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Pete's GS400 Build Thread

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Hello all. Just picked this up yesterday. Sold my 325Cic last week. 

I been amazed by the plethora in this forum. 

Heres a pic.

Since DIY's are so awesome in this Forum. I will try to do walk-through's of everything i customize, in hopes to help other's here and give credit to those that gave Me inspiration


dang. i just noticed all you cats chiming in. Thanks for the Welcome mat. I search and study everything i can in this forum. Before i bought the car and moreso after. Had to sell my BMW to make Christmas and Birthdays for my December kids happen. But, I am glad i got them covered and still ended up with a GS in the long run. Rear Wheel Drive and V8's is pretty much all that is in my garage. The brakes do feel mushy but i feel like i got a warped rotor or something. Imma take the wheels off tomorrow and see what the deal is.

I felt like the car was lowered. I would like the front down like 1 more inch without paying a ton to accomplish it. Seems nothing is EVER low enough for me. Not a fan of the "IS" wheels on her either. But spending $1000's on her immediately isnt really in my budget. 


what a day! im too tired to get drunk.  woke up at 6am, took her to get inspected since she has high miles and i just got her.

They called me an hour later and said all is fine and didn't charge me the fee. amen.

got home, thought, what can i do that wont cost a penny. popped off the stock grille.


sand, prime, paint black, clear coat, put her back on. much better.


then i replaced the mesh that wasnt on one of the grey ( ugly ) speaker grills. it was in the door sill.


then my buddy pointed out the drip rails were all weathered cracking and grey, so i basically taped off most the car, sand, prime, paint. no more whitish grey ugly look - all black.



turned around and saw my subs that been in my garage for 4 years. hmm. dusted em off, found my old amp, saw that it accepts hi inputs direct from speakers, so i removed the factory subwoofer ( it was blown ). that was a pain in the asz gettin that thing out. thank god for this forum for removing the rear deck. ran all the wires and hooked that up so now i got subs. 


Here's both my ladies before i got started today


total cost = zero.

Simply used what i had in my garage.

Productive day... but i am freakin' exhausted.


Great story! Thanks for the videos love the Ford too. What a beauty! Had to chuckle at your neighbor and lead foot comment. ???? thanks for sharing it’s ????????????

Posted by Diggymart on 1/28/19 @ 2:41:10 AM

Fantastic Account! And nice tasteful stuff. How is she,,?

Posted by Arussto on 1/28/19 @ 12:28:21 AM