one brand new on ebay for $766 and I get $14 ebay bucks so pulled the trigger. Will be here by Monday the 12th, this way I dont have to upgrade later. Now to get some metal to practice on, can't wait to start building my own mods for the Jeep.


So in case one jeep being totally rebuilt with a V8 wasn't enough to keep me busy I bought another jeep today. I think I have some sort of jeep sickness. It is a 98' black sahara so has the 4.0L, auto and 81k miles and needs work of course. The plan is to clean this one up and sell it to fund my current build. Will put up some pictures on Thursday after I get a closer look. But be warned it is ugly right now. But then thats why I got it cheap and couldn't pass it up.


Well here's the story on my now 2nd Jeep. I'm in the process of rebuild my 1st jeep and plan on getting new axles geared to 4.88 for 35's under the v8. Well the other day I come across this 98 with a good 4.0L motor and only 81k miles but it needs new axles along with a few body panels and a serious cleaning. So I was planning on removing the dana 30 & 35 from the 1st jeep anyway so why not through them in this 98 TJ and get it in shape then sell it. With the extra money I make I'll put it towards funding the original build.

So this is what I bought and it cost me less than the 1st jeep that I started with in this thread. It has half as many miles and already a decent motor, just the diffs are FUBAR so at the present moment it doesn't move.

The top is trash along with the carpet, hood, tail gate, grill and front fenders(which I'll use from the other jeep because I was going to cut them up for flat fenders anyway)

The interior is a disaster but is all cosmetic stuff and after a pressure washer it has cleaned up quit abit.

After a wash and setting up in the shop to strip it down. Throw out hood, grill and tail gate(really use to practice with the new welder). Also pulling off mirrors, door interiors and wiper arms to freshen up.

Hard to see in this picture but the seats were covered in mildew and grim and now look really good.

So the plan is to move fast on this one so I can get back on the V8 and more importantly back on the trails.


started some of the strip down and cleaning (still) of Jeep 2. i'm so glad I've kept alot of what I took off Jeep 1 as it is going to come in handy as I clean this on up and get it ready to sell. I'll be swapping the axles in and also having to do some serious refinishing to the skyjacker lift as it has rusted badly over the years. may just swap out the Zone 4" in Jeep 1 while taking the axles out and then putting a long arm in it as I rebuild that one. Jeep 2 will be getting a repaint in its original black color. I plan on buying the following to fix up.

new black soft top tinted windows $230

new black carpet $170

Hood $150

Tailgate $100

Grille $150 

Paint & body work $100

Then when I got home I had this waiting on me.

Think I'll use the crap hood from the jeep to build a welding table and use the bent tailgate to practice on.


Yesterday I moved around the jeeps in the shop to better situate the v8 build out of the way and to do the axle swap needed for jeep2. Still can't believe I bought a second jeep while the my first one is still in pieces

So then today after work I stuck around to get some axle swap going. Had to ask myself what have I done a few times. The rear axle on the 2nd jeep wasn't budging and the air hose blew out. So onto the easier jeep, much easier considering I had just put the lift in 8 months ago and the bolts would come out no problem. It went smooth as expected but the e-brake was a p.i.t.a. but eventually I won and out it came. Now to do the front and get the two out of jeep2.

Slowly but surely I'm making progress


Well a bit more progression in the axle swap today. This was the first time really climbing under jeep2 and all looks pretty good except for the axles. I mean it's odd how the undercarriage is pretty clean some surface rust that will clean right up. But the axles are complete rotten rusty pieces of crap. So good thing are they are headed to the scrap yard.

And I guess this is why the jeep doesn't move when put in gear and why I bought it for cheap.

Have the axle lined up to go in the rear but will be doing alot of cleaning and painting before hand. 

I'm glad the holidays are here and all but it is really going to cut into my progress. I have set the end of January as my deadline to have Jeep2 ready for sale.


Alright back at it today after work. got the rear section of the frame cleaned up on both sides and painted (came out sort of glossy plan on repainting with a more flat black) and rolled the the axle under it. Should be able to get the axle hooked up tomm. and maybe rest of the frame cleaned up. The rear tires look so little because 1. no air in them to fit under rear bumper 2. rear is on jack stands. hope it looks better once put back together. 

Also cleaned up the front of the frame and repainted. You can get a good sense of the issues with the current fenders and grille in this picture, both are being replaced of course. I cut off the metal bands that the Sahara style rocker panels mount to as I will be putting some sort of rock sliders on in their place.

I've been pulling off the little parts like mirrors, wiper arms, soft top rear bar mounts, roll bar padding, visors etc etc.... and cleaning them up at home in the evenings. plan is to get the axles done at the shop then have it painted while most parts are stripped off. Then get it home to finish the small detail stuff. Then once done with this black jeep if I haven't become to attached to it sell it and get back to building the first Jeep into a beast.


I will be pushing to get the Jeep all done this weekend so I can then install the axles in the green Jeep and bring it home to start on next week. Wish me luck, I have a lot to do but time to do it so we'll see how it goes.

Valve cover gasket
Paint and install exhaust manifold
Clean and install intake manifold
Drop transfer case and transmission
Install SYE and speed healer gear in transfer case
Replace flex plate and reinstall transfer case and transmission
Remove rear axle and put cleaned up axle in with 4:88's

Should make for a good post in the what did you do to your TJ today thread


Got stuck sticking around work late tonight but didn't have a change of cloths so had to stick to doing things to the jeep that didn't involve climbing under it.

Removed seats and center console and general cleaning of the inside of the tub as it will get painted when the exterior does.

I can start to see this jeep coming together and may have to keep it atleast until I finsh building the v8 jeep.

The wife has started given me a hard time for spending so much time on the jeep so I wisely have decided not to shave until I get it out of the shop at work. Thus either really pissing her off or giving her something to look forward to and be motivated to see me get it to that stage as well. I'll let you know how that works out for me.


Got the front axle out of Jeep1 and ready to install in Jeep2. Absolute breeze removing this axle without the engine in the way. It will sit like this for a while mostly because I'm not sure what I want to do with axles yet.

Will be listing these on craigslist, I want to buy 15" steel wheels and more aggressive 33's

Still have some work to do tomm. getting the axles completely installed and need to flush the brake system and add new fluid. Then time to take it for the first drive. Won't be far though because then I'll start getting it prepped for paint next week.

Off to get some sleep, working on the jeep everyday after work has me beat.


Thanks, it seems like I've been spinning my wheels and still have a very long list of things to do to make my end of January dead line.

Today I spent most of my time cleaning up and getting rid of things that are just in the way at this point. Took a load to the scrap yard which consist of the no good hood, axles, shocks and springs old sway bar etc.. Junk I had no use for and they gave me $130 win.

Also ground down the sway bar completely and removed all the rust now it looks like new. No way I'm selling this jeep right away, I'm really doing it right and fixing it up like I'm keeping it.


I have the axles all hooked up in the jeep and they work great. Problem arose when bleeding the brakes. Seems I have a bad line that runs from the master cylinder down along the frame to the rear. It is sucking air where it meets up the line going to the rear axle. So tomm I will get in a new fuel line and finish the brakes.

I've been cleaning alot of misc. items like these visors. You can really see how filthy the interior was in comparison to the one I've cleaned. I had every intention of using the spice interior, but with thoughts of keeping this jeep now in my head and wanting to paint it GM Cyber Grey Metallic it maybe black. The Cyber Greyis the dark charcoal grey used on the new camaro's and vets. 

Also have an employee at work who is buying the old wheels and tires off this Jeep for $300 to put toward a hood, tail gate which I've been having issues finding for a reasonable price.

Well sold the wheels and tires and helped put them on a coworkers ford ranger. Look pretty good and the cash in hand means I can buy the tail gate and grille and still only have my initial investment in this Jeep. 

Working on getting the interior pieces straightened out while they are disassembled for paint. I'll have the spice interior unless I can find some really good deals on a center console and door panels in agate color. Which has me rethinking my cyber grey paint job as the black would go better with the spice. Also if I sell it, it looks like a very clean stock jeep.

What I started with

One painted using SEM Camel spray paint, goes on very thin and dries nice but the color is a tint more orange.

Sorting out the dashes

painting one dark slate just because it's extra and I have the paint.

The one that came out of this jeep is in very good condition after a serious cleaning

The passenger airbag cover is also painted with SEM Camel

The instrument cluster surround had a few scratches so I coated the inner ring in bed liner and it looks like new.

The center bezel that surrounds the radio and A/C had some scuffs as well so now it matches and is in bedliner. 

Back to work freshening up the small misc pieces and having it ready to reassemble once back from the body shop.


Jeep is just about ready for paint. Still a few small odds and ends like needing a tail gate and grille but for the most part it's coming together. I have a pile of parts at the house now that are being reworked,cleaned, painted or replaced as I prepare for the rebuild. 

Got the holes cut for the LED taillights and the sound bar off to clean up and replace speakers. Still waiting on my T50 tamperproof socket to get here so I can remove the last part of rollbar padding and start to dye them black. You can see how the rear cross frame was used as a tie down and was of course bent. Plan is to straighten to the best of my ability and reinforce with a welded in plate then cover with a Rokmen flush rear bumper.


Well went to bleed the brakes after fixing the leaking line and now still won't hold a pedal. No leaks so must be the master cylinder leaking internally, I'll cannibalize the one from the other jeep for now and hopefully have brakes. On a better note I'm done with cleaning up the frame before paint and have the roll cage ready to come out, so finally will be sent to the body shop this week. Also made some progress at home with cleaning up the sound bar and using some speakers I had laying around to clean it up and give some better sound.

Also working on alot of small parts, getting them sanded and repainted to have ready for the jeep. Here is the tail gate latch and bracket. 

This Jeep is really going to look sharp with all the detail done to small parts. I'll be replacing the exhaust, top and putting carpet in after all the small parts go on. no way I'm selling this Jeep, really is time for the motorcycle to go, this jeep is mine until the v8 is done.


Really have been at it to get this thing out to the body shop and painted up. took out the roll bar and went ahead and removed the front fenders and grill which are going to be scrap.

Think I'll tear into the 5.2L v8 and start the rebuild on it for the other jeep while this one gets the body work done.


Really have been at it to get this thing out to the body shop and painted up. took out the roll bar and went ahead and removed the front fenders and grill which are going to be scrap.

Think I'll tear into the 5.2L v8 and start the rebuild on it for the other jeep while this one gets the body work done.


The v8 build (first jeep) is on hold until I finish the second jeep. So engine is buttoned up but needs to be rebuilt yet and wiring is piled in a box. Will be awhile until that jeep sees the road again. 

The second jeep on the other hand is progressing nicely. I have had it at the body shop for some time and they've been working on it here and there. They have all panels smooth and unnecessary holes welded up (like the license plate holes and Sahara rocker guard holes, will also fill all the tail gate holes except hinge bolt holes) and ready for paint. Just needed a tail gate and the first one I bought showed up bent. So purchased another one today and should be here next weekend and jeep painted the following week. have a U-Pol Raptor liner being sprayed inside the tub as well.

mean while at home I've been stock piling parts to go back on this jeep once back from the body shop like seals and new door handles etc. Also working on fixing up seats to either use or preferably sell and buy some 03-06 seats to use. 

Cleaning up the mount brackets for the seats as well.

My growing supply of paint to refinish just about every surface of this jeep.

Jeep parts have taken over the garage which wasn't a problem until.............


Ready to trade in

Yep traded in the truck, never used it anymore and the wife needed a "family" car so we bought a new 2012 Hyundai Sonata 2.0T Limited. That will be housed in the garage so time to clean up and repaint the garage floor and finish this freaking jeep. Truck was good for about 11mpg this car rides so much better and gets 27+mpg. Plus I took off the wheels and drop down running boards to sell for jeep parts now that I'm 100% keeping both jeeps.

Once the Jeep gets back from the body shop I'll have a lot more updates getting it put together and some mild mods now that I'm keeping it (SYE, adj track bar etc.) Then it will be back to the First Jeep and the V8, dana 60's and 4 link beast build.


The nightmare continues, I have the Jeep at the body shop and all the prep work is done and they have the U-Pol to do the inside of the tub. The only hold up was a newer tail gate since the one that came on the jeep was junk. So I ordered one from ebay, $149 shows up and is bent, no good. Argue with the seller and a week later get my refund, still have tail gate but it is garbage. In the mean time I had purchased another tail gate $108 from a different ebay seller. It shows up this weekend and is 1. for a YJ and 2. a complete piece of rotted out rusty #hit. This has sucked to deal with and I'm arguing with the second seller currently to get a refund or tail gate they had in the listing.

Some good has come of this though. I now have decided to paint the Jeep white (after looking at this thread http://www.jeepforum.com/forum/f59/w...s-like-462939/ ) and that I will be using the Swag drop down tail gateconversion and having the factory tail gate hinge holes filled in the tub and tail gate. Should find out tomm. what the 2nd seller is doing about getting me a refund or tail gate. But it can't get here soon enough.


Shouldn't be long now, thank you.

So bought the white DuPont paint today and dropped the new tail gate off to the body shop. So they now have all the items needed to start the paint process and move towards completion of the jeep. After they knock the dust and pizza boxes off of it this is what happens when you don't have the body panels in time, back of the line.

Here is a pile of why the jeep has taken forever to be painted. Black was what came on the jeep (fubar) white one showed up bent and the red one is rusted through the bottom. Will be making another run to the scrap yard i suppose. 

The garage is busting at the seams, should have the jeep home first or second week of April.


So still preparing for the jeep coming home from the body shop and reassembling it. Tonight I read a thread on JF of course about painting your roll bar covers to bring them back to new looking or in my case turn from spice to black.

After a quick first coat

after 3-4 coats 

And then I figured why not try it on the seat covers I really didn't have a plan for anyway. More to come after I reload with more Dupli-color fabric/vinyl paint


Progress is being made

They have to spot weld in the one hole yet on the tail gate, but everything else is looking really good.

Also ordered a few hundred dollars in replacement OEM parts (bolts, sail panels for the doors etc....) and a Bestop aluminum fuel filler door in black. They should be painting the Raptor U-Pol liner inside the tub Monday and once it cures and the new windshield is installed it's reassembly time.


Slow day for the jeeps, but I did get in my Slate colored passenger side airbag cover. Last piece needed in converting the v8 jeep interior from spice to slate. Now I can remove the the one I had painted black and use it with the other entire spice now black dash that I may try in the white jeep.


Thank You all for the kind words they are greatly appreciated as we deal with this.

On a Jeep note I was sent some pictures from the body shop as they finish up painting the Jeep white and Raptor lining the tub.

Also have some parts back and ready to put on the jeep tomm when I get it to the house.

No Holes


Small strides made in getting the Jeep back together. The rear fender flares have just been laying on the jeep no hardware installed. This was due to looking for rivnuts or nutserts to push into the body for some of the bolts that you can't reach behind. A Google search brought up a thread in which MrBlaine said he had some extras and he would ship them out to anyone in need. I sent him a PM Saturday night (5-5-12) and a quick response asking for nothing more than my address and he said he would ship me some. so today 5-7-12 I have a package marked from California with the rivnuts in it. I have gone back and checked my PM date and can not figure out how in the world this guy was able to get them to me that fast. all I can really say is a big thank you to MrBlaine, whom I had never spoke to before but had always seen his post of wisdom, truly thank you sir. I see your brakes on my jeep in the future if for no other reason than I feel like I owe you, and they are arguable the best setup out there.

Bought a Mopar Jeep fuel door in brushed aluminum and of course painted it with Rustoleum bed liner and installed

Also got the tail lights in, although they don't work right (more on that later)

and my "Hybrid" decal

I had purchased the Nalin speaker brackets for the front to upgrade to 5.25 speakers and tweeter combo. so I bought the Polk setup that seems to be a popular choice for our jeeps. also they are marine grade, which is nice bonus.

This picture gives a good idea of the detail I'm putting into every little piece as I setup all the fender flare hardware to be painted. It's nice working on Jeep parts in the air conditioned house, plus more time with the family while doing Jeep stuff.

Repainted the steering column cover and it looks incredible. it really looks new and not like it was painted at all. Considering it was a faded light grey I can't say enough much better it looks. These little details will make for a "finished" looking Jeep when I'm "done". I know words that should never be associated with a Jeep build.

I have a ton to do yet, including taking the doors back to paint because they didn't mask off the interior partcorrectly so the panels don't cover all of the old color, not a good look. Also waiting on them to paint the roll cage black and get that installed. as well as picking up small bits here and there so I can get the grille and fenders back on. ***NOTE*** for anyone buying a grille or hood for your jeep make sure they are compatible. A small detail I over looked and now have a grille made for the slide to the side latch and a hood made for the pull toward the front of the Jeep latch. Alittle fabricating I'd rather not have to do but to late now.

Hahaha yeah it has come a long way, best part is it hasn't cost me much either. The cell phone pictures really don't do the white justice, plan on taking it out for some nice pictures once back together. These were my inspiration for the white color scheme, just perfect looking Jeeps.

This is my inspiration for the other Jeep.


Just to update while she is laying next to me in the hospital bed sleeping, the wife's surgery went very well today. Still a long road ahead but headed in a good direction. I want to thank everyone again for their thoughts and prayers. 

Also managed to get the Rokmen GTS and rear bumper primed last week. So I'll be painting and installing them soon. Plan is to have the Jeep back together in the next month or two.

Had to go another direction on the wheels. The ones I had ordered are taking forever and have no end (delivery date) in site. So switched it up for these in the 17" variety.


Well the Fuel Hostage wheels shipped today so they will be in next week. Also finished swapping over the anti-rock front sway bar from the on hold v8 Jeep to the white one. I painted the Rokmen rear bumper and gas tank skid and also worked on the getting the tail gate mounted. It's an after market tail gate so the handle wasn't lining up the way I wanted but after some persuading the tail gate saw things my way. I installed the new to me steering wheel, the original leather one was shot. Also cleaned up around the steering column and painted all the plastic that fits the back of the steering wheel and around the column.

Purchased a few odds and ends today online. Rubber bumpers that mount under the hood to keep it off of the grille. Also bought the seal that goes around the windshield on the interior part of the glass. The guy who put in my windshield said thats not included, would have been nice to know so I could have bought it the first time, now he has to do it over. Well off to list more spare parts and junk laying around on ebay to fund more parts for the jeep. I'll have pictures next time of any progress.


more progress made today. Not alot done but it seems more like a Jeep now

Grille bolted on

Headlights & Right Fender with inner fender pieces mounted

Flare, turn signals, front bumper.

Wasn't really feeling the front bumper but have some things in mind to make it more to my liking.

Starting to get close to driving it which will be a first really. When I bought it the axles were shot and then when I got the good axles under it I only drove it in the parking lot. Which reminds me I need to get this bad boy registered and a plate on it. Just one more thing to add to the list of about another 100 things to do to the Jeep. Think I'll mount the license plate down by the gas tank skid now that all the bolt holes at the stock location and all the bolt holes in the tail gate have been filled.

Also started looking into a roof rack and think I will be adding a Gobi Ranger rack at some point. Looks very nice and starting to see this jeep as a camping family expedition type vehicle and the other Jeep to have the stinger and flat fenders setup for steep departure trail riding.


Worked on getting the new wheels mounted up today and the put on the Jeep. Had to buy new slim line lug nuts but other than that it went very smooth.

Out with the old in with the new 

Had sent the full doors to the body shop to be touched up and so dug out the half doors I painted with bed linersome time ago, look decent on the white Jeep I think.

Also picked up a new ignition and ignition electric plug thing so now the radio works and the instrument cluster. I do have a check engine light on but will deal with that later. For now the Jeep won't start, I think I ran it out of gas so will be trying that tomm.


So I've been putting things back together little by little and have had one problem after another. I replaced the ignition tumbler and ignition electronic sensor that sends the information that the key is turned. Also did the very slight twist of the prongs in the back of the gauge cluster so I now have gauges that work. Fixed the radio ground so I now have music. But despite all my efforts i can not get the engine to turn over. It just cranks and cranks but won't fire. So after some diag time this evening (and having already replaced the CPS) I believe I'm in need of a new fuel pump. Good news is I was going to drop the tank anyway to do the Rokmen GTS and had thought while it was down would be a good time to replace the fuel pump, now that's what I'm going to do. I swear one of these days I will get to drive this ****ing Jeep


So Exhaust came in, went with a MBRP standard cat back exhaust. The banks exhaust on the Jeep is shot and needed changed out. Will also be replacing the down pipe and cat with a high flow version. 

No big hurry to install the exhaust though because the Jeep still will not fire. I have fuel at the rail and 49 psi of pressure, starter fluid in the intake doesn't fire it either so thinking it can't be the fuel pump. I have replaced the plugs, wires, cap and rotor as well as the coil and have spark. Battery tested out ok, fuses all check out ok. Really starting to get pissed at this POS. When I bought it the one thing it had going for it was the engine fired right up and ran great. I mean the body and paint were crap and the interior was a mess, axles were junk but the motor was strong. Now in my infinite wisdom to redo the whole damn Jeep I have f'ed something up and now the one good attribute it had is it's only down fall. The kicker is when the tow truck dropped it at the house I connected the battery and it fired right up so I could drive it up my driveway into the garage and that was with no grille, fenders, interior, seats anything. Sorry for the rant but it's this or burn that mf'er to the ground collect my insurance money and move on


Well I've been finishing all the small details that you really don't notice in the pictures. But finishing the roll cageinstall and speaker bar. Also working through removing an old alarm and what is a sorry excuse for wiring through out the Jeep. The fog lights had been cut off but the wires that remained were only twisted into the main wires on the harness and covered with electrical tape. The PO doesn't seem to have been, well to put it nicely very smart. but after every evening spent tinkering with it I come away with a better Jeep and closer to a useable Jeep.

Setup some cheap fog lights and the winch to see how it looks. Also beginning to start thinking about the V8 Jeep again and want to hear that motor rumble so hope to finish this one soon and move onto the V8.


A little more done tonight, started going through and double checking all bolts. Also got the rear seat belts put in. I had found a new set for cheap but they had wound up almost all the way. A quick search told me you can pull on them all you want but if they are not lined up ( straight up like in the position they sit when mounted) they would not release. Pulled straight up and bingo work like new. I removed the flasher relay from under the dash by the steering column and removed the little piece of foil since I have LED tail lights in and the turn signals now blink at a normal speed but still no tail lights. So I need to take a look at how I wired them up. Would like to have everything buttoned up and ship it back to work so I can get some help diagnosing the no start issue. Took my battery in today and it was in need of a charge but tested ok. It seems like something is drawing current from the battery and draining it. But that isn't my no start issue. Glad i bought this Jeep for next to nothing because it is sucking money out of my pocket on a regular basis now.

I have a JKS adj. front track bar I could use in it but it requires drilling out the chassis mount for the larger diameter mounting bolt. Does anyone have or know of a good adj. track bar that does not have this requirement?

Also still have the JKS adj rear track bar I never mounted that I will be using for the white Jeep. Along with the Rokmen GTS and rear bumper but most likely will be tackling these extras after I get it running.


So again tonight after everyone in the house goes to sleep the dogs and I make our way to the garage to work on the Jeep. Got some more small things taken care of tonight so now the entire dash is installed and looking good other than it's spice color. Painted a bunch of small bolts, brackets, latches you name it that still needed to be installed. It will be together enough by next Monday to bring it back to work and get some help making it run again. Still in need of a few small parts like the cover for the interior of the tail gate latch and the holder for the hood prop.  

I have decided on these sliders/steps for the Jeep.

Then just a SYE and some CA's and it will be done for now, then onto building the V8 which is screaming my name at this point.


I did try and pull codes but the scanner said it couldn't communicate. I've looked at the CPS and even replaced it, then a few days later I went as far as to re-inspect the new one and make sure it was seated properly. I inspected all under the dash where the alarm was wired in and out under the hood on the drivers side. I had removed all of it and nothing looks out of place. I had the battery tested and also tried a new battery. The lights do dim some while it cranks with any battery I've tried. Checked all fuses 20+ times now, had issues with radio not working and odo blinking when left turn signal on, interior lights not functioning, fog lights not working. Fixed all those issues, Wrong bulbs in turn signal side makers and radio ground no attached behind gauges, fog lights wired in by PO. Replaced and checked all parts to the ignition. Can hear the fuel pump kick on and then off when I turn ignition and have fuel in the rail, confirmed by pressing valve and hooking up pressure gauge. Replaced plugs, plug wires, cap, rotor, coil it needed a tune up anyway but still nothing. I'm no certified mechanic and although I own a power probe electrical issues are something I don't have the time or patience for. So I will be bringing it back to work via a tow truck (free) and having the professionals find what ever small stupid thing it is that is causing my issue.


I did some electrical diagnoses over the weekend with the help of my father I law. Had no spark at the plugs and no spark from the new coil. The crankshaft position sensor checked out ok and I thought the cam shaft sensorwas working. 

So then this morning I had the jeep towed into our shop at work and they hooked it up to the snap-on scan tool. Gave one code and so some test were done to figure out where the communication between the systems was being dropped. Everything was checking out ok but still no spark or injector pulse. Seemed as though the new cam shaft sensor I put in wasn't functioning at high enough voltage as the ohms were low. Replaced it with another new one and still no start. Checked signal to the computer and it was good but the signal was being sent out as a positive on wires that should be ground and it was activating the ASD relay. So the short of it computer is toast, new one flashed to my vin should be here by Friday and hope to take the jeep on its madin voyage this weekend. 

Pushed down the driveway for tow truck, ordered some JKS ACOS adjustable coil over spacers. The winch and bumper really squatted the front down, looks like a drag car

At the shop


I keep thinking about putting the rear bumper and tire swing out on from the other jeep and a roof rack

Without a doubt I'm very lucky to have access to the shop, expensive tools and great people who know how to use them and are willing to help. He said the Snap-On scan tool was like 15k. Sure hope to be driving it this weekend. I'll be installing the exhaust tomm. and then it's just a matter of a few small details to get it on the road. 

I did notice my steering box is leaking pretty badly so I may take the one from the other jeep or look at an upgrade. Also have all the parts for the full doors to go back together. Bought new everything for them including glass (which needs tinted).


Thank you, It's always nice to hear others enjoy it as much as I do.

So on the ride into work today I had a green TJ pass me with a little half cab hard top on it and no roll bars out behind it only a little pickup bed. This is absolutely how I'm headed with the V8 Jeep, looked fantastic. Wish I would have snapped a picture.

Progress was the word of the day. I found some front spring spacers in the garage last night so no ACOS adj. spacers for now. So brought them in to the office today and was able to find the time to install them and get closer to a level sitting Jeep, still a slight sag up front. Maybe I'll buy the ACOS to address this down the road. I've also removed the front cowl to fix the vent area in it as the body shop painted it all white and I'm not a fan.

Had also brought some other parts and pieces with me and so I cut and removed the old rusted up mess of an exhaust and hung the new MBRP cat back exhaust. Still have to mount the shiny tip, and find a new down pipeand high flow cat. Maybe even a new header. also brought in a stock intake tube and box to replace the crap that is in it now.

Will be installing the other front seat and getting the glass for the full doors tinted tomm. Also need to go over everything one more time before it is road worthy. 

I removed all the holes in the tail gate and rear of the tub which makes for a clean look, but now I'm trying to figure out where to mount the license plate. i have thought about using a plastic dipped magnet to mount it when it's needed. It's a work in progress.

Best part of the day was when I got home and the new computer was at the door step. Fingers crossed that it fires up tomm.

Then it's back to the house so I can install the 1.25 BL, Rokmen GTS and rear bumper. I want to drive it some as well to wear down the 33" tires then I can justify going up to 35's


Well after running some it has smoothed out, I was told it most likely has wash down in the cylinders from all the gas being shot in while I kept cranking it. No big deal it burns off, still plan on gapping my plugs correctly and using the suggested plugs. But with it being mobile I backed it into the garage and dropped the hardtop on it. For most of you this is bikini top or topless season, for me the heat is just to much in the summer and that is when I use the hardtop the most. Now the dead of winter here is perfect for topless jeep riding.

Might have all of the kinks worked out for the weekend but won't be using the Jeep. Wife goes in for first of four chemo treatments on Thursday and will be absolutely miserable right through the weekend. Still it is a step in the right direction and toward a full recovery.

More pictures after I finish it up, and of the V8 as I work on it some.


drove the Jeep out of the garage and turned it around to put back in and work on the driver side door. Before bringing it back in I decided to clean it off and take a few pictures.

Steering box is leaking, hence the pizza box

Interior panel and door handle need to be installed on drivers door next. Problem is it has been dented at some point and now the metal is stretched. So the inside of the door handle rubs on my new glass, which I'm not a fan of. So working out how to support it out ward and keep the handle off the glass, which only happens when you roll the window down.

Have to drill out two bolts that broke into the tub when I rmoved the rear seat so I can reinstall it.

Winch is on the Jeep but still needs to be hooked up.

Hood cowling is off at the moment to be repainted and to fix the section in the middle that they painted white. i have it removed and will paint it black to reinstall.

Back in the garage ready to be finished.


Still have a list of things to be done to the white Jeep so I can say it is finished for now.
Oil Change - DONE
Install Adj Rear Trac Bar
Install rear Bumper - DONE
Install BL & MML
Install GTS
Wire up Winch - DONE
Install Driver side door handle - DONE
Change diff fluid in both axles
Install Ausie locker in dana 30 and riddler diff cover
Buy 35" Tires
Install Cowling and wipers - DONE

Ok so I have a ton of things to do yet but i did figure out where to mount my license plate. I bought a magnet wrapped in rubber that dealers use to slap plates on a car when test driving.

I've really started turning my attention to the 5.2L v8 and what else I need to do in preparation for the swap.

Axles - Still not 100% which way I'm going to go but leaning toward an 8.8 for the rear that some day down the road would be transplanted into the white Jeep.
Lift - thinking about coil overs and custom 4-link and tri up front

I'd like to have a rolling chassis to start with when putting the motor in. Which brings me to what the motor needs. I'm going to finish the tear down next week and have the block and heads sent out for machine work. I have it this far apart figure I should build up the motor some. I already have alot of parts but need an oil pump, main bearings and few other little things. I'm going to rob the steering box out of the v8 jeep for now to use in the white Jeep, that one is leaking bad. Then I'll end up putting an upgraded box in the v8 jeep.

Will be finishing the white Jeep in the next month or so but I'm getting back to the v8 build as time permits starting now


So in my quest to find axles for the v8 build I came across an interesting piece. It is a Dana 35, I know but wait, it has super 35 shafts (30 spline) an ARB locker, 4.88 gears, HD Jeep diff cover with lube locker and disk brakes for $550. So I bought it, to go in the white jeep and then the stock 35 will come out and "back" into the v8 jeep. It will just be in it so I can roll it around and get the v8 done. Will put 4.88's in the front Dana 30 and although I'm going up to 35's on the white jeep it won't be used hard and so don't expect issues with the S35 shafts. But if I do the deal came with an extra set S35 shafts to carry as trail parts. After I sell the 35 out of the v8 jeep you figure I'm only in this axle for about $350 and it is built out, seemed like a good deal for what action that jeep will see. Time to buy an on board air compressor

Other Jeep work has been almost non existent as of late but I keep selling random crap on eBay and building the bank to buy deals as they come along.


So a few small strides made today. I cleaned up and painted the diff cover that came with the new to me Dana 35. looks pretty good and should be in clear view when I get the Rokmen GTS on. i also got out the JKS 1.25" BL I had bought a long time ago to install and the MML.

Found a spot for my license plate.

The winch is now wired up and working well also added an isolator.

Finished the drivers door inside and out. Interior is looking fantastic, wish I had taken better pictures of what it was like when I bought it.

It's come a long way.


Drove the Jeep to work today. Was the first time really driving it down the road. The steering box was whining and needs replaced and I have an exhaust leak that makes it sound horrible but it didn't really matter. I was loving every minute of it. Considering I purchased this Jeep in October of last year it was great being able to use it as transportation. Just happened we had the tint guy scheduled to come in today so went ahead and had the front doors tinted.

Of course since it is a Jeep the A/C isn't working and so I left it at work due to not being able to roll down the windows. Then the kicker was after having the tint done I moved it and the check engine light came on So I'll scan it for codes tomm and figure out what thats about. Also plan on switching the interiors over tomm so the white Jeep has the black interior from the V8 Jeep in it.


Thank you, It will be nice to get it offroad and use it for what it was intended for. 

I hooked the Jeep up to the scanner today and it has a misfire in cylinder #2. I plan on changing all the plugs from auto lites to champion and running some injector cleaner through it. I changed the oil today and added some Lucas additive to help clear out any build up. Have fluids to flush the transfer case, transmission and cooling system.

Tint looks very dark in the sunlight, menacing for a white Jeep.


Well with the check engine light coming on I figured I would go about fixing known issues to narrow this down. Mainly the exhaust header and catalytic converter/down pipe. I had replaced the cat back section of the exhaustwith a MBRP setup and it is nice but because everything in front of it is crap it is hard to tell if it is really any good. So I have a new Magnaflow cat/downpipe and a cheap header (since they all seem to crack) bought and being shipped. Also bought new NTK O2 sensors to go in as well.

I will be replacing the steering box with a durango box as the stocker whines so much it makes it hard to hear other issues. It leaks so bad I can't see trying to repair it. Once these two things are handled I'll regroup and figure out what the next priority is, I'm hoping it is the SYE.


Thank you.

ummm, stopped by Advanced Auto and saw this......... don't even know what to say really, but figured I'd share. Made my full size jeep look like a toy, speaking of toy....

Well life has been hectic so not much to report on the full size Jeep. I did how ever come across this little guy on ebay for $15 and had to have it. Figuring it would make a great addition to my desk at work and a good motivator to keep making money so I can mod the real ones

Of course it says Jeep on it so I had to lift it. Brand new moab take offs for sale in 1:18 scale


Installed the superbright LED cool white colored lights in the gauge cluster and WOW. It looks a hundred times better than stock so nice and crisp looking. Also figured out the lights in my climate control were burnt out so used a couple that I took out of the gauge cluster and bam I have light. I'll post up pictures tomorrow because for now the Jeep is at the office so the wife's car could come in out of the Tropical Storm Isaac mess. 

The Jeep has a slight miss and the check engine light on for a miss in cylinder 2. I put the correct AP985 plugs in it gaped at .35 and it seems better. Also added some Chevron injector cleaner and plan on running it through in the next few days to help clean it out. Will also be installing the exhaust manifold down pipe with new cat along with new O2 sensors. If this all doesn't smooth out the old Jeep I'll have to dig deeper. 

Was back and forth on spending the money on a new PSC steering box but in the end decided for the moment at least to use the box off the gutted V8 Jeep. As I'm 100% certain to do a PSC setup on that Jeep.

I'm looking at going ahead and doing a Clayton or Rock Krawler long arm suspension for the V8 Jeep. I have temp axles I can put under it but with that lift I'd have to weld it in then when I get the axles I want cut off the mounts and weld on the permanent axle. Really going back and forth on how to proceed with the V8 Jeep. I'd like to get it home to work on in my garage but with no axles or suspension under it sort of hard to do. So now I'm really serious about selling the motorcycle so I have a fist full of cash which is what I need to proceed with the beast. So up on Ebay and craigslist it goes.

So I'm tryng to focus on making the white Jeep more of an overlander type vehicle good on the highway and going camping and such. Then the V8 Jeep will be geared more towards being a rock crawler serious off road vehicle. So here is what I'm thinking needs done to get there.

The short list of things to buy for the white Jeep

SYE and drive shaft

Novak Cable

Poison Spyder Ricochet rockers

35" Tires, KM2's most likely

4.88 gears for front

On Board Air for ARB locker

Short list of things to install on white Jeep

Rear Dana 35 with superior shafts, ARB and 4.88's

JKS Adj. front & rear track bars

Currie/Savvy steering linkage

interior out of V8 Jeep incl. CB and seats

Aussie Locker in Dana 30 along with Riddler cover, Superior shaft seals and Spicer ball joints

Rear seat (06 black requires some modification)

JKS 1.25 BL and MML

Rokmen GTS

Smittybilt rear bumper and tire swing out off of V8 Jeep (V8 Jeep will be getting the flush looking Rokmen rear bumper)

Man this is turning out to be the never ending project. If only I had never ending spare time to work on it. at least it is driving under it's own power and moving in a general direction of finished.

Side note: Wife has completed 3 of 4 chemo treatments as of Thursday and this is by far the worst one yet. Seems as though they get harder and harder the more she goes. The fatigue and weird side effects that just spring up out of no where wear her down. Thankfully only one to go and the light is visible at the end of the tunnel. She has been a true fighter and I couldn't be prouder of her.


Jeep is at the office and with the tropical storm weather I had some time to make some changes. First I removed the rear bumper and tire swing from the now almost completely stripped v8 Jeep. 

Then I installed it along with the CB antenna on the white Jeep.

Fits the overall look this Jeep will have and has pushed me to completely strip the V8 Jeep down to just the frame and build it back up with new brake lines, axles, suspension etc.... piece by piece. This way I do it once and do it right.

Had to snap some pictures and of course ordered a matching wheel.

Will get the steering box swapped out tomorrow and hope to get the exhaust done. Would also like to get the bulk of the work required in switching the interiors done tomorrow. I have about $12k of "stuff" for sale so as that turns into cash I'll be chipping away at the list above.


Thank You and good luck on your search for a TJ.

Stayed late today at work to get a jump on switching over the interiors. Knocked out the door panels and have both dashes out, just a matter of reinstalling. Was also able to talk someone into installing the the exhaustmanifold and down pipe/cat when they do the steering box. I want to do it but just don't have the time. Besides I'm busy selling things and stacking cash to finish this Jeep and get the other one going. Which brings me to my next bit of good news. A friend/client has found me a front axle to use more or less as a roller while I get the the thing built up and it is free. So plan is to strip it down to the frame and possible stretch the frame to build it more into a pickup Brute type vehicle. Just thinking out loud as I try and figure out what I really want to build. With one pretty much "normal" Jeep I want the other to be a bit more than normal

I ordered a Miller welding helmet last night so once it arrives I plan on firing up the Hobart MVP210 and melting some metal together. The first thing I want to build are some door hangers like these below to get my spare doors off the floor and start organizing my garage.

Also ordered another Fuel Hostage 17x9 wheel to put as the spare and almost ordered 35" tires. I just can't decide what I want as I keep going back to KM2's but then like the MTZ's and then I start looking at MT/R's. I can see this Jeep being used for 2-3 hour trips on the interstate to get to wheeling spots north of this swamp I live in. So I want something that will do well on the road and off and last a good while.


The MTR's are looking better and better the more I read reviews on them, jury still out on what I'll buy but leaning in that direction.

Drove the Jeep home last night and finished up most of the install of the slate interior. Bolt had stripped out on the back of the grab handle that mounts above the glove box. It was hot and humid out and irritating me so I got pissed and ripped it out. Then found one on Ebay today and bought it. Also drove the Jeep back to work today and the shop was kind enough to check my no A/C issue. Sucked down the system and detected no leaks so filled it with freon and AWWWWWW ice cold air. Hope not to use it much but it is so nice to know it's there for I'm tired of sweating.

The check engine light is still on but it is running great and I still need to install the exhaust and O2 sensors. BUT..... although it's running great it sounds horrible between the exhaust leaks and a ping/tick noise at the flex plate. So I will be removing the inspection plate to take a look. Occurs only at idle and from what I've read I plan on checking the TQ converter bolts and visual inspection of what is visible of the flex plate. Nothing turns up from that and out comes the transmission for a better look. Will be a good time to do a SYE so plan on ordering that in the next few days as well as a drive shaft.


No time to work on the Jeep today but drove it home with the A/C on which was nice, so it's at the house for the long weekend. Plan is to get the trans and exhaust done.

Also received this today



Wheel came in for spare tire


Had a chance to remove the inspection plate from the trans and seems like all four screws to the TC are rubbing something. They don't feel very loose and this one took some effort to break loose. I don't see any cracks in the flex plate but imagine that is the issue. Looks as though what ever it is rubbing is collecting on the bolts. So out with the trans I guess, damn this Jeep


It sort of hesitates to fire right up (as you can hear in this video of the noise) but not real sure if it is starter related. You can also hear how it takes a second or two after the engine fires to start making noise. I'm wondering if this is due to it needing to build up momentum in order for the flex plate to start coming out of whack due to cracks. Sort of how a ceiling fan out of balance may do fine at lower speeds but on high it gets out of control.

As you can hear at the end of the video i was in no mood to F with the Jeep tonight so instead went in and had another celebratory refreshment for the Bucs.

Tomorrow I'm dropping this transmission and moving on.


Not much time to mess with the Jeep, but I did manage to get all but one transfer case skid bolt to see things my way. They look pretty bad but I was expecting much worse for the fight they put up. One is still fighting and I have stripped out the allen head. So I'll be drilling it out tomorrow.

Quick shot of why I removed the exhaust and what is going in it's place

Progress is slow but I have a lot of things lined up and waiting for me once this transmission issue is resolved. I have the rear Dana 35 with 4.88 gears/ARB/Super 35 shafts and disc ready to go in and also a Dana 30 that I have ordered 4.88 gears/install kit/new u-joints/superior outer shafts etc..... Then the two axles under the white Jeep will be used under the V8 Jeep so it will be mobile again. That way i can get it home and get serious about building it.


Always nice to come home to a few boxes of jeep parts at the door. So pretty much all of what I need to rebuild/regear the front Dana 30 is here. Also in that pile is a speedo gear needed with 4.88 gears and 35's. 

Wasn't in the mood to climb under the Jeep this evening so finished up some interior things. Mainly installing the airbag cover and grab handle so the complete slate color dash is in the white jeep. Now for some black seats, leaning toward Corbeau Moab seats. Once I man up and drop the trans figure that out and start putting this all back together with exhaust, SYE, axles with 4.88 and lockers this Jeep will be done, sort of.


Thank you, hope to get a lot done in this next few weeks. With the wife feeling ok I was able to go to Atlanta for the weekend. Not good for getting jeeps done but a damn good weekend none the less.

Grabbed an iPhone5 before flying out and the new panoramic feature is killer. Can't wait to get some action shots of the jeep with it.


A small amount of time on Friday to work on getting organized with the v8 Jeep.

We lowered it to move it in the shop. We have another lift going in where it has been sitting for almost a year now. I bought some dolly's today to move it around and may just move it on a tow truck and bring it home, once the white Jeep is out of my garage. Still working on getting the Transmission out, but only because I haven't touched it in over a week.

Also started on tearing down the Dana 30 to rebuild and throw in the front of the white Jeep. Will of course put some fresh paint on it before it goes in the Jeep.

The whole carrier, ring/pinion and spider gears will be replaced by larger carrier (for 3.73 gears and up) 4.88 ring and pinion and the Aussie Locker.

Step by step things are moving in the right direction. I need to take a vacation so I can build my Jeep.


Finished tearing apart the Dana 30

brought it home.

Set up a little corner of the garage to work on rebuilding the axles.

After first coat of paint, looking much better.

Tomorrow another coat of paint and dropping the transmission.

Finished tearing the Dana 30 apart

Brought it home

Set up a corner of the garage to rebuild the axles. Cleaned this one up to paint it.

After first coat of paint, looking much better.

Another coat of paint tomorrow and knocking out some seals and u-joints to be ready to install the new ones. also would really like to finish dropping the transmission.


Removed my CB and over head mount from the now very sad looking, one of these days v8 Jeep. 

As sad as my Jeep looks on the ground begging for attention this poor Jeep is just a waste of one of the best off road vehicles ever made. It shakes the whole building when the stereo is turned up but with 22" wheels and rock rails it just looks ridiculous. 

Was also able to finish cleaning the Dana 30 up and finished painting it. So plan is to get it back together tomorrow.


Worked on the front axle shaft u-joints today. knocked them out using the THOR method (see video for explanation http://youtu.be/9PpR-DcRV08 ) Worked well and as the pictures show I had some dry caps so was worth the swap especially while they are out of the axle.

Also started to clean up the rear Dana 35 with super 35 kit shafts, ARB and 4.88's to go in the white Jeep.

After first coat of paint, amazing what a little paint can do. Had to paint the yokes for the front axles since the u-joints were out and everything else looks so good.

And this just because it made my laugh.


Sort of an odd choice but had heard good things and so went with this to paint the axles. Prep work consist of a wire wheel on a drill to get all the big stuff off and smooth out the surface, then paint them up. Also notice the nice new u-joints

Wife is doing ok, she now has lymphedema in her left arm due to the removal of 4 lymph nodes to check if it had spread. Gladly at that time and still today it is believed to have stay contained in her chest tissue. But now has to wear a compression sleeve to help with swelling in her arm. There are so many crazy things that happen to someone with breast cancer that go way beyond the removal of the tumor and chemo treatments as if that isn't bad enough. This being breast cancer awareness month make sure your loved ones do self exams and mammograms.


Thank You, glad I could be of some inspiration.

So this is working out to be the slowest axle rebuild ever, but it is all the time I have to work on it. 10 minutes here 30 minutes there but like the Jeep progress is being made each step of the way. For instance today I rented a ball joint puller kit from Advanced Auto and after work removed the old ball joints and put in the new ones. I've got to say this has been the biggest PITA of the axle rebuild to this point. But done with them none the less.

Here are the new ones installed.

Also while at Advanced Auto I picked up some diff fluid for both axles. I will be running this in both axles due to the Aussie up front and ARB in the rear.

Tightened the rear diff cover to 30ftlbs in a crossing pattern using a lube locker gasket. So the rear axle is ready to go under the Jeep, just need to finish putting the front together.



Progress has been almost non existent but I did manage to get a few things done to the Dana 30. First I had the new bearings pressed on the pinion shaft and carrier.

And finally I have installed the Aussie locker.


Will be replacing my exhaust manifold this weekend with the following piece I bought on Amazon. It is from APN and has great reviews and only cost $150.

Here are a couple very nice write ups on how to replace your exhaust manifold




I did get a small amount of time to tinker with the Jeep this evening so started to tear into the engine bay to replace the exhaust manifold. Really wasn't bad at all.

Removed the intake tube.

Then labeled all connections just to be safe

Next I removed the intake and the mount that secures the cables coming to it. Was easier this way, rather than undoing all the cables. just flopped it to the other side of the engine bay.

Then out came the fuel rail with the injectors, Again I left it attached some what and just laid it to the side.

At this point I noticed like others have said some of the O-rings on the injectors stayed in the intake manifold. This is when I started a list of things to buy while I have the jeep tore apart, new O-rings is first on the list.

The one on the right has the O-ring still on it.

The one on the left stayed in the manifold.

The power steering pump was the first thing to slow me down. But after figuring it out it goes pretty smooth. Just loosen the idler below the pulley for the power steering. Then loosen the tensioner bolt that runs behind the idler on an angle. With the belt tension loose you spin the pulley to line up the three bolts holding the pulley and power steering reservoir to the manifold with the holes in the pulley. Again I just left it resting in place once the bolts were out.

With that behind me it was time to crawl under the jeep and remove the bolts holding the manifolds to the block. Then back up top to take the four bolts out and bingo the intake manifold pops out.

I will be giving this manifold a serious cleaning along with the whole engine bay. I plan on doing the MML & BL along with a new valve cover gasket and painting the valve cover itself while I'm at it.

one more bolt and two nuts and the exhaust manifold is off. Was all the time I had tonight, took about 2 hours, not rushing and hunting for a few tools.

Should have this put back together with the new black painted manifold and other things I want done while I'm this deep already.


Thank You

I had put off fixing the flex plate due to a bolt on the transfer case skid not cooperating. But today I bought a transmission jack to be able to lower it and had enough with this bolt.

So I started hacking up the TC drop spacer bar to gain access to the bolt. Which reminds me I ordered a SYE that will be here Thursday. So anyway I was now looking at this.

Then decided to grab this.

and make short work of disconnecting this F'ing bolt head from my frame.

I know I know I made more of mess than I started with, but damn it felt good to cut that sum ***** in half.I'll deal with the rest of it in a few days when I have the trans out.


I will be pushing to get the Jeep all done this weekend so I can then install the axles in the green Jeep and bring it home to start on next week. Wish me luck, I have a lot to do but time to do it so we'll see how it goes.

Valve cover gasket
Paint and install exhaust manifold
Clean and install intake manifold
Drop transfer case and transmission
Install SYE and speed healer gear in transfer case
Replace flex plate and reinstall transfer case and transmission
Remove rear axle and put cleaned up axle in with 4:88's

Should make for a good post in the what did you do to your TJ today thread


So I did mange to get a good bit done the other day but was having problems with my photobucket account so didn't have pictures, until now.

To start I went ahead and removed the valve cover to clean and install new Fel-Pro blue rubber gasket. It was an absolutely mess and ended up cleaning it on the outside with of all things hand cleaner and a tooth brush.

now that's better

Was very pleased with what I saw under the valve cover as well. Considering how neglected and left for dead this Jeep was when I bought it.

Reinstalled and looking much better.

Next I painted my new exhaust manifold to try and keep it from rusting to fast. Hi-temp silver

Also cleaned up the intake manifold then put it all back together. I'll be detailing the engine once I get it running again.

I need a bigger garage or less crap in this one.

Then on to the transmission/flex plate issue. I want to get this taken care of so I can install the new exhaust and actually hear it.

So started removing bolts drained the transmission and TC then dropped the skid.

The bolt that I had cut with the grinder was now fully exposed and with the vice grip firmly attached it spun out threads intact. Was very happy to not have to deal with this any more and will have no problem when putting things back together.

Of course I will have to clean up and paint the skid before putting it back on the Jeep. The TC drop brackets went into the trash.

I got to looking at the linkage and everything works but I know on my 97 TJ there is a bracket that mounts to the 4 holes on the side of the tunnel near where your right ankle would be when in the drivers seat. But nothing is there on this Jeep????

Not sure if you can really see anything in that crap picture, I plan on doing the Novak cable and not sure how it bolts up so I guess I will find out if I need that piece or not.

On with the dismantling. Out with the TC, needs a good cleaning, new fluid and some new parts.

The reason why the TC drop brackets went into the trash is I have the SYE ready to install. Need to order the ROKMEN adj rear upper control arms, new CV driveshaft and 35" tires (still undecided between MTZ's, KM2's and MTR's)

Also need to install this speedo gear for the 4.88's and 35's. Yes I know the revs will be high on the interstate with the 32RH 4.88 gears and 35" tires but I plan on the Jeep being pretty heavy so maybe it won't be to bad, around 3k RPM?

Was getting late and claustrophobic in the garage, I really need to sell some of this crap. Will be putting a rear seat from 98 Jeep Sahara at the curb tomorrow after posting it for free pickup on craigslist, pictured in bottom left corner. I want it gone just because I'm tired of moving it.

Pushed on with the removal of parts and wrestled out the transmission. It is filthy, never left any fluid on the ground while it was in the Jeep but seems to have or had a small leak because it is covered in grim.

Then I started to scratch my head, The flex plate doesn't look to have any issue. I will be removing it to really inspect but my first thought is it isn't my problem. The bell housing of the transmission has alot of little metal shavings I imagine from the bolt heads that where rubbing the dust shield.

Then I remove the torque converter and get looking at the input shaft coming from the trans that the torque convert attaches to and it seems to have been rubbing. Not sure what a normal shaft looks like but this one is sort of milled away at the back of the splines and past then lips back up to what looks like the normal level. Also pretty dirty in the bell housing I'm chalking this up to a leaking rear main seal which will be replaced while the transmission is out of course.

Not being a transmission mechanic I don't know what to look for in order to determine if this is a major problem. The fluid doesn't smell burnt and the fluid in the torque converter is still reddish. Then while sort of inspecting things I noticed the inner shaft moves up and down (see video) and in and out. Should it have all this play in it?????? 


After this I was feeling tired and called it a day. Plus wanted to look up some info on the transmission like rebuilding, replace, swap. As well as how to determine the tolerance of the torque converter which didn't seem loose or wobble when on the shaft. still hopeful that I see what I expected when I remove the flex plate.

My daughter received a book about cars from her grandmother (my mom) today and it pretty much sums it up.


So as is typical in the work I do on the Jeeps it has been slow and steady. I just can't put a dirty part back on so I end up spending a lot of time cleaning things up. This transmission/TC deal is no different.

Here is the belly of the Transfer case skid when I dropped it. I think all the trans fluid that was mixed with the dirty helped keep the rust to a minimum.

After a good scrapping to get the heavy stuff out.

Then worked on buffing the rust spots clean.

Finally all painted up and ready to be reinstalled.

Also was able to get the flex plate removed and ...........

Absolutely nothing wrong with it, WTF. I thought for sure a cracked flex plate was my issue but no.

Instead, and I can't figure how, the large dust shield was bent and rubbing the bolt heads. Had I just let it go it would have eventually just rubbed right through and then no noise

Since I had already picked up a new flex plate and bolts (also grabbed new stock length skid plate bolts and throttle body bolts to remove the spacer) I'll just replace the old one and hold on to it for now.

Keeping with the "Black Friday" theme I ordered these bad boys from Rokmen with their 10% discount. Will come in handy as I do the SYE and will need to set the pinion angle. Everyone says they are worth the moneyand I figure at some point I'll replace the lowers and front uppers as well.


So I'm going to just buy a new dust shield, can't be that much? I'll go ahead and replace the leaking rear main seal while I have access and replace the transmission mount. It isn't horrible but why not while it's down. 

So on to the transfer case to install the SYE.

Again it was covered in old dirt and grim, has a small leak near the drain plug where the two halves go together. So I cleaned it off so I could get a better look, keep dirt from falling in while I have it apart and hell it just looks good cleaned up.

Looking much better and ready to tear apart.

While cleaning off the transfer case I noticed this. not what I was expecting, I had looked at the u-joints on the front axle and they didn't give any indications of this issue. Needless to say I'll be replacing this yoke.

Work in progress 


Not exactly jeep related but sort of. i cleaned out more crap from my garage and can actually work on Jeep bits and be organized, love it.

i have everything scheduled out and will have the green V8 Jeep home by the end of the year.


Well I ordered another couple hundred dollars of "things I should fix while I have the Jeep tore apart". This includes a new dust shield for the 32rh at $45. New spicer U-Joints (3) and Ball Centering kit to rebuild the front drive shaft, since the rear will be new. $89

After reading this, (another awesome write up on STU's site) seemed like a no brainer to rebuild the front drive shaft.

Also ordered a new front yoke for the TC and a seal for the input shaft on the transmission, transmission mount, and of course a rear main seal.

So all of this will no doubt take a bit longer to do and to get the Jeep back in a drivable state but seems well worth it. Look for some more progress as these parts come in.

Mean time looking at swapping in the rear axle with 4.88's and ordering 35" tires. Which brings me to a short list of things I want to buy to be "done" yes I said it, with this Jeep. I can see the light at the end of this tunnel.

Novak cable
16" Vanco brake kit
Gobi Ranger roof rack
Rokmen Upper front CA's
Poison Spyder sliders
Black front seats

Then it's DONE............for now.


So as I break into the transfer case to do the SYE and maybe some updating of any parts that may need it. I came across this link and it had some very helpful info and pictures to reference.


Also used this nice write up and Advanced Adapters video on YouTube

Then I had to go buy a 1 1/8 impact deep socket and a 10mm 12 point socket to separate the two cases.

Unfortunately none of the links or videos I found could explain what these plastic parts are in the pickup screen.


Haven't had a chance to get the front yoke off of the transfer case so I can pull the two shafts and chain out. This is due to getting in the garage after the rest of the house is sleeping and not wanting to wake them with the air compressor.

So on to other things that need done as well. Re-building the front axle.

Wasn't to bad breaking apart the old u-joints, just used a vise and a socket and a big hammer.

New parts going in.

I'll be sanding it down and painting it before installing the new u-joints and center kit. That is in process while I do the rear main seal.


The bed liner I sprayed on the grill and front of the front fenders was in a spray can like this. It is great stuff and cheap

Well a bit of a set back today. I received an email informing me that the dust shield I need to start putting the Jeep back together is back ordered to 1-11-13. Not sure if I'm going to wait or just bend back the one I have or try and find elsewhere. Just a very hard item to come by.

I did get confirmation the rear uppers have shipped from Rokmen and I received a package with some of the ARB pieces needed to hook up the rear locker. Still need to order a compressor.

Also need to buy a new vise, my little crap vise cracked while hammering out u-joints from the front drive shaft.

Picked up a Fel-Pro oil pan gasket and have everything in place to do the rear main seal tomorrow and paint up and install new parts in front drive shaft.

I had a co-worker mention how he is stock piling ammo and can't find FNH 5.7 rounds so i will be selling some of my stock at a premium and believe I will order the rock sliders I have been wanting with the funds. There will be plenty to buy again when the Obama madness blows over, just like last time he was elected. Besides I have developed a sickness for out right purchasing things for the Jeeps out of my bank account. But rather sell off something I don't use and spend that money on the Jeep. Doesn't feel like I'm dumping an endless amount of money into this heep.


So it has been a good week for the Jeep. working out the rebuild on the front drive shaft

Rokmen rear uppers came in and I look forward to replacing all of the CA's with these, pure beef.

Got around to firing up my air compressor and doing the break in. Then quickly hooked up the impact and removed the front yoke from the TC so I could pull out the main shaft and replace with the SYE kit shaft.

This is a fantastic write up of a NP231 rebuild and came in useful as I'm doing a small rebuild after finding broken pieces of one of the planetary washers(plastic) in the oil pickup area of the case.


I will be replacing the front yoke, also ordered a new chain, oil pickup and front yoke seal.

and little seal thing.

Went ahead and replaced the filter and gasket on the transmission while it is out.

Some very fine pieces in the pan.

I think mostly due to the filter being full, glad I decided to do this as it looked much needed.

My FREE Extreme Terrain calendar came in, will go nicely in my office at work.

So instead of waiting until the middle of January I went ahead and hammered out the dust shield that the flex plate had been rubbing and cleaned it up.

Really want to finish this Jeep up by year end and need to get it back together to do that.

Seems I will be receiving a bonus at work so may have to pull the trigger on a GOBI roof rack to top off this build


After a lot of research and price shopping I finally pulled the trigger on 5 new 35x12.50R17 Cooper Discoverer STT tires. Should be here beginning of January

What they will look like on my 17" Fuel Hostage wheels

Since I have envisioned this Jeep as a sort of family expedition (basically camping) vehicle I'm going to need more room to haul things. With the three of us in the Jeep it leaves almost no room for any gear. This got me thinking about building a trailer but I like the idea of a roof rack largely due to having it with the vehicle at all times. So if I go to Home Depot I can haul lumber or what have you home. At least until I find a diesel truck

So having settled on buying a roof rack and due to my having cut the rear light mounts out and installing flush LED's (those bolt holes are used in several different roof rack designs to support the rear) I went with a GOBI Ranger rack. The rear of the GOBI rack mounts to the frame and looks very nice. They have a special going right now with free freight, free rear ladder, free air deflector and another free accessory of your choice ( I choose the sunroof insert). The part that pushed me over the edge was the incredibly fast response I got from trailduty.comwith all my questions and then his willingness to give me an additional discount. At that point and with the prices due to go up after first of the year I couldn't resist. Anyway I look forward to posting more info on this roof rackin about 4 weeks when it gets here.

Anyone know where I can get a deal on an ARB roof top tent?


As is the case for everything I touch on this pile I had to make it better than I found it. This time I'm referring to the trans skid plate.

I had previously cleaned out the "shovel" inside of the skid and repainted it but the side that faces the ground when mounted needed attention as well. Here is how it looked to start with.

Then ground clean and ready for primer

Next it was primed with self etching primer.

Finished product, amazes me every time how much better parts look just by cleaning them and painting.

New tires came in, Cooper discover STT 35x12.5R17. Really like the look of these tires and look forward to seeing how they do.

Mounted the spare today.

Rat Rod is looking sweeeeeeet

Brought it home and had to do a comparison with the ProComp 33's they will replace.

Much more to come, including action shots soon.

With the transmission and TC back in the Jeep I have laid out the next few projects. I will be swapping out the rear axle so I can measure for the rear driveshaft. Also going in are the JKS adjustable trackbar (yes this is the one I've had for some time but never installed ) and Rokmen daj. rear uppers. Also pictured is a new oil pan seal, rear main seal and a what is needed to do a fresh oil change. Along with O2 sensors that will be going in the new exhaust.


Thank you, and here you go.

Worked on mounting up the new 35's, here front is new 35 and rear is old 33.

Then both 35's

Cleaned up the garage and got ready to start the rear axle swap. man this picture points out how bad I need to repaint the garage floor.

For some reason this picture makes the tires seem so narrow. I can always put in the adapters and may once I get the roof rack on to eliminate some of the top heavy feeling. I need to wash off the blue coating on the raised white letters once I can move the Jeep under it's own power again

White over spray that I'll clean up before putting in the other axle.

Looks so good with the matching spare wheel

Out with the old and in with the new. Once I get it installed with the JKS TB and Rokmen upper CA's I can measure for the new rear driveshaft needed since the SYE install.

Need to change out the front seats yet, still thinking what to do.

Also found out I have to open the tire swing out all the way in order to raise the glass with the 35 on it.

Also brought home the NP231 out of the green jeep to start tearing it apart and rebuilding it to go with the V8. I've started making plans to bring the V8 home as well and the green Jeep will be close behind it.


So it had been so long ago that I purchased my JKS rear track bar it is now outdated. Will do fine for what this Jeep will endure but blows none the less. Just that this older OSG153 style track bar uses poly bushings both ends and the new ones have JJ on the axle mount side. Still a huge upgrade from the stock bar.

Also continued to clean up the components with over spray on them. Knucklehead painter had white paint on everything. Good thing it cost next to nothing to have it sprayed or I'd have a reason to be upset.

So some cleaning done and a bit of paint and it was ready to bolt back up.

What it looked like before.

Tonight plan is to install the rear uppers and adjust to get the rear driveshaft measurement so I can order it in the morning.

On another note I received confirmation from GOBI that the roof rack will ship next week.


Hi-Lift Xtreme 48" jack came in the mail today. Looks great, couldn't believe how heavy this sum ***** is. Going to be a lot of weight on the old Smittybilt rear bumper, guess we'll see how it handles it.

Looks to be a good height and lets be honest it's mostly for looks with already having a winch but good to have just in case. 

Still working out some things with the rear axle like E-brake lines and actual brake line to adapt the proportioning valve line to the mounted line up along the frame. This is due to the axle having been fit with Cherokee disc brakes. Also while I was under the Jeep I figured I'd add some detail work by painting the Jeep logo on the diff cover white.

In keeping with my attention to detail on the diffs I did the front Riddler cover with the same treatment, turned out nice.

I had picked up the front axle from having the 4.88 gears set but wanted to reassemble the rest myself. 

Looking tough for a little Dana 30 New seals, ball joints, U-joints, diff cover, Lube Locker, Aussie installed, Alloy shaft seals and fresh paint make all the difference.

While I was at the guys shop who set the gears up in the Dana 30 I saw my next project. He was building it for a customer and had just put Chevy running gear under it, I have to find one of these to build.

And just because I don't have enough going on I bought these two old Jeep grills for $80. The silver postal Jeep grill will get cleaned up and hung on the wall in my office. Might try and resell the blue CJ7 grill, or hang it in the garage.

Wanted to finish up the rear axle tonight but just to tired and sore to mess with the Jeep. Damn Flu bug got me so maybe tomorrow I'll get more done.


Well I haven't actually touched the Jeep as of late but I did manage to get the Carolina Driveline rear driveshaftordered today.

Yesterday I had an offer I couldn't say no to as one of the local Jeep club guys suggested I get a truss for the Dana 30 before I put it in the Jeep. Of course buying the truss is one thing but getting it installed is completely another. But then he suggested if I bought the truss he would weld it in. Ok, I mean how could I say no right? So I happen to stumble across the newly released Artec Industries Dana 30 truss with Johnny Joints. That was it I had to do it. So I have one of these coming in and really looking forward to hanging with some others and working on Jeep parts.


Should be going to look at a 1985 CJ-7 Renegade tomorrow. Has been sitting for some time and needs a lot of attention but should be really cheap and another great project. I need a bigger garage.

Work is always more enjoyable when nice or interesting cars come in. Today it was an '07 Ferrari 599 that only had 3k miles, great car.


Well no go on the 85 CJ-7, grandson of the owner wanted it so he isn't selling. Still on the hunt for an old Willys pickup.

Good news is my rear drive shaft came in from Carolina Driveline. So only a handful of things to do at this point and the white Jeep will be done, for now.

Also on the to do list for the white Jeep is to install the GOBI rack that came in today


Has been slow going with a little work done here and there. Got the rear drive shaft installed and pinion angle set. May have to tweak it after the BL and MML go in. Received the E-brake cables to adapt to the disc setup. Also had a new rubber brake line mad that is long enough to reach the hard line at the frame from the axle. So bled the brakes and fired up the Jeep to hear it run. Damn ticking noise starts after a second or two of it running and increases as you give the jeep gas. Still have to figure that out but getting closer to done and more importantly closer to driving it.


Ask and you shall receive.

Today was a great day as I backed the jeep out under it's own power and cleaned it up. Looking forward to taking it for a much needed ride tomorrow, then installing the GOBI rack and lights and JKS 1.25" BL & MML and Rokmen gas tank skid and black front seats and crap I'm never going to finish. 

looking at buying an ARB onboard air compressor, Fox 2.0 shocks, rock sliders and on and on with what has become a never ending project. But I am bringing in the rear axle I took out to put under the V8 project Jeep on Monday. Artec truss is due to come in next week, then get welded in and installed so I can put the front axle that comes out in the V8 project and it then becomes home bound.

Some comparison shots of before with the 33's and now with 35's






Now, Also notice raised the TC skid back up.




Funny you should mention this, as today was the last time I'll be pulling this Jeep out of this garage. It was about and inch from hitting the roof and I still have to install the 1.25" BL. But tonight I installed this....

And so no more fitting it in the garage, well not this garage anyway. I still have to install the wind deflector, rear ladder (CB antenna is in the way) and lights on the front (cheap-o's for now). But it looks great is solid as a rock and it has that ready for a search & rescue or long expedition look. 

Since I had an extra set of hands over helping we loaded up the rear axle to take to work tomorrow so I can get the other Jeep moving and in the vacancy left in my garage.

Had taken a few pictures this afternoon while doing yard work. Really very pleased with how it has turned out.


So I drove the Jeep to work today and couldn't stop smiling and looking at it. Need to finish somethings yet but just loving the look of the jeep with the rack.

Parked along side my next project.


Just working out the small things and making plans on getting the V8 project Jeep home. have been driving the Jeep and just enjoying having it back together although I have to address something s yet.

Nothing better than driving the Jeep to work, makes taking a lunch break better and the whole day feel less like a work day.

Then when I got home I squeezed it back in my garage to do some final fixes. Was a very tight fit and had to deflate the tires to 5 PSI to make it fit.

Put the ladder on the rear.

Looking at different lights I have laying around, I like the look of the cheapest ones on the left. Plan on getting some nice lights at some point.

Artec truss came in so I brought it and the axle over to be welded. Then I can tear into the front to build it back with upper Rokmen CA's, ACOS to adjust the height and some other small changes. Then off to get the wheels/tires road force balanced.


Well after leaving the shop at work the other day and going down the ramp out of the building the ticking noise stopped. I put it in reverse and park revved the engine and nothing, no noise. As soon as the Jeep was back on level ground tick, tick, tick. so obviously what ever it is is loose and slides out of contact when the nose of the Jeep is lower than the rear.

Of course, the starter gear. So when I got home I pulled the starter to find this.

Click on picture to play video.

A quick run to the parts store for a new starter (after discount and $30 core it was only $47) and no more annoying ticking sound.

Now it wouldn't be a Jeep repair without finding other issues while doing it and of course I did. I noticed wet areas near the starter coming from the valve cover. After a closer inspection the rear corner of the valve cover is cracked and allowing oil to seep out. ordered a new valve cover. That's not all, while I was finishing up some loose ends on the rear axle i noticed I have diff fluid coming out of the drivers side tube down the brake backing plate and onto the inside of my wheel. I knew better than to just install that axle but went ahead and did it anyway. Oh well, half the fun is working on the Jeep right?


Out with old cracked red valve cover and in with the new black one, much better.

Although the GOBI rack was a bit on the expensive side I have to say the folks at GOBI are some of the nicest people I've ever bought from. I had inquired as to when the sunroof insert would ship (it was on backorder) and would it be to late to change to the quick disconnects instead. Their reply was just simply incredible. They informed me that the sunroof insert would ship next week and in the mean time they would ship me the quick disconnects for free. I couldn't say thank you enough and three days later they were here. Was already very satisfied with the roof rack but now I can't imagine anyone ever buying one from anyone else, outstanding people at GOBI to deal with.

So since the XJ I went to look at was a bust and I already have another project I need to dive into. I figured I'd spend the money on finishing the white Jeep. Bought some winch bolt locks and wheel locks (especially for the spare). Since this Jeep will be out in the drive way when it is home. 

Then I considered I still have to put the front end together when the truss is done being welded in so bought Rokmen HD front upper CA's and had to pickup their aluminum Hi-Jack handle. The current springs and shocks ride like a chuck wagon on wooden wheels so I went ahead and ordered Currie 4" springs and Fox 2.0 shocks. Also ordered an ARB compressor to hook up the rear ARB locker. I was going to buy some rockers but after looking at everything out there I really like the mini boat sides GenRight has come out with for the V8 Jeep. So I'm going to remove the smittybilt rockers from that Jeep, build more of a flat step and install them on the white Jeep.

So not a lot of actual work on the Jeep as of late but more lining up of the final parts. Plus I think I'll drive it to work tomorrow. Driving it is my favorite thing to do now that I can


She gives me grief about it sometimes but is usually pretty awesome about it and doing well, thank you.

We took the Jeep as a family to the store today, my 2 year old daughter loved it.

On the subject of buying parts and acquiring projects I have another one I'll be starting along with the V8 Jeep. My father in law has had a '64 Corvair 4 door in his garage since 1982 (the last time they drove it) and has given it to me to fix up. It is all original with 31,232 miles and in very nice condition for its age. Of course it doesn't currently run and the paint is looking pretty wore out but should be a fun project non the less. I mean I couldn't turn down a free project, well free to start with

Cool car of the week 2010 Rolls Royce Ghost. You can tell it isn't running in this picture because the hood ornament is hiding.

Also drove the heep to work on Friday and had to snap some pictures. I have another light coming for the roof rack, would have bet anything I had 4 but can't find it so had to order another.

So I must have fallen down at work today and bumped my head. i don't remember doing so but I did buy another project today so it must have happened. Just to good of a deal to pass up It's not without issues but they are all cosmetic, thing drives and shifts great.

So between the two Jeeps, '64 Corvair and now '03 350Z I need to win the lottery so I don't have to work and I have time to work on my "projects" 

Did drive the Jeep around today and I'm loving it, not much for going on the interstate but is a great deal of fun around town.


The picture I posted above would be the one used if I was selling it on craigs list, because the following are some of the issues I will address.

Main problem is a previous hit in the front passenger side. New fender, bumper and headlights are needed. Also in this picture you really get an idea of how well or not well the flat black paint stuck to the carbon hood. Not 100% on my fix for this yet. You can also see my attempt to remove the flat black paint on the fender and buff the factory paint back to it's glory, not going to happen.

Next area of concern is in the hatch area. They cut up the factory carpet and put some junk stereo BS in it. This is already removed but has left me needing a floor, spare and carpet for this area. 

Then just little things, needs a stereo, seat repair, antenna, door sills gone, taillight has small chip out of it, curb rash on the 20's which ride very rough and have me thinking I'll replace with 19's and the list of small things goes on and on But it was cheap and not that I have to make it showroom new, so I may just drive the wheels off it and/or autocross it or what ever.

Tires are also going to need replaced.

Stickers on the pillar that have left marks. The car will benefit from a serious detail to start with. just another project and the journey of fixing it up will be most of the fun.

OK, back on topic with the Jeep's. I received some parts today and I'm getting closer to putting the front axle in the white Jeep. This will be monumental for two reasons, first I will consider the white Jeep "done" and secondly I will have what I need to get the V8 Jeep project home. The Corvair will take the V8 Jeeps spot at work and the Z will just go where ever (it's a beater right now anyway)

Rokmen front upper control arms came in

Also received the Hi-Lift aluminum handle from Rokmen and although not necessary it is sweeeeet. Lastly the sunroof insert I had originally ordered for the GOBI rack came in. Looks very nice but not sure why I ordered it, just added weight at this point so stuck it under the spare bedroom bed.

Need to install my CB radio, Hi-Lift, BL/MML and Rokmen GTS oh and get the rock sliders worked out for the white Jeep also. So "almost done" maybe more of an accurate statement.


One is still on the ground, will be changing next week The other has been getting me around town as i enjoy driving it.

Really to be honest I have spent the last few days spare moments working on the Z, until today that is. 

Went over to a local Jeep club members shop to hang out and help in anyway I could as they put the Artec truss on my dana 30. very cool shop and some nice Jeeps on hand to check out, great day.

Here is the front axle mocked up and ready to start welding.

Some welding action, just makes for cool pictures. Thank you to the guys for all your help.

Cooling off

Back at the house ready to be cleaned up and painted. Then into the Jeep so i can put that front axle under the V8 Jeep and get it home.

Also Currie springs came in


Thank you, this is how the "collection" sits today.

I've just been driving the jeep every chance I get. Have to finish the front axle so i can put it in.


I would love to find a clean '90-'95 300zx TT but have enough going on for the moment. I have made room though selling the motorcycle yesterday.

I've Just been driving the Jeep and taking pictures.


Had the 350Z in the garage getting somethings done to it so I can hammer on it until the tires, clutch or something else goes wrong. So I've been driving the Jeep.

Then finally moving in the direction of the V8 Jeep. By getting the front axle in this jeep I'll have all the parts needed to get the V8 jeep mobile and in the garage to finish.

Truss has been on for some time but I haven't had time to mess with it until now. A bit of overkill but looks kick a$$ and has JJ now for the uppers.

Get'in it done......... But I need to take care of a few things like the radiator that is blowing tranny fluid all over the place, will replace. Ordered Savvy full adjustable lowers to go with the Rokmen uppers also can install Currie springs to hopefully soften the ride. To top it off I'm going to take the JKS adjustable trackbar and Currie/Savvy HD tie rod bar that were in the green Jeep and now laying on my garage floor and put them in. Should make for a stout front end and better ride.

Looking forward to finishing this one so I can go wheeling with a coworker who just picked up a nice XJ, maybe try out my winch.


Its getting real

Then these were at the door for the white jeep front end rebuild.

I will be cracking open this russian vodka for a celebration drink when the V8 Jeep is done

And of course a week isn't complete unless I have been distracted by another potential project, can you say 49 shoebox rat rod....

Its nice to be making some head way on both Jeeps.


It hasn't been that long, well i guess for the v8 Jeep its been awhile

But progress is being made


Working on getting the white Jeep back together for memorial weekend at the Redneck Yacht Club. Things to do before Friday.

Rear main seal

Oil pan gasket

Install new radiator and thermostat

Get front end all buttoned up with new parts

Novak shift cable


Well I've been busy this week getting parts on the white Jeep. Starting with putting the built axle with matching 4.88's so I have 4x4 again and an aussie locker (more on that latter )

But first I had to drag out the existing axle (which is what went into the green Jeep) 

This shot shows how much of a squeeze it is to get the Jeep in garage now with the rack.

Ready to do work.

Front end went in pretty easy, drilled out the frame mount for the increased bolt diameter for the JKS track bar. It was going so smooth. You can see the front drive shaft laying on the ground that I had rebuilt with all new U-joints ready to take to Mickeys Driveline to be balanced in the morning, also went smooth.

Antirock, Currie springs, Fox 2.0 shocks, Savvy lowers, Rokmen uppers, Artec truss with JJ's, Riddler diff cover, 4.88's, Aussie Locker. It's all coming together up front. Things are going to get done for the big weekend bash.

Looking mean, late at night with Scooter passed out on the floor.

So I'm all ready to leave out in the morning have things packed even had time to clean up the garage.

Well my big plans to go to the Redneck Yacht Club Memorial Weekend Bash went south when I go to pull the Jeep out of the garage Friday morning to air the tires back up. Not happening, it won't move, I'm thinking E-brake, nope it's good. Maybe transfer case or front driveshaft I just put in, no they are good. Jack up the front and can't spin the front tires. So I start tearing it apart and after a lot of cussing and research I believe I ............. wait for it. 

Didn't put the $1.50 thrust washers back in when I installed the Aussie Now it's Saturday and no one has them so the Jeep will sit this weekend and I'll order them Tuesday. 

So how it sits for the weekend instead of getting dirty.

On a high note I had rushed to get it together for Memorial weekend and had skipped doing somethings due to time that I can now finish up.

First up install the rear Savvy Arms to match the front. No problem right? Well you would think, but somehow the lower sleeves in the bushings had bent and what a PITA they were to get out. Eventually the BFH won and in with the Savvy lowers. Not sure how these Zone units failed but wasn't impressed.

Tomorrow I'll get the new radiator in and Novak cable, which I found out isn't really a Novak but a knockoff Savvy makes and sells, go figure. I know this because after several attempts to contact Gerald and see if he could send me the hardware so I could install it with no response I called Novak. When I told them where I had bought it they informed me that isn't theirs and although they used to sell a ton of cables to Savvy he doesn't buy them from Novak any longer. So I have to run to the hardware store for some bolts to install the Savvy Cable tomorrow. If anyone knows where Gerald is ask him when my rear Fox 2.0 shocks are coming, I got no response on that question either. 

Cool rides for the week. Love these GTR's

And since I sold my bike it was nice to get a little seat time on this 05 Fatboy that is pristine.

It left a lasting impression on me, I'm going to blame my being stupid on lack of sleep from working on the Jeep. What a week.........

My new desktop


So it's been a few weeks since I bought a car so figured it was time to pickup another one. I've always liked the look of the WJ's with some lift and came across this 04 with the HO V8 and quadra drive that I decided to buy.

Want it to look like this 

More to follow....,..


Thank you. I plan on getting the white TJ back together this weekend. I've messed with getting the carrier out of the dana 30 so I can install the thrust washers in the Aussie with no luck. So I'm fabricating a case spreader to hopefully allow the carrier to pop out. Good news my rear Fox shocks came in so I'll be installing those as well. 

The WJ cleaned up pretty well but has a few exterior and interior issues I'll address next week.

Bacon WJ

If you ever find yourself in Sarasota do yourself a favor and stop by Mi Pueblo. While there I suggest the shredded chicken burrito with three sauces, excellent.


Cool car of the week, Audi R8 in mint condidtion.

Only the V8 model but still very cool with all of the carbon fiber.

WJ is coming along, had the grille surround painted to match the body along with the lower chrome/silver piece that is on the 2004's. looking at the Clayton 6" kit and 33's but really not sure what I'm going to do with it. Replaced both broken door mirrors and really at this point it needs tires, so need to decide on lift.


Thank you, glad to help in anyway. Taking the front axle from the white jeep to "dude" (that's really his nameMonday morning so he can remove the carrier. I managed to not put the thrust washers back in when I did the Aussie and I can't get the carrier out. So hopefully Tuesday I'll have the white Jeep driving around again and ready to get muddy. Then I can bring the WJ in the garage to install the Clayton lift. Then bring the green Jeep home. I'm thinking about selling the Z, it's fun but not really my style. 

Here is the Clayton lift waiting.

Also managed to get the WJ dirty

The wife is doing fantastic, thanks for asking.


So I got the front axle straightened out, pretty much i'm a dumb ***

With it "fixed" I put it back in the Jeep last week.

Also put the new radiator in while the Jeep was squeezed into the garage. Followed along Stu's right up on replacing a TJ radiator, love that site.


Then today I pulled the white Jeep into the shop at work. Plan was to swap over the seats and soft top from the soon (I promise) to be V8 Jeep.

Wish I had spent the extra money on MasterCraft seats but atleast these are black and make the Jeep look much better than the ugly stock spice seats that have been in it.

Then I had to take it to the house because i just wanted to drive it. Didn't have time toady to swap the tops but I want the soft top on the White Jeep this week.

Here you can see the front axle in with the Artec truss with JJ for both upper CA's, riddler cover, new Currie springs, Fox shocks and Savvy lower arms. It rides so much better. No more creaking and popping it just needs an alignment and tires balanced and it will be a cadillac on 35's

Then I figured it deserved a bath so cleaned it up

Cleaned up and ready to use as my commuter car tomorrow


Yesterday while in Sarasota I stopped and looked at this bad boy thats for sale. Not feeling the wheel/tire combo but the rest of it was pretty nice.

I meant to post this a few weeks back. i had purchased this grille off of Craigslist and determined I would cleanit up and hang it in my office.

What I started with

Cleaning off the old crap

Really thought about leaving it like this and just letting it slowly rust while hanging on my wall.

But instead I painted it.

I think the blue CJ7 Grille I have I'll just resell.


Some of the "fleet" as of late.

I've been using the heck out of the white Jeep, even picked up groceries with it the other day.

Also took the family in it to a party at friends house. Wish I had pictures of the craziness that ensued on his Polaris Razor.

Then today I went out trail riding with a couple guys from work.

It was pretty wet but we still had a good time exploring and getting through the trails. Then we stopped in an opening for a cold drink and to see where to go next. Well when I stopped the Jeep it was hissing. So up with the hood.

The Jeep had been running around 220 on the temp gauge and upon inspecting under the hood the upper radiator hose had a small hole in it near the water pump side. So I remove the upper hose and it's dry insideSo we cut the hose shorter to eliminate the hole (if I had to do over again I would have left it alone) Well it did ok while creeping out of the woods but once on the road it over heated in no time so I pulled over and shut it down. I think the small hole in the upper hose although it was letting a small amount of coolant fluid out it was keeping the pressure down and letting the hot air escape the cooling system. 

So up with the hood again.

I have all the parts i needed in my garage at home but I was a good ways from home. So had to run to the parts store and grab a new upper hose, thermostat and gasket, and coolant. 

My buddy helping me get the Heep to run cool again. Just pulled it into an empty lot and he had everything we needed in his cherokee. Made for an interesting day but actually it was pretty cool having to fix the Heep roadside. I just tell everyone it's an adventure vehicle in the sense that every time I set off in the Heep it's an adventure if I'm going to get where I'm headed, keeps it interesting.

We got the Heep repaired and it made it home with no more issues

Oh, there was also the incident with my plate. I'll have to get a replacement coming Monday.

All and all was a great day to be offroad with friends and eventually made it back home. Learned somethings as well like bring spare parts with me and have tools onboard a Jeep at all times.


All cleaned up and tightened up the Savvy lower CA's


Just using the Jeep


Best day yet owning a Jeep. Day at work was winding down and a heck of a storm moved in so figured I'd use the Jeep to go pickup my daughter. So I leave work and as I'm getting close a guy along the road is waving and jumping and as I pass him I see why. Wouldn't you know only a few blocks from picking her up a guy had decided to go down a construction road along a canal. Soft dirt and truck that wasn't up to the task made for someone needing my help. So I whip around and peel off into the mud to see the situation. They had been messing with it for some time and had it buried past the axles. I've never used my winch but figured this was the perfect time. So I hooked to the front and pulled the dodge pickup to harder ground. as I wound up the winch and cleaned up the guy came over to pay me what looked like $50. I told him he could keep his money but I wanted a picture of the truck I had to winch out. he and his friend couldn't stop saying thank you and I just loved having an excuse to get out there with them.

Then I drove right through the mess he was stuck in and off to get my daughter who couldn't stop talking about how yucky the Jeep was with the mud on it. Great day and I couldn't stop smiling. I'm going to be on the hunt for more potential recoveries. Wish I had taken more photos.


It's still sitting in the shop at work. I want to finish the WJ first then I'll bring the green TJ home. Wish I had a huge shop at home so I could work on them all each night. But with only enough room for one at a time I have to prioritize which to work on. Since the green TJ will take a long time to build and take up my one spot I want to finish something's first. I have the Green jeep layed out in my head its just a matter of time and money to make it happen.


Well been working on the Cherokee and 350Z but have found time to drive the TJ.

Have it loaded up and ready to run out to Lazy Springs tomorrow for their big Labor Day Weekend Bash.


Rode out to Lazy Springs in Felda today. Wasn't as entertaining as the Redneck Yacht Club but still a good time. Flexed the Jeep some.

Meet a couple guys from the other coast and part of Jupiter Jeepers. He eased into this hole a bit to slow and lost momentum, had to pull some cable.

Was a good day and the Jeep performed great. Now I need to clean it up and build my license plate bracket


I keep pushing back the green jeep build in hopes of ending up with a 4BT.

Haven't done much with the white Jeep as of late of than drive it with the windows down, A/C decided to quit working. I have made some progress on the 350Z and WJ though.

Getting the Z painted, man what a difference.

Then theres the WJ, as I try and install the Clayton lift I keep finding things to slow the process and this is the least rusted Jeep of the three


Soft top season is here

The rack pivots out of the way if your going to lift the hardtop straight up and far enough over head to pivot the rack back into position or if you could secure the rack and back the jeep up a little then pivot it back down. What I did was 1. make sure you get the quick disconnects for the front of the rack. 2. I took the two bolts out where it pivots and just lifted the rack off the Jeep with the help of one other person. Then slid the roof off the back, took maybe 5 minutes longer than just removing the hardtop by hand would. I also have a hoist in my garage but would still need to remove the rack first drive into my garage hook up the roof like normal then pull back into the driveway and put the rack on. All that said its so worth the extra 5-10 minutes it takes to mess with. i've hauled all kinds of crap that other wise I wouldn't be able to with the TJ's small storage area. Plus it just looks cooland one of these days will hold my roof top tent.


took some pictures after cleaning up the Jeep, had some help with washing it.

Also have the Z in action now, such a fun car to drive. I just need to finish the WJ and then its green TJ and Corvair time


We use a few body shops for work and I had one of them do it. It's not a cheap Maaco job but isn't a $3k-$5k chip foose type job either. It has some issues here and there I'll deal with one at a time over the years but just walking by it looks 1000 times better than before. Sort of glad it isn't perfect, I won't feel so bad when it gets stone chips or marks from auto-x'ing it. I recently plasti-dipped the wheels. Just as a temporary fix until I buy new wheels and tires for it.


Completely dropped the soft top for the perfect weather we had on Friday. My daughter loved it and it was very easy to do with the GOBI rack pivoted back and resting on the slightly open tire swing out.

Even fits well in the driveway with the Z


Took the day off today and dropped the top and removed the doors. Then headed beach side with the wife for lunch.

You've got to love sitting at the beach on a hot November workday drinking a few cold ones and just relaxing

The Jeep just flat out drives better with less weight on it. If I ever think about selling it I'll make myself drive it in this state with no top or doors and fall in love with it all over again. It is the only way to go.

Slapped the half doors on to make it easier to just drop the doors and ride stripped down. Also Trucks Gone Wild is coming up at the Redneck Yacht Club next weekend so have to be ready for that

They also have Jeep Jamboree coming in January.


Side note: The 350Z is coming along nicely


Went out to the Redneck Yacht Club for "trucks gone wild" this weekend, what a blast. I will say I'm not a fan of mud but in south Florida it's king. So when in Rome.....

The trucks these people build for these events are incredible.

I guess this was Dennis Anderson's (the guy who drives Gravedigger the monster truck)mud truck thing and he was there for the races.

The aftermath mess to my Jeep, cleaning the inside was the worst part, oh and the undercarriage I could help but think how tiny the Jeep looked after being around the monster trucks all weekend. I thought my 35's were big :lol:

in the process of cleaning it up.

Then I had to go for drive to dry it off and was greeted with this fantastic sunset.


Jeep was on Black Friday duty and I had to get a picture of it with my daughters new Jeep loaded up. It's the red one but she is insisting HoHo bring her a pink Barbie Jeep so I ordered some pink and baby blue plastidip and Barbie stickers. I'm very tempted to pickup a cheap little winch for the front


Thanks, I had to open the box to check it out and man is this thing cool. Plastidip is here so I plan on painting it after I get the cherokee lift finished this weekend. I can't wait to see her little face on Christmas.


So I got the WJ done and out of the garage, freaking love this thing.

Then I squeezed the TJ in to do a few things like install the rockrails. Had tons of room to spare, you could could get a business card in between there

Inside and ready to get some things done.


Started on things I want to do to the TJ. Of course the first and then the second body mount bolt I removed snapped off clean with the freaking frame. It's always something with these damn Jeeps. I pushed ahead and will come back to deal with the bolts later

My little helper wanted to sit in the Jeep while "we" work on it.

Need to grease all the joints and rotate my tires, straighten my steering wheel, install the Currie rear springs I bought forever ago and maybe the 1.25" body lift and motor mount lift. Then just general clean up on the undercarriage and fresh paint, basically make it look like new again.


Waiting to find out more info on this Jeep as a potential next project.

And I bought another ride. After I sold my GSXR earlier this year I've missed having a bike and a neighbor of mine has one of these and it just seems like a blast.


Went riding today, was a great day.


In keeping with the way this thread has gone I'm holding onto the white jeep for now and.............. Instead added Jeep number 4. 2002 TJ sport 5speed with 86k Dana 44 rear, 4inch lift SYE and drive shaft done. Delta headlights and rampage top. It's straight but filthy. Let the cleanup begin.

You can see where I started to clean the center console arm rest.

Plan is to clean it up and SELL it, maybe


Progress is being made in the clean up. Sanded and painted several prices and cleaned the interior made a huge difference. 


also removed the purple tint from the front windows. Will be replaced with normal tint.


When I bought the Jeep the battery was dead so with a jump box and a screw driver (ignition was torn out) I could get it running but that wasn't going to do long term. So hooked up to the battery tender and the batteryseems good. Ordered a new ignition tumbler, accuator pin and the electrical piece the pin goes in to start the vehicle. Matched the new ignition to the door key and now it doesn't look stolen

Had some scratches at the door entrance I fixed with some grip tape.

Stereo install kit was broken so I replaced that and continue to clean the interior up. The Rampage tops windows are so bad I can't even see out of them plus a hole in the rear plastic. So I'm ordering a new top in black. looking at grabbing another 15" steelie and 5 new 33x12.5R15 meats to go all around.


I've been busy cleaning and painting and cleaning some more. Also got in the matching 15" steel wheel so it has a matching spare. ordered 5 Cooper STT 33x12.5R15 which should be in by Friday.

The interior has really cleaned up well. This bikini top section of the Rampage top is still usable, the sides and rear I through out.

Simple things like painting the fender flares makes such a huge difference.

maybe a little overkill with the masking but it's easier than dealing with bedliner over spray.

Front grill had the typical chips and such so I masked it off and Plast-dipped it.

Looks so much better.

New soft top installed.

Front bumper and sway bar cover all cleaned up and repainted along with tow hooks and all hardware.

I use Rustoleum Truck bed liner, it feels sort of like a light grit sand paper when done and is tough stuff. The Monstaliner is a bit to rubbery for my liking for covering things other than the floor. plus a can of the Rustoleum stuff is like $8 at Walmart

For the radiator i slid pieces of card board in place and taped them together to cover it. I'd like to remove the front grill so I can paint the V shaped support that is in front of the radiator but behind the grill.





Havent had much time for the TJ's as of late. I did manage to clean up the rear of the green '02.

Also painted up the rear bumper with bedliner and got it all back together. It's looking good and should be for sale in April.

I sold the Z, here it is at its new home.

I've been working on the WJ and other projects as well as riding when time allows.

More to come on all three TJ's soon.


Thank you. The V8 jeep is in a holding pattern. First things first I have to finish the green one to sell. Then I'm buying another dual sport motorcycle. I've got motorcycles on the brain right now and the Jeeps have taken a back seat, except for the WJ

So pushing ahead with getting the green 2002 TJ ready to sell. I want it to look great and be something I'd have no problem keeping if it doesn't sell. Basically I'm cleaning it up like I'm keeping it but will put it up for sale. 

Which brings me to the floor that was in perfectly fine shape but had scuffs and scratches and just looked bad when you open the door. To remedy this I've bedlined it and it turned out perfect.

What I started with

Tailgate painted

Interior done

Getting it put back together

I'm having the seats professionally cleaned and fixing the rear main seal then it's getting a for sale sign.

Oh yeah, this is what will take it's place

Then I have a few things to address on the white TJ. Rock rails and a 50" light bar to install on the WJ and then it's V8 time.


Interior being professionally extracted of all dirt


Finishing up a few little things this weekend to put the green TJ for sale.

Changed oil and replaced two wheel studs that had stripped out.

Had the front windows tinted today

Has really turned into a great looking Jeep

Unfortunately with time spent on motorcycles the WJ and getting the green TJ ready to sell the V8 project is a looooong way from done and the white TJ has suffered from neglect as well.

Future V8 TJ under a tarp with a stray cat on it.

White TJ in my messy garage as I install wood floors. I have to cut the floor in this Jeep to remove two broken body bolts, then weld in a new nut and weld the floor back together. Not looking forward to that.

So all up to date and hope to be down to three Jeeps in the coming weeks and adding another bike, possibly this


Green Jeep is for sale, extra clean after the rain.

So while I wait for the BMW R1200GSA to come in, being built 7-28-14 in Germany and shipped over. I got a bit impatient and picked this up. Best street bike I've owned, absolute blast to ride and comfortable.

Motorcycles are quickly over running my mostly Jeep collection


Green TJ is SOLD.


Well thank you, glad I could help you waste an afternoon with my thread

I actually had to do some work in the Sarasota area today and wished I had this guys job. An incredible shop and display of cars. Not pictured are the dozen new Range Rovers, bentley, Rolls, Aston's etc.. 

Cool part was I got to ride up on the new bike

Update on the V8 conversion TJ, it's almost not done


cleaned up


Here you go



Just to much fun on the motorcycles and dirt bikes to work on the Jeeps lately