Some before pics Jalpa ELA12100 by Lambotsavy

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Some before pics Jalpa ELA12100

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Another 3 weeks and my Jalpa will be DONE. Here are some before pics. I will post some after pics after this post.

More pics to come at alater date

It has been approx 3 1/2 months but worth every minute. The restoration includes a complete engine overhaul, new shocks and springs, all brake lines, pads and calipers replaced, new tires, new A/C compressor, evaporator (thanks Chad). The only thing I'm not intersested in dealing with is the stereo system, because I would rather hear the engine. Lastly, after the car is returned and I drive it for several months, I plan to have it repainted. I will post pics of the car when it is returned in Jan. 2007

I plan to paint it the same as the original color. Picture below.



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