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QCisf Build Thread *Lots of pictures/mods*

Compliments of QCisf @ clublexus.com


Hi guys, I finally decided to make a build thread. I don't wanted to start a thread with my car not completed, so I waited till now to make one (there's still some mods to come, but the big part of my project is finished). I took possession of the car in august and the mod fever began. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with this car and all the mods were done in 9 months. 


- Velgen VMB5 matte gunmetal (19x9 +35 front & 19x10.5 +45 rear) 

Michelin Pilot Super Sport 245/35/19 & 275/30/19

- Project Kics R40 neochrome lug nuts

- Bridgestone Blizzak on OEM wheels (winter setup)


- JoeZ intake

- aFe Power air filter 

- Custom real tips axle-back (muffler delete) with 3.5 Magnaflow tips

- 2nd Cat delete

- Blitz throttle controller

- To come: PPE headers, full custom exhaust

Suspension / Brake:

-Tein H-Tech lowering spring 

Cusco front strut bar

- Orange painted calipers with black Brembo stickers 

- Stoptech brake pads

- To come: BC coilovers, F-Sport rear sway bar


- Lexon front lip

- S4play diffuser 

Wald trunk spoiler

- Jun TW roof spoiler

- Blacked out window trims, emblems and grill

- TRD oil and coolant caps

- Lamin-X protective film (light tint) over headlights, fog lights, taillights and reflectors

- LED puddle light

- To come: Tom's rear diffuser, 2012 headlights, molded Wald spoiler


- DCTMS flat bottom carbon steering wheel

- Titanium shift **** with F laser etch logo

Figs foot plate 

- Matching foot brake pedal (from Nigel-JDM) 

- IS-F carpet floor mats

- Complete LED lighting 

- Clear courtesy light with LED

- To come: Carbon rear tray, JL 12w6 & JL 500.1


- Putco jet yellow fog 

- Nokya Arctic white DRL

- PIAA xtreme white parking light 

- Philips 6000k D4S projector 


1. Taking delivery of the car (bone stock)

2. Joe-Z Intake , aFe Power air filter, Custom Axel-back

3. Tein H-Tech Lowering Springs

Ready for the install !



4. Blacked out Grill and Window Trims

5. Front Splitters 

6. Painting brake calipers

Ready for the sanding

5 coats of VHT high temp paint

4 coats of VHT high temp clear with brembo stickers

7. Wald Spoiler, JUN TW Roof Spoiler and Blacked out Rear Emblems


8. Velgen VMB5 Wheels

9. Lighting 






LED Interior AFTER


10. Cusco Strut Bar and TRD Oil/Coolant caps

11. 2nd Cat Delete and 3.5 Magnaflow Tips


12. Blitz Throttle Controller, IS-F Carpet Floor Mats with Figs Foot Plate, Foot Brake Pedal

13. Lexon Front Lip & S4Play Diffuser

1 finger between the lip and my parking haha


14. Lamin-x Protective Film (Light Tint)


15. DCTMS flat bottom carbon steering wheel & Titanium shift ****


Here you go !


Yesterday at the track ! It was my first track day and I still can't believe how fun it was. The F is a track monster. I will have some more pictures will driving soon.


Little video recap of 2 laps. It was my very first track experience, feel free to leave me some advices on my driving!


Will have to slow down the mods a little bit, just bought my first house  Not so bad considering I'm only 21 years old haha. Can't wait to wash the F in the driveway every saturday morning ! 




Freshly repainted calipers, new lug nuts & studs and a full detail (claybar, swirl remover, wax).

The car look cleaner than ever !


Nothing new. Only great pictures from monday at Napierville Dragway  




I forgot to update my first post, but I don't installed my 245/275 PSS. I bought them, but finally runned my old tire (oem spec) to see if I will have rubbing issue. I don't rub at all with the 225/255 setup. I don't think 245 will be an issue in front, but 275 in the back will definitely need a roll. I don't even know why I don't rub in the back because my tire sit very flush to my unrolled fender.


Winter is finally away, switched back to summer setup.

Will be doing some maintenance during the week:

- Front & Rear brake pad

Brake fluid complete flush

- Rear differential fluid flush

Spark plug

- Replace my broken navigation touchscreen (new unit bought on ebay)

I have an appointment tomorrow to put my new Michelin PS2 on.

Full paint detailing is also scheduled!


Don't have any big update to do, just changed front pads in preparation for this weekend track day!


Here's some pictures and a video from saturday at Sanair racetrack.

It was the first 1/2 mile event to ever happens in Quebec. 

I had some fun chasing my friend M5 during the lapping sessions.


2016 Update

It's been a while since I've make an update here because I didn't had a lot of the time for the F with the new house. I decided to make some subtile changes for 2016:

- Installed a Tom's gloss black rep diffuser (since I winter drive my F, I have 95% chance that someone will bump me next winter, so i didn't wanted to invest in a real carbon one).

- Installed RRracing USRS LCA bushing. Feeling of the car is incredible, definitely one of the first mod I should have done.

- Removed plasti-dip on the window trims and wraped them with Outmotoring tape. Very easy job, just take a little patience.

- New Michelin PS2 tires and Project Kics R40 lug nuts.

- Removed my Lamin-x film over the headlight. I will bring them to a friend shop in the next few weeks and he will make me some custom black housing (pictures to come).

- I will repaint my caliper in yellow with custom ''F Brembo'' stickers. I really love the actual orange, but I need some change (pictures to come too).

Installing the RRracing USRS with some friends

I should have some HD shots this weekend, there is a huge car event at Napierville Dragway on Saturday. I will keep you posted


Putco and Nokya make yellow bulb in 9005 (DRL) size. I would go with them as I tested both brands for my fogs and had very good results.

Here's some pictures from this weekend.


Hey guys, it's been a long time since I didn't updated here. I just finished paying the car so I will be able to mod it a little more.
I repainted the caliper in yellow and decided to give the G2 paint system a try. The finish of the paint once cured is awesome but the application is a bit touchy.
I applied some custom ''F Brembo'' decals to finish the look.


Some quick cellphone pictures at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve (home of the Canadian F1 GP)


I have a Lexus and this is fun to read!

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