GS + LS460 tips - Rear bumper build thread by kuWuPt

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GS + LS460 tips - Rear bumper build thread.

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After the last custom bumper build with Anh-Tuan for his LS I thought I'd never do another one. Well almost two years later and another one had to be done. I've always disliked the rear bumper of the GS, it just didn't seem to flow with the car. I always thought the angle for the slope from the wheel well to the ends of the exhaust was too steep. The lines of the LS460 and the embedded tips were something I thought would flow really well with the body of the GS. Chris Ty's car was the first that I've seen with embedded LS460 tips on his Junction Produce Bumper and has been a great inspiration. I've been meaning to do this for months now and finally got a break to work on it for a bit.

The GS and LS460 bumper side by side.



And all put together

Test fit. 

This has taken me about a month to do working primarily on the weekends. I'm sure there are other ways to go about this but this is not what I do. I'm primarily an IT person. There is no way I could have done this without the help of my friends at The Body Shop in Garner, NC. Chet Massey for being patient with me, teaching me and fine tuning the body lines for me. Jeremy Clack for painting my bumpers and doing an awesome job on it. I would like to thank both of them for letting me use the shop and especially for their guidance and knowledge through this build. 

Will post more pictures once its all cleaned up and chrome stripping etc put back on.

You can see the whole build process on and add us on facebook