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iRyan TP Build

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This is just a mini build thread for the different minor transitions I have done since picking up my IS 02/28/12...

It's 2010 TP/blk int

Mostly small mods which in my opinion made major difference in looks....

Day1: brought her home

First Mod: CF roof spoiler

2nd: IS-F steering damper

3rd: Tanabe DF210 springs

4th : Lexus Seatbelt cushions

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:IMG_4491.JPG

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:photo.JPG

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:photo1.JPG

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:photo2.JPG

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:photo3.JPG

more mods!!

1.Black emblems

2. Took her for her first cruise spin

3. GFX rear and exhaust tip

4. Red Outs for the Amber

5. Black out front grill

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:photo4.JPG

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:photo6.JPG

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:photo7.JPG

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:photo5.JPG

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:photo8.JPG

and more mods


2. Headlights time....

3. 2012 headlight

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:photo11.JPG

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:photo9.JPG

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:photo10.JPG

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:photo12.JPG

and a few more

1. 2012 tails to match the Headlights

2. Takeda(now called Greddy) Intake 

3. Spray Calipers Black Pearl w. LExus Emblem

4. 2012 IS wheels...hated the Lobster claws

5. Greddy SP exhaust

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:photo24.JPG

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:photo13.JPG

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:photo18.JPG

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:photo15.JPG

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:photo22.JPG

couple more things done

1. put my baby on the dyno

2. was bored and sprayed the engine covers black pearl and also did the front grill

3. removed tints and install visors just to try out 

4. Junction produce neck pads

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:photo19.JPG

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:photo21.JPG

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:photo20.JPG

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:photo23.JPG

now for wheels im not sure what direction to go yet

Did a photo shoot with Concavo wheels...not sure which one i want...

Thanks for looking guys...I want to hear opinions and criticism please

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:photo16.JPG

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:photo17.JPG