From stock to VIP build in about a month by stanced

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From stock to VIP build in about a month

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Hey CL,

Just picked up my Is350 a week or so ago. I am oeverseas right now and am trying to get the build done before I get back and before my BDAY in august, something like a little gift to me!,

Well when I get pics fom the states, I will post them up here for you guys.

The parts on the car will be:

Full trunk install with 4 subs, 2 amps, full glass, leather and lighting plus setup on pump and compressors 

Air ride system with custom control and pancake mode.

Custom switch install to keep interior looking stock.

VIP modular VR05's 20x9.5 w 3"lip 20x11 w 4"lip they will tuck in rear.

Is-f black carbon top steering wheel

Is-f carbon shifter

Carbon engine cover

JDM TOY full interior lighting kit, license lights and revers bulbs

Carson roof wing

Carbon wrap on the stock wood .

8000k HID upgrade


Vertex full lip kit

Full suede roof, pillar wrap and Blacked out buttons ie. Sunroof, light button on roof.

Here are some shots of the car and so far my dad has been a big help until I return form overseas.

Here are the STOCK HID's removed and upgraded to 8000k already 

Here are pics of the 2 beast in the back up cam.

My dads 350z

And my is300

And at the latest event, my dad managed to get both cars

I usually have it lower up front but raised it before heading overseas so it could make it up the driveway..

I am typing all this on my iPad and my first post was getting hard to edit.

Mods if you need to merge my post, please do.

Okay so last night they had an event at the shop I am using in Florida to do part of my build.

My buddy work there and I am good friends with the owner so he graves a couple pics for me.

It has been at the shop 2 days and has the following.

Roof, pillars removed

All door panels and trim pieces are removed also.

Well on to some pics of progress 

Vertex kit is in

Carson roof wing is also in

My buddy is holding on for me.

Stereo equipment is in and also the fabrics for the wrap. But I'll leave those out until complete..

Yeah, well since I was in the military before, my dad got to mess with my vehicles when I had them shipped back home. So he enjoys this kind of hobby also.

Now i ontract and he has nicer toys of mine to mess with. Haha.

My plan is to get back and it be complete so I can put my other Lexus for sale.

LUTZ is a very reputable shop in the Tampa, FL area and they are taking good care of my car and doing a little extra for me on this build.

VIP modular is setting me up nicely with the wheels and Jovan, my buddy at the shop has built some clean a$$ cards.

I will keep you updated as soon as I get more pics. I am very excited about this build!

Yeah, def not my first build. I wish I was home to actually get involved with it more but it is what it is.


I actually have your car as my

I am overseas due to it was my best career choice with my military background. The job is in random places but the contract money is, well more than enough.

As far as being away from my 

It sucks, I will be home soon though