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Pete's GS400 Build Thread

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Hello all. Just picked this up yesterday. Sold my 325Cic last week. 

I been amazed by the plethora in this forum. 

Heres a pic.

Since DIY's are so awesome in this Forum. I will try to do walk-through's of everything i customize, in hopes to help other's here and give credit to those that gave Me inspiration


dang. i just noticed all you cats chiming in. Thanks for the Welcome mat. I search and study everything i can in this forum. Before i bought the car and moreso after. Had to sell my BMW to make Christmas and Birthdays for my December kids happen. But, I am glad i got them covered and still ended up with a GS in the long run. Rear Wheel Drive and V8's is pretty much all that is in my garage. The brakes do feel mushy but i feel like i got a warped rotor or something. Imma take the wheels off tomorrow and see what the deal is.

I felt like the car was lowered. I would like the front down like 1 more inch without paying a ton to accomplish it. Seems nothing is EVER low enough for me. Not a fan of the "IS" wheels on her either. But spending $1000's on her immediately isnt really in my budget. 


what a day! im too tired to get drunk.  woke up at 6am, took her to get inspected since she has high miles and i just got her.

They called me an hour later and said all is fine and didn't charge me the fee. amen.

got home, thought, what can i do that wont cost a penny. popped off the stock grille.


sand, prime, paint black, clear coat, put her back on. much better.


then i replaced the mesh that wasnt on one of the grey ( ugly ) speaker grills. it was in the door sill.


then my buddy pointed out the drip rails were all weathered cracking and grey, so i basically taped off most the car, sand, prime, paint. no more whitish grey ugly look - all black.



turned around and saw my subs that been in my garage for 4 years. hmm. dusted em off, found my old amp, saw that it accepts hi inputs direct from speakers, so i removed the factory subwoofer ( it was blown ). that was a pain in the asz gettin that thing out. thank god for this forum for removing the rear deck. ran all the wires and hooked that up so now i got subs. 


Here's both my ladies before i got started today


total cost = zero.

Simply used what i had in my garage.

Productive day... but i am freakin' exhausted.


So my Moonroof was stuck in the opposite tilt direction. couldnt get it to straighten out. would go forward and back and tilt up and down but never sit flush. searched the forum. saw stuff about resetting and calibrating and holding buttons down for like 20 seconds did nothing. greased/lubed all the rails etc.. didnt see anything blocking any pathways. tried tilting While holding the slide switch and that finally straightened it out.


i like tan leather and i like black leather but not a fan of the greyish color inside mine on the dash etc.. feel like that should be black. anybody tried this two-tone? Whether Dye or Respray or Fabric Wrap?

Something like this


This might seem like such a minimal post. But the first thing i snatch up when i grab a new ( used ) car is these "Wonder Wafers" it took me a long time to find an air freshener that came close to a new car smell. The "New Leather" ones always been the best. They are more of a commercial product as opposed to all the annoying consumer fresheners at your local auto part store. Get em on eBay if you are interested.


Lip came in today. Hope i can get her to fit decently. Hopefully have time this weekend to lace it up. Wheels should arrive next week. 


Sanded her down and noticed once laid on a flat surface she seemed pretty warped. Ran the heat gun on it nice and slow for about 20 minutes and you could just see it forming back into its correct shape. Really worked well to get it laying flat and the sides the same. Who knows what will happen once we get her on the car.


i guess you get what you pay for  but i am on a lower tax bracket budget. so the eBay lip took a lot of heat gun and what not. took about an hour to install. needs to dry for a good 12 now. proof it can be done by yourself but with a friend woulda been easier. but i live out in the boonies and didnt feel like waiting another week.


well hello there UPS.


My passenger mirror is cracked and i am going to get a new cover for it, but, it seems to swivel freely and loosely. as opposed to the driver side that is solid and doesnt move. Is there a trick to keep it still aside JB Weld  ???


Staying with my small budget, I wasn't going to pay more than i did for the car for some Maya RT5's. I gotta say thanks to member "projectdna" for directing me to the right tire fitment. So anyways, i went with staggered PRIVAT LEGENDE Matte Graphite/Machine Lip wrapped in FALKEN FK-452's. 

Front: - 19X8.5 +30 on 225/35R19

Rear: - 19X9.5 +25 on 255/35R19


Theres only one way to break in a fresh set of tires on a GS400

Whole block was smoked out. 

Neighbor is a Fire Chief, luckily he was cool with my lead foot antics

That gorgeous AZ sky reflected off the Onyx

I can already hear the comments! - "MOAR LOW" 


^ BTW: My 55MPH shake/wobble is gone! amen. rides much more solid.

so far easiest DIY on CL was disabling the DRL's by BossGS4. Took all of 5 minutes.


This thread started by j stuff is a must see for those looking into coilovers. After research i went with Megan EZ's. They were out of stock everywhere from Florida to Cali and even the Megan factory until February at least. Finally i found a joint in Chicago that had a set and did a price match on top of it. So, don't be afraid to ask to match the best price you can find. Got the Moog Ball Joints comin' in also along with a few other "maintenance" things.


Ball Joints arrived. great prices and Amazing fast shipping! Thanks to LuxuryGS3 for the info on a post


Megan EZ Coilover's came in today. Probably do the ball joints and coilovers on the same day within the next week or two.


^ definitely. thanks for the info. did you install yours? i heard that they go low. I will probably also have to raise them up in the front. isn't there a way to cut away in there to clear the UCA's when they bang like that?

Had to add a "Baby Lex" to the crew


I'm tellin you, searching, finding and figuring out these DIY's makes this forum for me. Today's DIY was by "SZA".Re-Wrapping your worn out or cracked and nasty Leather Center Armrest.


Factory Foam was fine enough for me still

I guess the important part was molding and stretching until it was about as tight as i could get without ripping. I paid $40 for mine on eBay and the stitching wasn't perfect so no matter how tight you pull it, it isn't factory perfect seams. 2 Screwdrivers, Super Glue and Binder Clips from Wal Mart. I only had 12 so i would just do pieces and sections at a time.

After: Installed back on. 

Took just over an hour total from the time i started taking the armrest off the car. 

Oh, and of course, here is the DIY i used. Super helpful.


Time to Get the Paint and those Headlights lookin Right!

Griot's Garage Random Orbital w/ 5 Pad's on their Holiday sale


this is a "Muffler Delete" where i come from!

Sounds perfect! drove all the way home with no radio on just listening to my V8 humming. Love the sound. Re-Polishing my tips and trying to get them looking as good as i can before i remount them

When i bought the car the passenger mirror was cracked in half like someone backed into a garage and hit the mirror. So it also swivels and won't hold still. So i made an offer on one used mirror shell i saw on eBay. It was green. I believe he wanted $70 but had the "make an offer" button on it so i offered $30, the we settled on like $40 with shipping. So i removed mine from the outside of the car being careful not to scratch the paint with tape on the car and a right angle phillips.

Replacement used Green Shell

Sand, 2 prime coats, 3 base black onyx, 3 coats clear

Needs some Wet Sanding and Buffing / Polishing

1000, then 2000 grit wet sand then - Ultimate Compound Meguiars with the Griot Orbital works wonders

Much better! good reflection

Glossy now


Get your old rusty dirty tips looking new again!

After i hit them with Bronze Wool and Billet Polish removed most of the discoloration and polluted grime.

Then pull out the Good Stuff. "Wenol" is a secret sauce used by the Old Schoolers. Used it on my classic and it can pull these things back to life. Check it out

Tips back on the car and Mufflers Deleted. 


Junction Produce Replica Spoiler ( before )

2 coats Black Primer, 3 Coats Onyx Black, 3 Coats Clear

Wetsand 1000 / 2000

Griot's Random Orbital on 5 with Meguiar's Ultimate Compound


Messin with a couple paint schemes

Onyx Black ( current )

Dark Blue

Dark Red



Dark Teal

Blaze Orange Fade to Black


so, i own a record label endless productions and this is my logo

My buddy in Hawaii used to own "emblem art" and owed me a favor. he makes custom one-off emblems for cars and laced me up with my epi logo for the whip.

should look legit once i pop it through and lay it on

Thanks Marc!


Here's my "one-off" emblem installed


ok, HERE WE GO! Time to bring the GS4 down to Sea Level.

Last weekend I installed the Ball Joints and Megan EZ Coilovers.

Before i start, i want to say thanks to my partner in crime Adam.

He and i have done a LOT on vehicles over the past and its always a pleasure gettin down at his farm house on a project. So thanks for the help Adam.

How long did it take? One full day. From about 8am to 8pm. 

Having a friend to help and Power Tools are not a necessity but definitely speeds up the process exponentially.

First Ball Joint took about an hour. Second was like 15 minutes. First coilover installed was about 30 minutes the rest were like 20 minutes to do each. If you wonder why it took till 8pm, here is the reason. We must have jacked it up and took the wheels off and reset the height 20 times before we got the height i wanted.

ok, here is the LAST picture of my car at the height it used to be at.

Good Lawd i can't believe i thought that height was decent! Terrible

Bout to do Work Son!

Since there are plenty of DIY's on Ball Joints i only have one picture just so you guys know to take out this small black screw on your Moog's and screw the Zerk fitting in. Then take a grease gun and squeeze about 2-3 triggers of grease into that bad boy. Adam has done ball joints before, so even though i had the DIY's handy we did them slightly different and it went pretty fast.

Knowing once it was dropped that we wouldnt even be able to get out Low-Profile jacks under it, we whipped up some quick wooden ramps to drive her up on

Someone said to make sure i figure out what springs were on the car previously.

And here they are. Looks like Eibach Pro-Kit Springs on KYB Struts.

Difference in size/length

First Rear Installed. This is your Damper knob to adjust the amount of soft or stiffness / travel. FYI: I messed with it and found 2 clicks from Full Hardness worked best when it was all said and done.

This is the level they were at from the factory without adjusting their height at all. Lower than the Eibach's but not low enough for me.

As you can see, the fender was JUST about touching the tire. So i knew i was going to be doing some cutting / shaving to the fenders.

I didnt put the tape there to protect the paint, but to give me a solid white line to follow as i was getting a clean cut.

Adam gettin at the cut!

Pretty clean shave almost an inch of metal off.

Smoothing off the ruff metal burr's

This tool right here is SO dang handy. Adam found it in the garbage somewhere i think. I have used it to tighten center caps, unscrew pesky Oil Filters and it made easy work of twisting the barrel of the coilover up and down. I saw a video where they used their bare hands to do it. Hewl naw. haha. Also do not jack the car up by the rear arm that the coilover is screwed into or the pressure will be too tight. Use your jack points.

Every time we lowered it we took a measurement of how much farther it needed to go down. Then measured that on the coilover and wrapped tape around it so once it was cranked down and hit the tape we knew we were at the level. Eyeballing it can have all of them at bad different heights. Tape worked well to keep them all even. Also, seems if we felt a 1/4 inch was the amount, the final result was slightly more once we dropped it. You will get used to it.

This is NOWhere near as low as these Megan's can go and this is hella low for rollin


This was too low for comfortable rollin. But cool to see nonetheless.

Shock tower was banging and turning the wheel was rubbing on the fronts.

And Wa-Laaa! Here's the height i ended up going with.

After my 60Mile drive home i cleaned her up and took pics before the Sun Set.


Mileage MILESTONE... 

Check the Odometer - pow!


I just quickly want to show you how amazing the Griot's Garage Random Orbital is. Especially on Black Onyx.

Please know that my car in normal light looks great. When you put a heavy light close to the paint the swirls and scratches are terrible. So heres a before and after. Once with Big Garage Light then With LED.






So last night i powered through the whole process. 

Polished the Whole car. 

Took about 7 hours from start to finish. 

I was smokin and drinkin in between too though 

Even with the Griot Orbital the Polishing takes a good amount of time making sure you have evenly removed all the haze and using the lights to make sure you wiped off all polish to a shine. I used Mr Miyagi technique with two rags. One that wiped most polish off and a second clean microfiber to really bring it home.

Door handles take a lot of abuse.


After. (getting it better than this is an option if i wet sanded) maybe some other day...

Front Fender. damn, terrible

After. Much better

Done with Polishing look at these reflections.

Once i got done polishing the whole car i was pretty beat. But then i figured the wax will go faster and its unbelievable how easy it is to wax with the random orbital too. Just turn the speed down to like 2-3 and it makes easy work of the whole thing. Used the Tech Wax 2.0 with the Blue 6in Pad. Waxing the whole car probably only took about 45 minutes. I couldnt believe it could get any better than the polish but it did. The black really set in and the depth of the reflection multiplied.

All Done! whew...


So, i am glad my window was down because i heard a scraping noise. My Lip was dragging on the ground!

All my JB Weld and Gorilla Epoxy musta let loose on a slight heavy drift with the homie 

So, I took it off, resanded, primed, based and cleared it again and SCREWED that b!ch in this time.

That oughtta hold her.


haha its all good man. go for it. i think they are a great wheel for a good price. funny is you have the wheels that used to be on my car. IS350 wheels are in my garage now waiting on a new owner to scoop em up. if you are looking to get the Privat's let me know. I can tell you where i got mine. I got a great deal and chose a specific offset/tire setup

you can barely tell. but now it is screwed in. two screws in front, two under the front corners bottom side and of course the 2 screws that go into the fender

Hopefully this weekend if my paint comes in i will tackle the inevitable riveted in spoiler bodywork.


Here is the PhotoshopThought that i been working on for the rear. Couple more minor elements left to get it there.


Sick of the Hood falling down on your head? Replace those worn out Hood Struts in 10 minutes flat.

Bought mine on eBay for $29 from deezeeauto and the brand is "StrongArm" and they come with the swivel ball bolts so you dont have to drill out your old ones. 

Unscrew the factory ones with a 12mm

Reinstall the new ones Used a (7/32) - Done Deal! Hood Raises up by itself. 


k2motor LED tails from eBay.

pretty simple plug-n-play

work great

i might need the damn inners now too

only issue, anybody know how to cure this light on the dash?

Ok, now we tackle the inevitable riveted spoiler brackets so we can mount the Junction Produce Replica spoiler. 


BEFORE the haters chime in. I don't advise anybody doing this the way i did. I paid cash for my car and i am not afraid to mess it up if i do. I did everything with what i had in my garage. 

So once you take off your factory wing. This is what you are stuck with.

I tried to drill them out, then i used the Dremel. still no go. Then i tried a big grinder, but i was afraid i would hit the paint. So i went back to Drill Bits, just stepping them up a size each time. It's tough because the rivet would spin with the drill bit. At any rate, after about 40 minutes i finally popped them off on the bits. Pain in the AS5 i tell ya. But i won this round.

Here's what you got. Holes and Squares and what not. My biggest problem was that the square hole was actually bent UP. (probably from years of people lifting and pulling on the spoiler to open / close trunk.) i knew i had to get them bent in or flush to fill the holes. 

I suppose i coulda called a junkyard and searched for a black onyx trunk. But i didnt, i just kept goin 

Test fit

So i took a soft mallet with cloth wrapped around tips of screwdrivers to bang them in. 

Then i busted out some super dense body filler and got to work

Smoothed her out dry and wetsanding from 220, 400, 600, 1000, 2000

Gettin there

Almost flush

This is rattle can blend Black Primer / Black Onyx / Clear

I shoulda spent one more day with some thinner body filler and done it all one more time for a perfect flat result

The Griot's Garage Random Orbital can really bring your paint job back to life. Looks almost perfect

Done Deal!

heck yeah. i have used that orbital on Everything. Great investment. And it blows the Electric standard ones out of the water. I have one of those too. The "random" orbital basically makes it fool proof to leave a burn, swirl or scratch. ( assuming you dont have any dirt on your car 

It's well worth the money. The cans of Black Onyx i get are a perfect match. I generally use black primer to ensure my black onyx is as deep as factory. The more coats you can spray of every element and the more time you have especially if you let it dry and wet sand 2000 grit/3000 grit. Then your final polish on High with the Griot will bust out the shine and have least amount of orange peel


umm, well, if the spray comes out solid and clean for all your passes (spray cans suck compared to a real HVLP auto paint sprayer). anyways...But you can get great results in your garage with cans if you just take time and pay attention to details. like i was saying, if you inspect your sprays (whether primer,base or clear) and it was all smooth there is no need to sand. yes i always wet sand clear knowing the orbital is going to turn it into glass at the end . Sometimes i dry sand on primer if i am trying to get a smooth spot. But the wetsanding is kinda like seeing what a perfect gloss looks like while you are sanding on something with the wetness flowing. .i have a huge 220v compressor i keep at my buddies house when we actually paint a car with real paint and what not. But i am too impatient and cheap to do all that for just pieces i am adding to the car in my garage 

As far as the speaker mesh, when i got the car it was missing on my speaker. I ended up finding the material balled up in the doorsill. So i just carefully wedged the surrounding edges in witha screwdriver and she's good


I almost got stuck in an intersection the other day. not to mention we had to park far away from our spot because i couldn't get in any of the parking lots. 

so i raised the front up 5/8's and the rear about an 1/8th. That made a big difference. Now i rarely hear the common shock tower slam


it's Tail Light Time.

So, i like the LED's i copped on eBay much better than the factory Tails. But they still are too plain looking. Big Red Light with a Big White Block on the bottom. I didn't just want to tint them. Wanted a little more style on them. Always been fond of R33 Skyline Tails. So a little bit of that influenced the way i did them.


Let's begin

All ya gotta do is ruff it up a little because the surface is so smooth to begin with.

Red 3M Scuff Pad

I use Airbrush mask because it is somewhat transparent, in huge sheets, and its edges are very crisp. 

Shape idea i photoshopped in my head 

I am not a fan of the Store Bought Tint Spray. It doesn't spray clean, it's very clumpy and has a color to it. So i sprayed it with Black Onyx from pretty far away to lay it light. Also i went a little darker on the inners because they shined brighter than the outers when the lights were idle.

That's only one coat of clear  

Back on the Car. Much better


I had to run and get more Clear and Beer. Still need to lay 2 more coats of clear and wetsand and Orbital them to get em perfect. Not bad for another day in the garage though


finally got around to finish up the shine on the tails

2000 wetsand

Polish - Griot Orbital


So the other day i noticed one of my license plate lights were out. So i figured i would just get like 8 of the Xenon White LED SMD Wedge's. They fit a lot of our slots ( T10 194 2825 158 168 T8 )

Here they are, Paid $20 for 8 of them

Replacing the bulbs was extremely easy everywhere EXCEPT the license plate lights. Haha, what the hewl? You have to take off the whole trunk liner to get at them!!! 

So, i have broke so many of those freakin clips in vehicles in my past i figured i would take my tail to the store and buy the damn tool. This thing saved me so much time and broken plastic. Had the whole liner out in maybe 2 minutes.


There they ARE!

Here's the bulb comparison

Did the door puddle bulbs too




nice beautiful overcast day in AZ.


thanks man. unfortunately, my LED tails had a bad resistor. so when the lights are on, on the passenger side only two LED's would light up. So i contacted them on facebook and they hit me back right away. The resistors are internal but, even though i painted mine, they said send em back and they will send me a new pair. Which is cool. New set should be here tomorrow, then i get to Do the custom painting ALL OVER AGAIN! ugh, haha, here's the error


Here's how the bulbs look on the license plate ( sorry, had to find a way to block my plate number 

My second batch of LED tails came in today. Now i gotta REDO the whole custom paint process again. At least they sent me these at no charge 

Maybe get to them this weekend along with another lil mod i been excited to tackle on the inside


Got a few projects for her this weekend if i get the time. 

If i can pull this off it should be pretty cool. 

Under my arm is my old armrest leather. 

I just copped a cheap sewing machine. 

Wish me luck haha


damn sewing machine i got musta been a return had a used off-brand power cord, had to take it back and they were sold out of replacements. 

oh well, maybe next weekend on that project. 

still got stuff done this weekend on her though.

Finally did the rest of the interior bulbs.

ok, so i know i already did a walkthrough on how i did my tail lights. but since i had a bad resistor on one i had to ship em back and get another set. I did these a lil bit different. 

new K2's


darkened lower white area and thinned out turn/reverse area

cuttin the design

ready for final sprays

Onyx Black sprayed lightly and 4 coats of clear 

Show you the bulbs lit up

Still need to wet sand and orbital in a day or two


I got the shift knob off eBay it was only 14.99 but took about 2 weeks to get here from japan.

But it matches the Tan Leather almost perfectly. The wood is a little more of a cherry but still matches well and it feels better than the factory to me.

here it is -

regarding the tail lights, i don't mind if you bite my style. its a compliment!

Funny look what showed up on K2Motors Facebook Page today


So a few people asked me to show what the exhaust sounds like. Excuse the slight audio distortion, DR05 couldnt handle the wind and i didnt feel like doing another one. GoPro Motorsports suction cupped it to the door.

sorry my babe is a lil dirty - 

Sloppy lil clip i put together


Got a Nasty old Worn Out Shift Knob?

Let's remedy that

ok, copped a sewing machine for $70. <-- cheaper than buying a new OEM knob haha

( i have never used one before so dont expect to be blown away 

lets get to it

So, here was my original shifter. Knob all nasty and worn out. My idea was to make it look like a Manual instead of an Automatic.

Bought this Universal knob on ebay for $14 to match my leather and under my hand is my OLD worn out leather armrest which i already replaced. But that leather is going to come in handy

Measured and made a template out of paper towels haha

I have left over Vinyl from my '50 so i figured i would make a quick boot out of this to make sure before i cut up my armrest

Stiched from the inside so the seams are hidden

Fits pretty well. I heard people that use the NSX boot cant make the full stretch all the way down to our Low 3,2 gears. Lets see

makes the stretch!

Deconstructed my OEM knob hoping i could steal the coupler/threads out of it. The knob i got off eBay is universal with a Bigger hole and uses cheap set screws to hold it on. I wanted it to thread tightly though

So i tapped a 8m 1.25 thread into a Nylon coupler from Ace hardware. Then i dropped it in the new knob with a good amount of gorilla epoxy and let her dry.

ok, i only get one shot with whats left of my oem leather. Here we go. Template cut.


Made all the stitches from the inside so they will be hidden when turned inside out

Secured the new boot from under with a few zip ties.


Much better

I think i might do one more, with not so many seams. Maybe go to a fabric shop and match my color with some vinyl. I think i can do one of these with just one or 2 seams at the most, or even a nice zig zag or piped stitch. But i am quite happy with how this all turned out.

took a couple Sunset pictures with the Tri-Pod you can do a couple cool things with multiple exposures


Wanted that Dual Fog Light look without the price?

haha, this is kind of a janky way to do it but it didn't cost me a penny!

So this is temporary until i fabricate a bracket and mount some real LED lights in there.

clean em up and try to scuff em as good as i can but they are glass so..

Use airbrush mask over them and a protractor set at 1in to lay perfect circular 2 inch holes

ready for paint

This is NINE coats of paint! 2 primer, 4 black base, 1 black onyx, 2 clear.

Why so much? 1. I wanted to make sure the yellow light / bulb didnt shine through the paint.

also, because i know one hard rock chip can make this look all bad. 

Fogs take a lot of abuse

Back on the car!

Oil Change this weekend.

Score! 3 OEM Oil Filters for $13 ( ebay )


Here they are without lights on

And at night


naw, not a studebaker. a lot of people say that because of the center bullet in the bumper

and, I don't wanna bomb this lexus thread with my Ford 

But it's a 1950 Ford Tudor 500 Custom ( shoebox ).

I been working on that one for years. That's my baby.

And of course a quick lil video of her 

Took a trip into town to the fabric store. Since they had a sale. Took my leather in to match. Turns out they had 50% off all Marine Leather ( Vinyl ) I got these two rolls for only $12, This oughtta keep me going on that sewing machine. Might try a black shift boot this time. With less seams and a chrome bezel. If i get time this weekend. 


Weekend update:

Wet sand and Polish Tails. - You know the drill by now 

2000 Grit. Need to wash the car now anyways, so...


We interrupt this thread with a quick commercial break from.. 

"The Chamois Shootout"

1.) My Old School Chamois  

2.) The Absorber

3.) Tanner's Select 3.5 sq ft Sheepskin Chamois

4.) Griot's Garage Microfiber Drying Cloth

As much as i wash my cars i always wish i could dry them faster and more efficiently. I have tried many different things over the years. Seems they all have a downfall. 

#1 - (unknown brand)

i got this at a flea market in like 1997. It's real sheepskin and has ALWAYS been my "go-to" chamois. But it has become riddled with rips and tears and now starting to leave a little bit of a haze. She has served her time and i wouldnt know where to get the same one.

#2 - "The Absorber" 

It does what it says and really soaks up the heavy water left on your car. But once you try to get the car completely dry with it, seems to leave a thin layer of water streaks.

#3 - Tanner's Select Sheepskin Chamois

bought this one the other day (sheepskin) thinking it would be a new replacement for my old school. Not the case. Doesn't soak as well as the absorber and still leaves water streaks

#4 - Griot's Garage Microfiber Drying Cloth

My last hope! haha, i read a lot of reviews and as much as i love my Griot's orbital i tried this one. I didnt think microfiber could ever be as effective as a chamois. But holz sh!z. This is my new favorite. I dried my whole car without even ringing it out once. I even tried to ring it out with all my strength and it didnt even drip. Not to mention it left no residue or water streaks at all.

*** Winner: Griot's Garage Microfiber Drying Cloth ***



Ok, back to business. all cleaned up. Orbital with Meguiars Ultimate Compound

Speed setting "5"

Reflection Pow


..:: Project: Slightly Aggressive Headlights ::..

So, i drink beer and just stare at this car sometimes haha

I wanted to make the headlights look a lil more evil and not so much just oem circle bubbles.

Not really a fan of "Eyelids" as they look too bulky, so imma just go ahead and claim this as "Eyeliner". I wanted to keep it simple but just add a slight edge to them. You'll see what i mean.

Use the professional automotive tape to lay curves, plus it seals a really good edge that wont bleed through.

I didnt feel like taking my bumper off so i am going to paint them On the car.

I always save those annoying coupon papers in the mail for masking off stuff to paint.

Red 3M to scuff it to make paint stick. And then clean with alcohol

I didnt use primer this time. I didnt want it to be thick or even reflect from the inside any color but black. So, 2 coats gloss black, 1 coat Black Onyx, 2 coats clear. 

Bake it in with the Heat Gun


Lights on

I dig that they slightly come to a point and seem just a little more edgy. Feels like it almost makes the front fender subliminally look a lil fatter too. 

Oil change and another round of shift boots up next. Maybe in a couple days. 


Had about an hour last night after work before the sun went down. Used it wisely 

Quick Mobil 1 Full Syn Oil Change @ 201,220 (<-- i may need to look at this post sometime in the future)

How cool is ClubLexus? Pretty damn cool cuz the homie FlockoGS4 hooked me up with this extra Strut bar he had. Thanks man!

Till next time


Okay, here we go, "Homemade Shift Boot / Gear Gaitor" Part II.

so, the last one i did was using what was left of my old leather armrest.

That one was kind of sloppy and the sides weren't long enough. It also had SIX seams, which made for a very tight squeeze with all that fabric being tucked in there! 

I wanted to see if i could do one with only 2 or less seams.

so i cut a seam out my original, laid it out and drew a template on an old shirt.

I then stitched it togther and tested it. Sides still needed more fabric. So i used that shirt boot and cut my seam, laid it out on my beige vinyl and measured a slightly larger one.

Cut out the pac man



i forgot 

to take 

a picture. !!!!

oh Well 

trust me, it worked out much better, looked pretty good but the color was slightly off.

 oh yeah...... 

i also got this Chrome Bezel! 


Let's try this one more time with black faux leather.

Didnt think i needed to take pics of the same process. Lined up my template, cut it and stitched the black vinyl.

Then i took my knob and tapped the threads as far up in the nylon coupler i got so i can have the knob sit lower as a real shifter would.

and.. wa-laa!


Probably a combination of me washing the car water getting at the 3M Extreme tape and the Arizona heat ( triple digits already ) i felt my jp rep wing coming loose off the trunk. So i got some of the strongest stuff i could find locally. I also figured its time to put my emblem up front too so i got some automotive emblem adhesive.

Scuffed up my emblem and hit it with a few coats chrome paint and then clear and another layer of coat. Anything on the front of the car takes a lot of abuse. 

Now its time to carve the "L" out of the emblem. It's pretty much molded into the circle!

Used the Dremel to clear a recessed shape to get my emblem in flush



Pictures make the world go round. Love me some sunset shots


Sorry i been busy with life. Got a couple bigger sized projects coming soon on her. For now i at least had time to redo my drivers mirror looked like crap before.

Sanded all that chipped paint off. 220, 400, 800, 1000

Primer, Black Base, Then Onyx and Clear

Wetsand 2000 and Griot Buffed 

Quick facial 


Waiting on some things to get across the map. In the meantime i am sure i can think of some things that won't cost money to do if i could just find some free time  but for now, she sits in the toybox


Project: Make my own dayum Neck Pads! 

After searching relentlessly for Beige neck pads and not much luck. I didnt want one with a VIP or Junction Produce or anything stitched on it. Just wanted it to match my seats. Even found a set on eBay for over $100!! pssh screw that. I had left over material from my shift boots so i gave it a wack. 

Just know, sometimes when you take on these little DIY's they may or may not work out or look good. I don't think they came out quite right so i may just get rid of them, but here's how it went down. Took about 2.5 hours total.

Measured out how i wanted the template to be from just eyeballing pics on the web and measuring my seat etc..


My Donor Pillow for Stuffing 

Stuffed and sealed with a hand stitch because the sewing machine couldnt squeeze a stuffed pillow in its channel



Thoughts? Trash it or Rock it?

hmm, maybe too bulky. Color a little off. Something seems a lil wierd?


yeah man we need to get up there someday man. funny, yesterday my starter went out on me and i was thinking it would be the usual 30 minute fix. But then i couldnt even find the starter. Found this picture on the forum. Look where the starter is on a GS400! hahahaha


Project: 2-Tone

Just waiting on the Dash. Then the daunting tear down and mending begins.


Back to business. Still waiting on my dash i bought over a month ago is caught up in NY somewhere. Figured i would try to bang out the panels yesterday. 

--- So, here's how i did it. ---

Like i said. I hate the greyish Taupe color. So i am working to replace it all throughout the car with black. Here's a sexy black door panel, vs. one that will become an interracial marriage of leather and plastic.

You will first need to separate the panels/pieces by grinding down the areola of the plastic nipples holding them together. I got a few different Dremel attachments but this one actually worked the best. Cylindrical rough sandpaper

After grinding, i drilled a pilot hole into the previous plastic nips

Now where i drilled the pilot holes, i will rejoin the pieces with these washers and screws. I think i paid $4.99 for each box of 100 at ACE Hardware. Sizes are on the box.

Here is the backside of a completed Panel

Here is the 4 completed Panels. Once i got my theory working it only took about 30 minutes per panel to tear down and complete

Look at all this extra Taupe and black pieces!

Nothing goes to waste. I doubt it will ever happen, but if anyone someday wants a 2-Tone Taupe Black setup, i got the hard part done waiting for you 

Panels installed back on the car


Love the contrast and shape of the black flowing through the car so far

Gettin' close to my original photoshop. I will tackle the Steering wheel and the dash once it arrives hopefully soon.


Hey Puff, This was my original concept. Black floormats would hopefully add enough contrast down below 


Dear Greyhound, what ya got for me?

Whew, took a LONG time! 

I paid for the Dash over 2 months ago. Finally arrived. Hoping i will have time here soon to do the dash swap and steering wheel to complete my vision on the guts


Project Two-Tone Interior: Complete! Part 1 of 2

Took me about 9 hours on Saturday Start to Finish. If i had help would probably go faster but you can do this all by yourself as you will see. At any rate, for those of you that are doing this or even just need to take your dash off, i found this pdf somewhere here on CL awhile back and saved it to be handy. Took my time and just went through the instructions

--Link to pdf--> --

However, the DIY's with pics always make a good reference, so here's the Walk-Through.

Step One: Disconnect your battery so you don't break your neck when the airbag explodes!

it's good to have it off so you arent draining it while you work and nothing will short out either.

On the side of your steering wheel/column, pop out the lil square plastic on the left side. and use a torx / star driver to loosen this screw

on the right side pop the little circle out and loosen the other screw

Just lightly wiggle the Airbag out of there and carefully unplug the yellow airbag connector

I use my 4-way lug wrench to break the big nut loose holding the steering wheel on

Instead of renting a steering wheel puller, just put your foot on the brake for leverage and pull on the top of the wheel, then a good hard tug on the lower part of the wheel pulled right off.

Take off the 2 piece shroud. Phillips 3 screws (left, right and under)

Flathead pry off the 3 clips holding on the ignition plastic surround

2 screws and a center clip hold the lowest kickplate. (push the OBD II connector through and untwist lil light bulb.

Next lower plastic section. Couple screws hold the hood latch on, then 2 more to pull panel and unplug these 2 connectors

I like to take pics of the placement of the screws laid out so i can remember later

Lightly pry out the clips that hold your Gauge Bezel in. ( tip, wrap a lil tape on your screwdriver tip so you dont scratch stuff up )

4 screws hold in your cluster. Lightly pull it out and disconnect the plugs

Passenger side kickplate

Be careful with that yellow plug is your Passenger Air Bag. Also disconnect the little black door light switch.

3 screws hold in your CD Changer. Then pull the connectors on it

Theres your air bag. I think you can pull the dash with it still in there, but i dropped mine first.

Take out your ashtray / center console ( pull ashray out, just clips, unplug, lift armrest, pry edge up, unplug seat warmers etc.. then pull out console cover. Then pry out the center AC vent

4 Bolts hold your Climate Control and Radio in. Then unplug all the connectors

Project Two-Tone Interior: Complete! Part 2 of 2

Almost there! Take your time here and pay attention to what is still holding it back. Double check there are no more, plugs, clips or bolts holding it in. ( it will take some good tugging to get it out )

You need to make sure the wire harness is disconnected all through the dash. It runs all through it. This took a good amount of time to me to do and understand what i was doing. 

Gadzooks! What have i got myself into?! haha, 

Ok, i'm going to stop with the reverse pics as it is just go backwards to put the new dash on.

My guest bedroom starting to look like a used Lexus Yard

SEM Black Landau works freakin great for a color match! Had a few pieces that didnt come with my dash and of course the airbag

Remember this ugly crap we started with?

BLAM!!! Check it out

ahhh.. DONE!


Shock Tower BANG! Remedy

If you are anything like me, if you are lowered, and your suspension hits that shock tower when you arent expecting it. Really makes me say a loud cussword in my car. Figured it's time to get the hole saw.

Thanks to i2ice - Using this awesome DIY

If you use a crappy hole saw, you will waste time and energy and just grind the cheap teeth down.

So get a good one, with the Pilot bit. And it will take you about 10 minutes to do this whole job.



ahh. no more cusswords

Also, when i pulled my dash. I broke my Wiper Lever. eBay "Make Offer" on one, i offered him $35. He sent it. Good deal.

old / new


i just tried to adjust the Blinker lever also, and when i opened it for inspection, springs and plastic pieces flew all over my garage. 

I looked for everything but am still missing pieces. 

dayum, gotta buy one of those now too 


FYI: Attaching Lips, Spoilers, PolyUrethane Body Kits and Panels.

I have tried everything from Gorilla Glue, Epoxies, Screws, Extreme 3M Tape and More to attach my TTE Rep lip and my JP Rep Spoiler and various other parts. None seem to last long or withstand the test of time and water and washing.

I was told about Betalink by one of the members here. It's basically what BMW and OEM uses to attach factory body parts. However. I couldnt find it for sale anywhere.

Betalink K1. Then they made K2 ( which i found on eBay for over $100 )

Today i found the newest version by DOW and it's called BetaTech. It's only $17. I will do a write-up / DIY once it arrives in a couple days. Hoping this will do the deed

Here is the link to it -->


Bout time to build another Mini-Me

haha, what you mean like this? 


Project: Mesh Grille

So, i wanted a mesh grille. But not the one that costs like $200. You know me, Mr. Budget. So i found one for like $79 that looks like the TRD one. Remember, if you skimp on the money, you get what you pay for 

Came pretty fast considering it came from Japan.

show you difference

location of hood pull Tab is smaller and needs to be drilled out correctly

The mounting tabs and screws it comes with are garbage and dont line up at all.

made a paper template off the old one

you will need to cut these tabs off with a dremel or grinder to flush the lower part of the grille

test fit. looks good. let's paint!

I painted the backside of it first to ensure the mesh angles dont show or reflect the metal / silver

preppin' a new "endless" emblem. 

couple coats of black primer

i use generic auto store black enamel for my first coats so i am not wasting the more expensive and harder to get Black Onyx. So, couple coats of black enamel.

Now the Black Onyx is laid

3 coats of Clear.

A lot of people have complained about seeing through the mesh and seeing the angled core supports behind the grille. Member "VVT-i" in the forum swapped the grille mesh with gutter guard. So i got some from the hardware store for like $4.99. I am going to double mesh it though as the gutter guard is very lightweight plastic. That will ensure a dark full mesh i think 

Measured and cut new mesh. Then zip tied the outer most edges from the backside nice and snug


One more view

I'll probably get used to this, wait for the paint to cure, wetsand, buff and then throw the emblem on.


had a chance to get my emblem on and made the grille a little more sturdy. 

sorry if things are slowing down on my build. think i only got about 3 more things i want to do to her cosmetically ( i think ) haha. i got another project i been focusing on. always regretted the last truck i did that i sold. working on another one now. 


those were old pics that someone quoted from like page 2 man 

shes been closer to earth than that


i still gotta buy a sausage pak applicator gun for the betatech to redo my jp spoiler, then paint trunk again. paint wheels, brakes. think i got a small exhaust leak too. 

still got some bodywork to do on this, a different set of wheels, and then imma paint it. plenty to do. so little time


She's just waiting for some love.

As you can see my JP Rep seems too flat now since last time i did it. Needs more of a curve. So i am going to redo it with BetaTech industrial automotive adhesive.

Finally got my Sausage Pak Applicator Gun from Europe after a month of waiting. Hopefully get to handle this if i get time this weekend.


haha you crazy man


couple shots with my buddy's NHRA T/A

Tried to get a rolling shot. Didnt quite turn out though. Need a 3rd person to drive the cam car.

theres a lot of peaceful desolate areas like this less than a block away from my house

30 sec night exposure. used a led flashlight to light up the car etc..



not sure if you can tell how flat it was sitting at this point. was more of a shelf than a curved spoiler

Mother Nature forced me to remount my JP Rep like STAT. It was raining for like 3 days straight here. the right side of my spoiler was off the car and it was hanging! haha. yeah took a lot of elbow grease to get all the previous 3m extreme tape and epoxy and glue residue on it off.

Here's the Betatech through the applicator gun. It is black and i actually laid one more bead on top of this one to ensure any gaps would be sealed. Hold it down firmly in place for a good 15 minutes. Then i let it sit for a day.

now she is on there nice and strong and has a smoother curve to it again. May have to wetsand and buff out my trunk again as i got some residue and minor scratches on it over the past year.


Never really liked the Grey/Graphite Matte color. Wanted them to match my black onyx paint. 

I actually got a day off of work on Friday so i got at it. 

Once again, didnt pay a penny. Just used everything i had in my garage. 

Took about 13 hours start to finish 2pm-3am.

Washed em down real good with a scrub brush to get all the brake dust and residue off

Gotta take all these out. There is like 40 per rim. Thats 160 haha, what have i got myself into?

Taping them off as meticulously as i could took quite awhile. If this tape line isnt almost perfect your wheel will look like its out of balance while rolling

3M Scuff to give that paint some grit to stick to

Blew them all off with the air compressor then wiped them down with Prep Wipe

First Coats: Black Primer

Second Coats: Black Gloss

Third Coats: Chrysler Brilliant Black Pearl

Fourth Coats: Lexus Black Onyx

After every paint change i would run the Heat Gun on them to bake the paint in real well, since this is a wheel and they can take a lot of abuse and heat.

Fifth Coats: Clear ( 3 coats )

Dry. Peeled the tape


i went over this in my head so many different ways 

How i can add a little more creativity to this wheel?

Photoshopped like 6 different options before i made up my mind.

And i surely wasnt going to paint 160 of these by hand! 

So i took a screwdriver and poked tons of holes in a piece of cardboard and then each snapped into my holes firm enough to hold them still. 

Instead of chrome, my favorite color combo always been black and teal. So, hey, what do ya know, my '50 is Teal and i have paint for that in my garage too. 

3 coats Ford Bright Calypso Metallic, 3 thick coats clear to lock it in. 

Had a little overspray on a couple of the lip edges, so i rubbed that out 

then re-polished all the lips with Ultimate Compound. 

I will let the paint cure for a couple days before i wet sand these smooth and buff them to a good reflection without orange peel

3am. Check it out!

Next day. 


Finally saw another CL member in AZ. "Silec"s sick IS


wouldnt bother me. i think that would be awesome. 

i think the Futura LS430 inspired me too. I had mocked up just a few different ideas before i decided to go with the teal. Plus i already had the paint in my garage  

Here was my original Photoshop ideas for the wheels. 

Perfect match with her sibling in the garage 


nice! i bet. there is such attention to detail and no corners cut on it. and usually i am not a fan of the 430 body style. but i love it. definitely inspired me 


on that ls430? specs say 8-pot calipers filling the front and 6-pot in the rear. love the electroluminescence lighting he used in the headlights and door sills


Well, its been a year since i got my GS400. 

And even with over 200k on the odometer i gotta say its still one of my favorite cars i have ever owned. 

Wanna send positive holiday wishes out to you all. 

Thankful for all the wonderful resources DIY's and friendships i made over here. 

Here she is with 365 days between the two of us.

First Day i got her



Finally got a second to wet sand and buff the wheels.

Gettin rid of the orange peel. 1000grit, 2000, 3000 Trizact

Ready for the Orbital Buff and wax

Much better. got a reflection to em now.


so i noticed my front tires were cupping and wearing on the inner treads due to a lil camber.

my rears were wearing fine. so i copped a couple new Fed's since my Falken FK-452's been discontinued.

paid a lil over $100 a tire which is pretty good if you ask me.

probably wont put them on just quite yet though.


Been working on the Tahoe lately so i figured i would spend a lil time takin some fresh pics of the GS4 so she doesnt feel neglected 


Shift boot time again. Had to make one for my 50 and a member here too.

Also i been slowly scrapin the heck out my exhaust by pullin into my driveway (even super slow at hella angles) so i threw her on jack stands and raised the coilovers about a 1/4in. Just enough to clear. Funny even months later it seems these coilovers are still settling. This is the second time i raised it. Can you tell? haha


Sundown and Long Exposures

My Dad shot this one with a GH1. i mended like 4 shots together to get it like this 

my Dad is in town. We are workin on a new company. 

I'll hit you with the Details when its launched, but we filmed a couple small scenes with the GS4. Couple screencaps


thanks. snapped a couple last night at sunset.


Time to do the Brakes. My Dad is in town and helped oversee my sub-par mechanic skills. turns out it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be.

I usually do full DIY's but i gotta say the simplicity of the Brakes DIY in the 2GS FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and DIY Thread â˜… was done so well.

Like my wooden ramps? haha, only way to get a jack under her

all jacked up. peep my custom one off weight reduction exhaust system 

Didnt have a C-Clamp, so my Dad cleverly used a socket and a pry bar

Those 17mm bolts on the back are a b!ch to remove. i broke two ratchets trying before i went to buy a breaker bar and a better ratchet. then everything went smooth

also pay attention to the way the rears are held in place

gettin dark. no more time for pics

well. maybe one more

till next time. no more squeaky brakes. amen



yeah man, its only like 4 or 6 bucks or so for a roll of it at Ace hardware or Lowes or Home Depot etc.. And its not so thick that it will restrict the flow. But just enough so you don't see through the mesh.


Finally got a chance to throw the new Rubber on. Wow, amazing what a fresh set of meat does. Smooth as butter. My fronts were cupping pretty bad 

Anybody here got the 411 on this piece of molding? Seems to be missing from here where the front passenger door shuts


i have been spending what lil money i got and time to get all the Maintenance and problems with the Tahoe handled before she gets the custom touch

But rest assured, my "Go-to-Girl" is all good and running well.


ok, so i mentioned my Dad invented something. 

and we finally launched a couple days ago. 

You will see the lexus at about the half way point for a few cut scenes.

if you own a GoPro, these accessories are a must have

you will understand, just check it out.


still workin on the Tahoe. 

Gettin close, just needs a drop now and a system but i snapped a couple shots last night of the girls 


Nice Sunset last night


Woke up Monday to a Dead Battery.

Woke up Tuesday to a Flat Tire.

Bought new battery (man, batteries used to be like $60 bucks. now they Start at $115!)

New Tires on the way from Cali. (i sure go through tires quick considering i work from home and barely put any miles on my car. I know i got a little camber but i can't imagine how the heavy Camber Kings around here must go though tires every 2 weeks.

Wrong time of year for unexpected costs. But i still love my GS4 like the day i bought it. Great car all around.

Been working on my '50 lately. Hopefully some ideas for the GS in 2015 after the crazy $eason.


Tire time has come again. I never heard of MAYRUNs before. 

But A-Spec said they were good and most of the reviews i read said they were good. 

After puttin' some freeway miles on them, they are the smoothest set of rubber i have put on the Lexus yet. 

Butter smooth and straight as an arrow. 

Not sure how long they last, but for the price i can't beat it. 

Front: MAYRUN 225/35R19 MR500

Rear: MAYRUN 255/35/19 MR500


Have a Great New Years everyone

Snapped a few new shots the other day.


Tow Yards are the Janky Kings of the World. They said this is how my car was when they towed it! haha, c'mon now! 

thats some BS. 

Just wanted to get my baby back home.

Took off the lip. She is in critical condition. But i started sanding her down yesterday. Hopefully get her all repainted this weekend. Sure looks weird without a LIP! 


Finally had time to redo my lip and get it back on the GS4

Had to sand it all the way back down to plastic, then prime, base and clear it. She's still pretty battered from the tow yard but i'm cool with how it came out.


Black Sheep


Time to Migrate
Last pics in Maricopa. Been here for years. Time to try something else
Blessed with a pink overcast day. I'll be back once i get settled in to the new spot.


Made it to Yuma!

I try to migrate every couple years or so. Was in Maricopa too long.
Love it here in Yuma. Everything has been simplified. Things were too crazy where i was. Sometimes its good to change things up.


Paint was starting to look a little hazy. Time for a quick Wax. Last time i actually Polished it (takes hours to polish/cut) and i only had a couple hours to spare. I will probably do the full polish in the winter when it's not one-hundred-and-hell degrees outside.

Griot's Garage random orbital with a blue pad for wax. 

Speed setting between 2-3 to lay it down.



My buddy came through and hit up his NHRA T/A right quick

Pics.... ... .. .


Mobil1 Full Synthetic was on sale for $5.99qt. Figured it wouldn't hurt to bust a quick oil change. I usually post these just so i can remember when i changed my oil last

This time: 212,088 is the number

but then.. ., i cracked a beer, and had a smoke and started staring at the car. and thought hmm, let's see what this looks like. 

Figured i would be reppin' the cheapest tires on the market to the fullest and do some homemade white letters (tirepaint) on the tires. 

Ignore the blurry pics. Blame that on the Bud Light

so i scrubbed the heck out of all the areas i wanted with rubbing alcohol real good (i was out of acetone)

i had this corny little (hot tires) paint pen in my toolbox and figured i would give it a try. 

it takes forever to put it on and get a decent smooth coat, so i just sat on the concrete and took my time doing each letter and staying inside the lines etc.. 

then i used a testors white enamel paint pen after it all dried and went over everything again. 

i Only did the drivers side just in case i hated it i can easily enough remove it all with sandpaper etc..

Then i went over every single nipple tip and hit it with white. 

At first i was like hewl naw! that looks like a Lexus NASCAR

then after about a half hour of staring at it, i kinda started diggin it. 

Let me know your thoughts. I'm sure some will like it and some will hate it.


Hope you guys all have a great Holiday season and NYE. Here's to 2016. 

shot out the back window while driving


Snapped a few last pics to round out 2015


ahh i remember Lumarai. arent they designed specifically for lexus? i checked out your system thread too. looks good, must sound great.

yes, i put a shift boot on mine. actually i think i did about 6 of them before i got it right haha.

these pics will give you an idea. my final template i made ended up being about 16in from edge to edge as you can see it below here


This was a tan one i did using old armrest leather.

this is how i have it now


Man, i gotta chime in and just compliment these cheap asz tires i bought over a year ago.

My first set i bought were Falkens
My second set was Federal
BOTH of those two brands only lasted me about 6 months.
and i work from home and rarely drive far.

well, these Mayruns have lasted me over a year and i have put more miles on my GS this year than the last 3 combined.

So, yeah, Mayrun sounds weird and i thought they would be pretty wack, but they have proven their affordability to me for sure. One day i will be able to afford a michelin or a toyo or whatever the good brands are. But for now, once these go bad, i will most likely buy another set of mayruns
Every once in awhile, cheap stuff makes the cut. Lord knows my whole build has been on a very small budget all the way through. Just passing the info on.

For the time being, this is my latest debacle.
My "other" girlfriend had a blow out and i need to switch her from Bias Ply tires to custom radials and put a fresh frontend/steering rebuild kit on it to tighten her up before i can back to do anything cool on the Lex


I got sick of having that ugly rattling remote clipped to my Visor. I had my buttons programmed before at my last house, but finally got around to programming it for my current house.

It's very easy. But i always forget

Step 1:
Of those 3 little buttons, hold both outside buttons down for 20 seconds to clear any previous codes (starts blinking once cleared)

Step 2:
Hold one of the 3 buttons you want to operate your garage door until it blinks. KEEP holding it down and then place your crappy handheld controller about 1 inch away and hold that button down until the Blinking goes to rapid blinking. Then let go of both. If your Garage door is actually a "Homelink" brand, you would be done at this point. But none of mine ever are, so, on to step 3.

Step 3:
Grab a ladder and get to the actual receiver mounted on the cieling and you will see a "Learn" button on it. Press that once. Get off the ladder, go back into your car and press your new programmed button twice. Right now you should hear your Garage door make a couple subtle click noises showing it has just learned your Lexus' built in button.

Good to go now


So i have had a lot of starting and power issues. Replaced battery (luckily was less than a year old so it was under warranty) and the new one was draining down to like 10v after just a few hours of driving. Bought a trickle charger and starting machine just to keep it alive. Had the local part store check it and they said my alternator was shot. So i ordered a new alternator 

My buddy Adamn helped me get it in there. was a tight squeeze took about 3+ hours or so because the power steering pump was blocking it. So we jut loosened that up and pulled it out about an inch then had enough to swap with the new alternator.

But i was still having sporadic starting / cranking problems. Figured maybe the terminal was bad. So i replaced that. Turns out that was one of the biggest issues this whole time.

Couple pics


Couple fresh daytime shots out here in Yuma on the graffiti wall


Take a ride with me


awhile ago i had started to hear this real subtle noise. when my windows were up it almost sounded like there was a Jet flying high above.

I could only hear it once i got up to about 35mph and it got louder when i turned left and quieter when i turn right.

My initial thought was wheel bearing onthe front right.

So i jacked it up to get the front wheels off the ground and grabbed the wheel at 12 and 6 and did the wiggle test. but it felt fine. then i tried the same on the drivers side wheel and it had a little bit of movement.

Using good ol' rock auto online, i ordered 2 new new full hub assemblies. they didnt cost much more than the bearings themselves so i figured it wouldnt hurt.

My Dad helped me with it and the first wheel took like 3 hours (due to misleading youtube videos i watched) and the second only took anout a half hour to remove.

If i recall it was only like 2 14mm holding the caliper on and then an 11mm to remove the ABS sensor. Then a ton of pounding and banging and pulling to get the old ones off.

found out our bearings had to actually be pressed at a machine shop. Met a great guy named "RC" at the local Yuma NAPA and i can't even explain what an amazing job they did. I believe they charged $40 for each, but when you see how well they did it and painted and cleaned the heck out of the old ones i couldnt believe it. They looked like new!

They went on very easy now that i knew the right way i had to remove them. Had them both back on within an hour or so.

Thats it for now. She's still running strong as ever. I STILL say hands down best all around bulletproof car i have ever owned.

Leave you with a few new sunset pics...


Current stage... Before/After


I'm still here. and i still got her. she still runs great and hasnt really needed ANY maintenance since i did the hubs. Pics!


thanks man. it's actually the same color teal as my other car


Hope you all been well. i'm still here and she is still running strong!
i actually had a check engine light and had to replace the #8 ignition coil which was pretty easy. Pull the strut bar, pull the cover, 2 screws in and out. Done

Here's why i been busy.
New project: '03 Denali


Current stage:


Sorry guys. Hate to inform you, but i Sold my baby today. I just simply didn't have a need for 3 vehicles anymore, but she went to a good home.
Who know's, maybe she will pop back up in this forum again one day.
She was such a wonderful platform, i may even get another one in the future down the road.

Thanks for all the comments, tips and comradery at ClubLexus!



Great story! Thanks for the videos love the Ford too. What a beauty! Had to chuckle at your neighbor and lead foot comment. 😆 thanks for sharing it’s 👍👏💥

Posted by Diggymart on 1/28/19 @ 2:41:10 AM

Fantastic Account! And nice tasteful stuff. How is she,,?

Posted by Arussto on 1/28/19 @ 12:28:21 AM