The Survivor Project-driveway frame swap/33's "build" by EricsGreen98Tj

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The Survivor Project-driveway frame swap/33's "build" 

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I bought my 98 Tj SE dirt cheap. I knew there were some rust issues with the frame when I bought it but hey it was cheap.

The first time I took it to the trails around here I tore the rear UCA's off the frame...

The crap 235's that came on it were worn too much so I put a set of 1" BrownDog Motor mountsand a Zone 1.25" BL with 31x10.50 MT's and wheeled it some more.

Then that winter I was late for work and pulled into the gas station a little too fast and slid into the gas pumps...

It also pushed the tub forward on the frame-

Anyway I "fixed" those problems and in the spring I noticed this-

I was just gonna plate it and wheel but I found a frame on the classifieds on here for $125 that was in a wreck and "bent" so I went to Richmond Va. to get it.

I ended up comming home with a frame, a set of 5 gamblers, a spare bracket and a OEM fenderfor $225. I took the frame to an collision repair shop and had it measured to see how bent it was. Turns out it was only off 2mm!!!

Then I reinforced the rear UCA mounts with some 1/8" plate and then painted the frame with Chassis Saver.

I had an 11 day vacation comming up and wanted to swap the frame then, so I went to my cousins and barrowed this-

This is how it set on Thursday the before I started the swap-

Then the tear down began. I got off work on a Friday and in 3 hours by myself here's how it set-

Then I unbolted the tub and lifted off with the engine hoist. ****NOTE-Even with the tub stripped of most everything it was still too much for the engine hoist. I ended up having to call my old man over and have him steady the tub while I lifted it off and then pushed the hoist over/away from the old frame.

Here is how it sat on Day 2 at around 4pm-

It took the rest of the day to get the rear trac bar frame side bolt/bushing out...

Day 3

Then I took the axles off the old frame and swapped em to the new frame. I also added a set of RCX 2.5" progressive springs, a pair of 3/4" daystar spacers to the front, and Skyjacker Hydro shocks(for a 4" lift) to the new frame at that time. In the rear I used the Tera Rear Upper Shock Relocation Brackets so the longer shocks would fit. Also put a Ranch SS on too.

You can see how the Tera brackets let your shocks go up through the rear crossmember giving you 1" more uptravel-

And I cant seem to do anything without my 5yr old helping me. He keeps it interesting