Phil's 04 gs300 sportdesign VIP build by LazyLagger

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Phil's 04 gs300 sportdesign VIP build

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hi guys! i came across a 04 gs300 sportdesign with 32k original miles. love that saddle interior! pretty surprised that its actually in a really good mint condition. everything was original and well taken cared of. even has a new car smell after 9 years. lol

well this will be my first build thread. i actually have a collusion shop in south el monte and this is my personal car. yes im doing all the work myself. follow me on instagram! mg_phil23

in this pic my car is bone stock. that bad *** one is my neighbors =]

installed some bags!


time to breed these 2 bumper together gs x e55 amg

looking good now lets start molding!


got some wheels!

how am i gonna fit???

guess im cutting it!

time to have some fun!

found some scrap fenders!


time for the front!

added a little vent while at it!

bumper breeding with a mercedes! mocking uppp