Completed Jalpa Restoration - Interior and Exterior Photos by 74Jarama

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The car is #12045. I purchased it from a former co-worker in late 2007. He had started work restoring it and lost interest. At any rate, I don't know much about the background of the car other than it had come with some work receipts indicating that it had been serviced in the Washington DC area.  

The car appeared to have been worked on by some less than qualified mechanics. It was running off of 7 cylinders (an incorrect/non-seated jet). It also had some really shoddy electrical work performed by whomever had put in an alarm and/or later model stereo. Fortunately the original radio came with the car and was in great condition.  

At any rate, much of our work was going in and "undoing" what others before had done incorrectly... could tell you so many stories, but I'm sure you have plenty of your own stories to tell. It seems like so many good sports cars are treated poorly and put away "wet". I think sometimes many owners don't know where to take the cars for service and/or can't afford to fix them... it's sad. At any rate, thanks again for the note!



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Great job!

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