Defratos ISF Build by Defratos

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Defratos ISF Build

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Right, so I thought it'll be better just starting one thread and keep updating as I install parts on my car instead of making loads of individual threads. 

So here she is when I first got her:

and now the mods (which aren't many yet ) :

Blacked out Window surrounds:

Gloss Black Painted Exhaust Tips:

Flat bottom Black Carbon Fibre Top (Blue Stitching) Steering Wheel (Now the original wheel is nice with the red theme but I want to try this on for a while, and so far I'm loving it:

Thanks for the compliments, 

well I have my Joe-Z Exhaust and PPE Headers sitting around the house, just want to wait a bit before installing them. 

Other than that I'm waiting for my black emblems, and some other parts to finish the dechroming of the car lol

There is a 3M clear bra installed, with sides and rear bumper


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