Flat Green Superleggera / Twin Turbo / Overhaul project by exotic lambo

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Flat Green Superleggera / Twin Turbo / Overhaul project

Compliments of exotic lambo @ http://www.lamborghini-talk.com


After owning a number of Gallardos I feel comfortable taking on a new project when this one came up, former Sprite’s car that went around the country on a mission to Dubai needed lots of TLC to bring it back to the way that a Superleggera should be keep.

So I put my gloves on and stated taking it apart....

2008 Lamborghini Superleggera / Heffner twin Turbo Project:
Underbody, engine bay clean up
Inside detail clean up
Steam Clean Interior
Fix undone inside covers
Peal tint off
Super Trofeo Bonnet and Wing
Unwrap flat green, wrap on Verde Ithaca
Cut Out the rear bumper to let hot air out
Custom fitment of factory grill on new opening
Rear under mount cover from an LP570
Re-paint Calipers/Verde Ithaca; they used to be verdes but the previous owner had painted them black, why?
LP570-4 carbon bumper/Installation and paint
Re-Do tail lights black out, little scratches on them
Black out Lamborghini emblem
Degrease engine and transmission
Changed clutch kit as last read out was 45% and I don’t want to have to take it apart again
Fix melted e-Gear plug
Re-organize fuel and vacuum lines
Thermo Wrap all exhaust pipes
Get steering wheel recover/perforated leather/Alcantara Leather/Stripe
iPod adapter
LED lighting (Visors, Dome, Doors, Truck and License Plate)
HID 6000k bulbs and LED running lights
All carbon re-clear
(diffuser, mirrors, rocker wings and front emblem)
Fix rear splash guards, they are crack on some spots
Complete missing bolts (Rear Splash Guards, Front splash guards)

This should keep me busy on the next few months…

Here are some of the disassembly pictures...

and some more....

and more...


then I started the clutch project...

some more...

and more...

LP570-4 Renown Bumper with Carbon insert is here; got a great deal from buddy William at SP Eng....

Vinyl off...


I have not gotten to the bumper but will have some feedback soon.

After taken all of the vinyl off I notice that the paint is in really good condition as it was clear bra the whole front, rockers and rear bumper.
I have also decided to drain all fluids and refill them with Redline stuff, I don't think I am going to upgrade anything to do with the Turbo system as the car makes a great deal of power as it is, see video and Dyno sheet below which was done on pump gas.

Twin-turbo Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera Dyno Run - Portland Speed Industries


And the project continues....
Wrapped all of the exhaust piping and started to mount the turbo system back on.

More pics...
Cleaned the inner fenders and installed the waist gates...

Trying to keep the engine bay temperature I have routed some flex tubes ducting air and cooling the turbine housings.

Seeking more air flow I have cut off the lower rear bumper and installed a factory grill to them mount the license plate bracket on it.

Final look...


Since the Renown LP570-4 bumper is longer than the stock 04-08 I had to fabricate radiator ducting extensions to make sure that the air would be driven to the them. First I made some cardboard templates, cut them on ABS plastic, fit them and trim them into position, to then re-paint the fabricated panels and installed them on the car all with stainless steel hardware.
I designed them in two peaces, the ducts stay in the car screw into the OEM ducts and the two outer peaces that I will be attaching to the bumper with fiber glass; at the same time I took advantage to re-install the K40 Laser difusers and the Laser Pro Hammers built into the bumper.

More pics of the process...


Started getting the bumper trim to relocated the heat exchanger to the middle of the bumper seeking better air flow.

The LP570-4 rear diffuser is finally here; I will be trimming it to fitted in the car; hopefully will get better airflow into the engine bay...

I have finish with the bumper and all of the underbody panels, the rear LP570-4 under mound diffuser fitted perfectly, I even open some slots to be able to strap the car down in case of a towing or dyno day.
Also bleeded the brakes with Super Blue racing fluid, fill the Redline gear oil to the transmission and front differential, Mobil 1 on the engine.


Thanks a lot guys, I am running out of the office to go started up for the first time, I just got my huge oil filter (Measure 6.5" x 4.5") so I can put it on and pour oil in it...


I drove the car this morning (without engine cover, rear grills, diffuser, rocker panels or mirrors) to Lamborghini of Palm Beach where they reset the e-Gear by setting the shifting points after the new clutch, also they change the engagement of the clutch to a more aggressive setting.
On the way there I didn't wanted to drive hard but on the way back I pushed it a little and it was jaw dropping the amount of power that this car makes, by far the fastest car I owned yet.
The next stop is the body shop to get the front bumper fitted and repainted.


Thank you guys, I appreciate the credits; it has been a lot of work to make it look and run the way I would wanted.
In the past few days I had replaced the spark plugs as one of the last items on the list to go over, with the help of Jason Heffner I got the right part number and gap specs.

This past Saturday I picked the car up from the body guy who spends three days fitting the bumper properly into the car making the gap around the front, side and headlights all even, he usually takes his time but does a GREAT job! I took the car but he kept the bumper so he can paint it.

I just dropped off the car at Pepe’s vinyl shop; he is on the process of cleaning all of the residues of the old vinyl wrap and will be laying down the new vinyl later this week…

The last addition to the project is to stiffen the suspension as on my first drive on the car it feels like the whole front wants to come off the ground; with the help of my buddy Nick I order stiffer springs for the front and rear, more update to follow.
I just measure the stock springs in order to get the new ones...


I decided to wrap the car on “Frosted Clear” by XPel which is 3 times as thick as regular vinyl as well as it gives a whole different look texture to the color of the car.

Later that week I went by the body shop and they had already fiberglass onto the bumper the ducting pieces that I had built.

And two weeks later, after putting three paint coats and two of clear this was the end result…

I took the car home and started working on the rear suspension, with the help of buddy and RonCFpz I got Swift 12k for the front and 14k for the rear to help the squatting at throttle.

Then the front…

Once the suspension was done I finally started working on assembling the car…

Then I focus on the crucial front bumper installation…

So I finish the bumper, adjusted the suspension height and I drove it to work so settle it…

Last weekend I decided to take the car to Jason Heffner and his crew for their review, it did not matter how busy they were quickly after I arrived the wizard tuner Aaron Miller plugged his laptop and started adjusting and revising the maps, then he suggested for us to take a ride…

His first question was; how much power do you want? I just wish that I would it load all of the GoPro on the car, it was amazing; just with 30 minutes worth of tuning made the car feel so reliable and super powerful, I had to ask him to lower the boost as it was a little wild driving on the road…


I finally got these remotes done, I took them completely apart, wet sand them and took them to the paint shop to get them spray on VI.


This past Friday I was convinced by a friend to take the car to the local track to test it out, I was not expecting it to run this good; check out the video.
(Second run)

(First run)

An iPhone video.

This was on the highway on the way home; this Hyabusa keep on trying to race me until I gave up; luckily some other car was filming....



Quick pic at the parking garage...


I just got an update from Will at SP, the bonnet and wing are on the way!


Here are some pics of the progress on the STS bonnet and wing installation...

You can see the mark on the rear deck where I will be cutting out the third brake light and the rear view camera, I will post more picture of the details later.


Thank you all for the good feedback; the wing and bonnet are already on the car and it came out beyond expectations, I'll be posting some pictures of the installation later...


One of the most basic rules to make a car faster is to decrease the weight and the increase of Horse Power and being that the second was already up there me and my buddy were curious to see how light is the SL really was and to explore the areas where we could decrease the overall weight.
At the time the car did not have a bonnet yet the it had a full gas tank which makes a huge difference; assuming 23.8 gallons of fuel at 6.28 lbs. per gallon = 149.46 lbs. of fuel making the overall weight at about 3400 lbs. without fuel.

Immediately realized that changing body panels was not going to make a difference especially with the Super Trofeo bonnet and Wing on the way so we immediately turn into the seats.
SL OEM Seat are pretty heavy, 51lbs. each…

Looking for the lightest and most appealing option we decided to go with some Carbon Tillett seats, tipping the scale at 12 lbs. each…

Once I finish with the seats I continue with the wing and bonnet installation; after I fitted the wing brackets that came on the kit into the OEM rear frame piece in between the tail lights I notice that the wing needed far more support due to its size.
I started by buying some universal aluminum bracket/pieces at the local Home Depot and utilizing the OEM screw locations I started building a bracing structure that would bolt in between the two brackets.

more pics...

One of the last tasks to get the wing in the car was to be able to have the rear view camera and the third stop light in there; being that the kit is really meant for a track car it did not have an option for them. Using masking tape I mark the areas and I started cutting the openings…

Finally, I installed the hood pin brackets that I got from buddy Glen Huffman these are Lamborghini OEM Super Trofeo Stradale parts as the ones that came with the kit did not make a lot of sense; also I had to build two studs on the rear of the bonnet to be able to secure it in and lastly I added an sponge gasket/molding to the rear deck so it has some cushion on it.

I recently picked the parts back from the body shop; I got the wing flats painted in Verde Ithaca and the third brake light smoke to match the rear tail lights.

Here are the weight facts:
-5 lbs.: OEM bonnet hardware
+7 lbs.: New bonnet and rear deck
+9 lbs.: Super Trofeo wing
+5 lbs.: Super Trofeo wing brackets

I will be weighting the car this weekend to see the final number; depending on that I will decided to go further…


I drove the car to the vinyl shop this morning so that they can finish their video; hopefully will be out soon..

Then I got to the office and I could not resist…


As the bonnet was arching on the middle in between the two pins and vibrating at higher speeds 150 mph+ I decided to add a bracket that would support flat the middle section. I built the bracket then painted it in flat black and last added a foam gasket so that absorbs the vibration of the bonnet; to avoid the exposure of it I cut open the rear engine bay cover and slide the bracket in there.


ADV1 phooto Shoot... Part I

ADV1 phooto Shoot... Part II

ADV1 phooto Shoot... Part III

ADV1 phooto Shoot... Part V


I finally got around weighting the car with all set and done, I was able to counter balance it almost to perfection, the only other upgrade I wanted to do was to replace the battery with a lighter version but decided not to until the one in there goes bad.

Full tank: 3486
Empty tank: 3336 (Assuming 150 lbs. of fuel)


This was a great and rewarding project even though I had to sell the car to raise some capital I would do it all over again.

The STS win did slow the car down even on the flattest setup; maybe taking it off would have help the race with that EVO.

I recently talked to the current owner/friend and the car it is available to whom it may be interested, PM for contact information.