Jalpa Euro Engine Update by Ross

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I picked up the Jalpa last week. It's running a lot better. Still loading up a little when cruising street lights but I'm working on it. Evans replaced the front spindle bearings which stiffened up the ride quite a bit. I'll have to rebuild or replace the coil overs this winter.

The joy of owning a prior "Garage Queen"!

Anyhow, I'm really enjoying it! I can't stop grinning anytime I think about it sitting right outside my office door!

Im heading to Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course the last weekend of June for the Vintage Races. Anyone else going?


Hi Stuart,

Congratulations on your purchase. Mine was a first also. I did respond to your question but evidently you didn't recieve the notice.  

I'm refering you to Mike Hill's thread below. He is much more involved in his rebuild than I was. Review his thread for tons of information.

Mike Hill - "George gave me the following details. 55 ft lbs. which is 74.6NM MUST ME DONE IN 3 STEPS THEN REDONE 2 TIMES OVER 2 DAYS."

George is George Evans of Evans Automotive in Columbus Ohio. His shop built my engine and is seen in the video link below.

Mike's thread:


My videos on youtube:

Have fun with your Jalpa. It's great to see another one being cared for! Please Consider starting a thread of your own so we can all enjoy it.