Installed Chicken Coop Roof Rack Floor *Pics* by Street Wolf

By diyauto
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Installed Chicken Coop Roof Rack Floor *Pics*

Compliments of Street Wolf @


Finally got around to ordering myself the chicken coop floor a little of a week ago and put it on a few days ago. Works just as good, if not better, than anything else you could really do for a floor up there.

Looks great too.

Thanks for the compliments.

And yeah, the jerry can only stays up there when we're taking a trip of some sort. No point in keeping it there everyday just to drive around town and get stolen like you mentioned.


Here ya go hazlet-

You can either order three pieces like I did and leave the 'bump' in the rack uncovered, or you can order four pieces, cut one in half, and lay it there.


This is great! 👍 pics too

Posted by Diggymart on 6/13/19 @ 12:24:44 PM