My GS430 build….Supercharged!!! by LALEX1

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My GS430 build.....Supercharged!!!

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I decided to start a build thread for my car. I expect to have everything finished by the end of the year, or january at latest.

I'll post a pic of my car as it use to look, and how it looks now.

This is my plan for the car

Get car properly tuned

redo intercooler piping and unit

install new bushings, rear bbk, suspension accessories 

paint entire car and install new bumpers 

redo interior,

redo stereo in trunk


(not in that particular order)

I will post pics as I go.

So far my car has had the following done/installed

Tein cs coilovers

Dynaudio speakers all around with rf 360.2 and 3 ppi amps in trunk

led tails

ugo roof spoiler

jp spoiler (unfortunately a rep)

vaistech unit

lux link sens-o-shock and remote start unit

Rmm supercharger

haltech interceptor unit

ppe headers

Tanabe medallion touring exhaust with new high flow cats custom piping and 3rd cat delete

I have installed everything except the coilovers myself.

Hereare the pics

The way it looked



engine work 

parts sitting around

Here is one just so you guys can hear the bov and exhaust

I was going up hill and recorded this on my crappy blackberry. I wasn't trying to mash it just wanted you guys to hear the bov. I'll wait for the tune before I make some good videos.

I had wheelspin right away so I had to let off the gas to grip. Also I didn't power brake at all. just stepped on the gas. Correct me if i'm wrong, but i went over the video on my video editing program and the speedo starts to move at 1.65 seconds, and i hit 60 at 6.49 seconds = 4.84 0-60 

Maybe someone else can double check that for me. Either way its a fast 0-60 for having had so much wheel spin and letting of the gas in between shifts. Here ya go!!!

More to come!!!!!!!!!!!!