Flat Green Superleggera / Twin Turbo / Overhaul project by exotic lambo

By diyauto
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I finally got around weighting the car with all set and done, I was able to counter balance it almost to perfection, the only other upgrade I wanted to do was to replace the battery with a lighter version but decided not to until the one in there goes bad.

Full tank: 3486
Empty tank: 3336 (Assuming 150 lbs. of fuel)


This was a great and rewarding project even though I had to sell the car to raise some capital I would do it all over again.

The STS win did slow the car down even on the flattest setup; maybe taking it off would have help the race with that EVO.

I recently talked to the current owner/friend and the car it is available to whom it may be interested, PM for contact information.