My Ultimate Vision for the SFP IS-F (Egg/Yolk Inspiration) by s4play

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My Ultimate Vision for the SFP IS-F (Egg/Yolk Inspiration)

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My girl says I'm "wordy" so still going to keep this short 

Stance is dropped on KWV3 and wheels/tires are Advan RS-D with INVO tires, custom striped!



1st batch of pics....stay tuned for more 

Perfect early morning shot showing the diffuser / stance:

Driver's side with LED's exposed:

Passenger side:

Rears tucked but NO RUBBING whatsoever (stock fenders):

JoeZ exhaust and my custom diffuser:

Wheels are perfectly tucked in there for a mean stance:

Here you can see the egg/yolk scheme (white with yellow accents)

My favorite angle shot with the palm trees...hehe

^ thanks man coming from another IS-F expert! No rubbing even at high speed dips in the road. Stock fenders, no modifications or cutting 

iSuxel: I love butts too 

Let's just say KWV3 > BC Racing 

UPDATE 3/22/10 (Interior pics and unique highlights)

Low profile stance:

Roof spoiler painted SFP / Roof + sharkfin wrapped in CF is a stunning contrast:

Even my neck cushions are custom stiched in matching leather with yellow accents (yes they are super comfy):

Exposed like a stripper:

Center Console wrapped in CF / Aristo shift **** looks so much better...

Parting shot: