Flat Green Superleggera / Twin Turbo / Overhaul project by exotic lambo

By diyauto
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I have not gotten to the bumper but will have some feedback soon.

After taken all of the vinyl off I notice that the paint is in really good condition as it was clear bra the whole front, rockers and rear bumper.
I have also decided to drain all fluids and refill them with Redline stuff, I don't think I am going to upgrade anything to do with the Turbo system as the car makes a great deal of power as it is, see video and Dyno sheet below which was done on pump gas.

Twin-turbo Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera Dyno Run - Portland Speed Industries


And the project continues....
Wrapped all of the exhaust piping and started to mount the turbo system back on.

More pics...
Cleaned the inner fenders and installed the waist gates...

Trying to keep the engine bay temperature I have routed some flex tubes ducting air and cooling the turbine housings.

Seeking more air flow I have cut off the lower rear bumper and installed a factory grill to them mount the license plate bracket on it.

Final look...